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How to get a good blog name

Updated on June 10, 2010

Important point before you start a blog or a website

So many people out there just want to build their blogs, launch it and expect to get traffics. This is a common mistake that often made by webmaster newbies. To have a successful blog or websites needs a good planning, one of them is to choose a good blog title for your blog. This has something to do with what you are good at. Let's say you are good at technology news, and you love this topic. The best name for your blog in this case, is any keywords which is related to technology.

How can you search this keyword that related to technology? The answer is quite simple, google free keyword tool and you will find many of them. Focus on they keywords stats on those tools, and you should remember that when people type something to search, they mostly type more specific keywords.

They will, for sure, typing "technology" but this topic will have huge competitions, and you will need lots of efforts to position your blog in the first page of web search result. So the very principal factor to have a good blog title is having more specific keywords. Less competitions out there, and less effort to get traffics to your blog.

Good luck!


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