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How to get People to Volunteer

Updated on May 13, 2009

Volunteering can be a very rewarding and enriching experience. It’s also a great way to further a cause, develop new skills and meet people, more importantly it can make a major difference in your community and in the world. However, getting people to volunteer for community service or for your favorite cause or charity can be quite a challenge; below are methods for you to encourage people in your community to volunteer.  

First of all create an outreach plan which identifies who you are trying to influence, what you want to say, how to get your message across and when and where to reach different audiences. Define your key message for you targeted audience. Develop a persuasive argument for convincing people to volunteer for the organization you’re helping. Having a clear idea right from the beginning about who you are trying to appeal to and how to go about it makes your job easier.

Also write down the benefits of volunteering for your cause or organization. Who does it help and reach out to and why they are an asset to the community. Include some of the key points in fliers or presentations that you make to audiences that you are trying to reach.

Second, hand out fliers and brochures about your cause at places where people will be willing to volunteer.  College students are ideal for this because they are always looking for possible career prospects, developing skills and/or receiving college credit. You can announce your information on the college community board, their student centers or unions. You can perhaps arrange something with the instructors that will allow you to make a presentation to their classes.

Unemployment offices or employment resource centers are great places to recruit volunteers. It may seem like you are taking advantage of a painful situation, but in reality you are providing an excellent outlet for many people going through a difficult time. It’s a great way to spend the extra time they have on something productive, instead on dwelling on the negative. Plus, volunteering can lead to a new job. This has happen three times to the various places I help out, where volunteers where hired after others had resigned or met people who helped find employment.

Job training centers or classes are another excellent place for recruitment because here people may also be in between jobs and school and may feel the need to for new learning or developing skills, People in training may be eager to share their talents and their time to a worthy organization.

These are some of the ways and places where you can encourage volunteers for your organization. Whatever you do, make sure to empathize with prospective volunteers the value and rewards of giving their time and energy to a worthwhile charity or cause. Volunteers are irreplaceable assets to the local, national or international community.


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    • profile image

      andisa 17 months ago

      thanks, this helped me a lot

    • profile image

      Lisa Sanders-Ali 3 years ago

      I have a nonprofit foundation to feed the hungry. We are trying to raise money to feed the hungry.

    • profile image

      Steve Ortiz 3 years ago

      I have a nonprofit corporation, "Talent Plus Education" a program for the arts to benefit our youth of all ages , cultures and economic levels. we are planning a Grammy Award Show to raise money and supply instruments for many young people who can't afford them. we need volunteers

    • profile image

      Benazir 4 years ago

      I am the Director of Benava Children's Home i would have wished to receive volunteers from different part of the world.we are situated in Kakamega at the moment.


      mobile no.+254715317508

    • profile image

      ziro mulanda 4 years ago

      I am at cananur childreen welfare centre and i would have wished to receive volunteers from different part of the world we are situated at bamburi mombasa kenya

      email address:-

      mobile no.+254726234741