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How to learn the computer and internet at a pace

Updated on May 5, 2011

Learning new tricks


The computer comes second nature to the young these days, most of whom can use a key board far better than they can write. Indeed one can see the day when only real enthusiasts will take to the pen for communication. Meanwhile those of less tender years have responded boldly to the new age and for many across the age divide the computer and thus the internet are key elements of modern life.Yet there are still those effectively on the outside, their noses pressed against the window pain.They lack only the confidence to take a leap into the new water but until so doing are left on an increasingly barren shore.


As you get older the stronger grows the feeling that you OUGHT to know things and thus shy away from exposing the sad fact that you do not so understand. The internet is a case in point. Even allowing for the excellent adult computer courses on offer all over via adult education and private organisations, there still remains a block to many older folk in taking to the computer in the company of others for risk of seeming backward. No matter how much encouragement is given they have not the resolve to actually go out and take a course.

The alternative is to actually learn on line. This does assume that people can arrive at the "Janet and John " stage to be able to actually start up the machine and hit the right, if basic keys.Iknow many just like that and on-line learning is right up their street. The link at the end here gives an example of how one can gain expert help and learn on line. Ideal, in my view for those of us who, like me never had the advantage of learning these modern ropes in our formative years. My advice is not to let the world go buy but take a breath deeply if needed and hop on the bus. There is no limit to where it may take you. Even practised operators can benefit, as with all things in life, so look out to learn on-line.


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