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How to never be UNHAPPY again

Updated on April 1, 2009

Imagine a number line LIKE BELOW



 -3  -2  -1  0  +1  +2  +3

Everything and I mean everything that happens, has happen, and will happen
is an EVENT. Nothing will ever happen to YOU that has never happened to anyone
else on the planet. These EVENTS in reality are neutral. They have a 0 rating. We
as individuals have a choice of placing plus or negative values on the EVENTS in our
lives. That is YOU decide what is GOOD or what is BAD> GOOD and BAD are not
scientific terms. They mean nothing, except in the mind of the person using the term.
That is to say, What is BAD to you may be GOOD to me.
Bottom Line: You decide what is BAD and/or what is GOOD. YOU decide.
If it is up to me, I will decide all is GOOD.
OPRAH was asked. "If you could change the past and avoid being raped, would you?
She replied "No, that EVENT made me stronger, It made me the strong person I am today"
( I am adding, a BILLIONAIRE, rape me for a billion dollars)

If your Parent died, surely one would say that is bad. that may be perceived as bad if
and only if no one on the planet ever died AND if you believe that this is all there is.

Suppose you lose your job. It is not the only job in the whole world

I was in an accident. My left arm required 80 stitches
I was in the hospital holding my damaged appendage,
smiling, talking to a Nurse
The Doctor, a few feet away, asked a different Nurse
"Why is he happy, He is injured. Is he retarded?"
I overheard and screamed "No I am not retarded!"
The doctor apologize and said" I still don't understand
You seem to be happy and you are injured"

I replied this is my left arm
I am right-handed

Get the Idea.


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    • jennifergolden profile image

      jennifergolden 8 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      Really great post! Keep it up, we need more wisdom like you share...