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How to Introduce Yourself in Arabic

Updated on August 16, 2020
Manar Magdi profile image

I'm Arabic fluent speaker, would be happy to help you learning Arabic.

Introduction in Arabic

Why I need it in my life?

There are many reasons for why you need to learn how to introduce yourself in Arabic

  1. Arabic is widely spoken language you may need it to communicate with someone.
  2. There are Arab countries that are attractive to work in like Emirates, Kuwait and Qatar however it is not required to apply for a job there, you still need it do not forget you will deal with Arab.
  3. It is one of the semitic languages and old language would be interested if you tried to learn it.
  4. Religious reasons: as Muslims need the Language for their religious rituals.
  5. You are language lover and you want to learn more languages

Introduce yourself

1- Hello my name is ....

Marhaban ana ismy .... (Say your name)

مرحبا اسمي ...

You can ignore pronounce I or ana and just say ismy

It is preferred to say (Assalamu alykoum) instead of hello or marhaban but it is not very important.

2- What about you?

There are many ways to ask

W Maza ank? - وماذا عنك؟

it means what about you?

W ant? - وأنت؟

it means and you? It is so informal if you are talking to old man or it is the first time to meet each other it is better to go with first choice

3- What is your name?

Maa ismok? - ما اسمك؟

4- I am 20 years old

Omry oshroon amann - عمري عشرون عاماً

5- how old are you?

Kamm omrak? - كم عمرك؟

6- I am from America

Ana men amrika - أنا من امريكا

7- where are you from?

Men ayn ant? - من أين أنت؟

In Arabic you can put the pronouns in the beginning or at the end you can say both of forms

Men ayn ant? - من اين أنت؟ (at the end)

Ant men ayn? - أنت من أين؟ (in the beginning)

8- nice to meet you

tasharafna - تشرفنا

It is closely to mean we are honoured

You reply with ley al sharf - لي الشرف or al sharaf ly - الشرف لي

Sa'dt bilqaak - سعدت بلقائك

There is an Arabic term that is used to reply to someone telling you his name which is

Ashat al assamy - عاشت الاسامي

It is like (blessing your name)


This is vocabulary to wide your knowledge


This is helpful for question (where are you from?)

Egypt - misr - مصر

Syria - soria - سوريا

Saudi Arabia - al so'odia - السعودية

Iraq - al eraq - العراق

Palestine - felstin - فلسطين

Jordan - al ordon - الأردن

Kuwait - al kowait - الكويت

Qatar - Qatar - قطر

United Arab Emirates - al emirat al arabia al motaheda - الإمارات العربية المتحدة

Sudan - al sodan - السودان

Lebanon - lobnan - لبنان

America - amrika - أمريكا

Germany - almania - ألمانيا

Italy - italya - إيطاليا

Spain - espania - إسبانيا

Sweden - al sweed - السويد

Turkey - turkia - تركيا

Korea - koria - كوريا

Indonesia - indunicia - إندونيسيا

India - al hend - الهند

Brazil - al brazeel - البرازيل

Japan - al yabaan - اليابان

Australia - usturalia - أستراليا

Numbers from 1 to 10

Good for question (how old are you?) Or counting

One - wahed - واحد

Two - ithnan - إثنان

Three - thlatha - ثلاثة

Four - arba'a - أربعة

Five - khamsa - خمسة

Six - setta - ستة

Seven - sab'a - سبعة

Eight - thmany - ثمانية

Nine - tes'a - تسعة

Ten - 'shra - عشرة


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    • Giyos Raimjonov profile image


      11 months ago from Uzbekistan

      Thanks a lot for your support

    • Manar Magdi profile imageAUTHOR


      11 months ago

      @Giyos I understand it may be hard for you but practice makes perfect, never stop trying these Letters should be pronounced from your throat

    • Giyos Raimjonov profile image


      11 months ago from Uzbekistan

      Thank you for your effort to introduce us to Arabic. I would love to study this language and will need some assistance with pronunciation. My trouble is with letter 'Sod' like in 'Sobrun' and 'To' like in 'Toyr' bird. Sorry I don't have the Arabic installed


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