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How to get passed being New in a School

Updated on July 17, 2010
Funny newbie
Funny newbie

Newbie in School

 When a family moves to a different home it's either related to jobs, weather, education, relationships, or health. If the family has a kid that goes to school then moving isn't the best for him/her unless it's because moving is related to education or if the family is earning more income. It would be best to move during the summer or before school starts, becuase that let's the kid get to know people around. Though moving during the school year isn't that bad, they would get to know people easier since they are all in one building. Once the kid enters the school grounds then they considered new at school, or fresh meat, as we use to call freshman. School is a safe environment to meet people, but recently that's changed with kids bringing in gunsand shooting people. Anyway being new at school takes guts and time to feel comfortable in their new school. Being new is hard, but hopefully when i finish explaining how to get passed being new then we'll all be in a great place.


Preparing for the Battle

 The night before set out your cloths, or at least know what your going to be on wearing. Dress nice, not fancy but cool, and fresh. Taking a shower is key for being new in school you don't want to smell bad on your first day. Packing you lunch or buying you lunch can be a good thing or it could lead to a bad. The bad would be packing your lunch you seating down before anyone else, and then the people that seat there might not like you and kick you out. Good part would be buying your lunch and making friends in the lunch line, so now you have a place to seat. Then if you don't make a friend your stuck not having a place to eat, but then you don't want to be in some else's seat. Remember make firends before lunch, and never start a fight over a seat.

For Sparta!!!!
For Sparta!!!!

Going to Battle

"Hey look that guy, his new. I know let's go make fun of him." This will happen to many of people that are new in school, but hopefully that won't happen. There will always sometimes be a person or a group of people that will like that new person as a friend and then back them up, but for some they will be seating by themselves at lunch. Usually they don't end up seating by themselves for a long time, maybe a day or so, eventually they'll meet new friends. Remember your first impression tells a lot about you. With this in mind keep your head up and walk with pride. Never be negative with youself because most people never like that, be positive and look towards the future forget the past.

Crossing the lines
Crossing the lines

Behind the Enemy lines

 Once your in the school, your in and now it's time to look around. Personally i would come in after school to look around and find my classrooms, and get to know some of the teachers. If that's not possible then ask for a map of the school so you don't look lost. I guess if you don't know where your classrooms are then it's not all that bad, it let's you to get to know people by asking. When meeting teachers shake their hand with a firm handshake and look them in the eyes with confidence. Remember new in school doesn't mean new life, which means don't go around lieing about where you came from. Saying and having rich parents ts isn't the same, people will eventually find out. Never lie, lieing will get you no where in life, maybe a little but later you'll fall back, just don't lie.

Funny video in Meeting your new friends

Making Allies

Everyone needs a friend, so now that your in it's time to do that. Finding places to make friends is easy, it's how you get them to be your friend. As you being new in school most people will want to be your friend, and will come to you. In some cases you'll have to reach out to them, this can happen when your in class, in the hallways, bathroom, lunch, after school activities, and before and after school. Best thing to do would be to find friends before lunch so that you have a place to seat. When meeting someone new shake hand frimley, and make eye contact. Talk to them about how things run around here, as in who sells stuff in school, who's single and taken, mean and nice teachers.Tell them where you came from, and what the difference is, but don't bored them ask them questions and answer there's. Remember school is like a social networking place where you make friends. Neverbe friends with everyone because some don't like everyone and will turn against you.

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Last amount of ammo

  •  Look up and walk straight
  • Smell and look cool for others to like
  • Talk to people and be nice to them
  • Don't be close friends with teachers or your a teachers pet
  • Lieing will get you no where
  • To much outgoing is bad, but a little is great
  • Join clubs and sports your good at
  • Have fun in your new school


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Its hard to start a new school I don't no if I'll make any friend I'm nice,funny and much more

    • attemptedhumour profile image


      8 years ago from Australia

      Nice hub Eddy, i'm new too. I hit on your hub by chance. Hub pages is a new school too. So can we adapt some of your ideas to this virtual world?

    • Eddy2106 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Chicago Suburb, IL

      Lifeallstar1- thanks for the great comment glad you liked the hub.

      David 470- Glad you read the hub and liked it, thanks for the comment.

      Hope everyone gets to read each others hubs and leave great comments. One day we will all make money through google.

    • David 470 profile image

      David 470 

      8 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States

      Yeah it can be tough going to a new school, I did it once, but I was very young at the time so it was not as big of a deal. Great hub.

    • Lifeallstar1 profile image


      8 years ago

      This was very helpful. Changing schools is one of the hardest things to do, especially depending on age. I think staying positive but not goofy, is the best way to be. It's hard to change schools, though. Most kids that I've seen who transitioned well were the one's that stayed positive. People were drawn to them almost wondering why they weren't shy and uncomfortable. Showing confidence but not arrogance is the best way to be. Make sure you have topics in mind to talk about before too like you mentioned. Gee, the thought makes me nervous because some kids are so cruel but the one's that I've seen blend in the best were the one's that were themselves and seemed happy to be there. Thanks for the article. I think it is very useful. Jess


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