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How to help a teenager learn sexual self control, chastity and respect for others - Generation Life

Updated on April 10, 2012

Teenage life is the most difficult phase of a person's life. There's lot of energy inside a teenager and if it's not channelized properly, his entire life will be spoiled. There are a lot of highly talented teenagers ending up in drugs, sex and ruin their life. We all want to find life partners, many teenagers feel that this is the time they should find one, if not they will be all be alone in their life. Also, when they see their peers going out with their boyfriends, girlfriends and having fun they feel frustrated. Very often they show their frustration to their parents and creates a lot of trouble at home. In this article I like to share with you some tips how to help your teenager use his energy in productive ways rather than using it in sex, drugs and life-killing friendships.

As a parent, your first duty is to be loving and understanding to your child (I know you already know that !!). Rather than giving your child orders what to do and what not to do, help him see truth himself. All teenagers want to do things themselves, they hate when their parents boss around. One of the best way to help teenagers is to give him/her opportunity to understand his/her full potential. Give him opportunity where he can learn by himself the value of life, value of other human beings, meaning of true love and the meaning of life. It doesn't usually help when parents give lectures about it. It is better if they learn it from people like them- from other teenagers and adults. Hence they should be given opportunity to meet people- young girls and boys who work for teenagers, who work for youths to help them in all these basic things in life.

All teenagers have this drive and fire to stand out from the crowd- to be recognized. There is a deep drive in them to feel loved and to show others that there is someone who loves them. Many teenagers channel this drive towards finding a partner. Even after having a boyfriend or girlfriend most don't feel contended. Then they try changing partners and see if it works. For some, it ends up in pregnancy and abortions and the carry the guilt in their subconscious mind. Why don't we parents channel these youthful energy in a proper way so that our children have a great future.

What is Generation life? Dignity of Chastity

Generation Life is a movement of young people committed to building a 'culture of life' by educating their peers about the value of human life. They share and reminds each other the dignity of chastity, the importance of respecting each and every human being. It's a movement of young people committed to building a Culture of Life - We are not all alone. God is with us. He will never leave our side. He is always there to love us and protects us.

Generation Life also reminds the youth about the gift of sexuality. God has given us the procreative powers; we have to respect each and every human being. Whether we are 'planned' or 'unplanned' we need to respect the dignity of life. Generation Life also encourages youth to be pro-life - use the youthful energy to stand for the rights of innocent children killed in the name of a.bortion.

The movement is not a series of lectures. It's fun for teenagers and they really enjoy it. Send your kids to Generation Life or encourage to join Generation Life. Check the video below- the chastity song

Chastity song - See how much children love this

Help Generation Life with your Donation

Funding for the Generation Life comes from the public. Please help these young people trying their best to spread the message of chastity among youth.

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