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How to plan for your assignments

Updated on June 18, 2016

How to plan for your assignments

As long as you are in university, you will find that in most of the times, you will be given homework in terms of assignments by you lecturer to do. It could for example be essay concerning human understanding. You will be called upon to know how to plan for your assignment .This article explains what you are supposed to do in order to succeed with your assignments. Reading the question carefully

On the easy cover page, you will find that the question will be provided and it will be upon you to offer a good account of yourself. Read it carefully and understand it well. Ask yourself: Is the essay question requiring me to discuss, compare, contrast, consider, analyse or summarise? From any of these, you will generally form an opinion about the essay topic and write a convincing essay.

General title

Sometimes the lecturer will give you an essay with a general title. Essay c examples include an essay which you are required to define, give advantages and disadvantages and then conclude with a convincing opinion on the topic. The essay checklist is one area you can refer to when you are writing essays. You can also watch an essay clip if you want to know more about writing strong and convincing essays.

Decoding the questions on the essay topic given

Things are not as straightforward as they are made to look like. This is principally why you have to decode what the examiner meant in essay writing. For instance, you may be asked to put a box. This basically means that you discuss the topic by giving flesh to a particular topic.

You may also be asked to underline a certain topic. You are not being asked to underline a word or statement as it were, but to discuss it in detail.

If you see ‘other words ‘basically means that you go to the words not underlined and discuss them/. In other words, they are an important element of your writing so you should include them.

Lastly, you can have a grid which will guide you through with the presentation of your key points. This will be divided into parts with for, against and should for the variety of topics.


On any given essay, you have to research so that you have enough research materials to write about. This will also give you a rough idea on the length of the assignment, the deadline for submission and any other requirement that may not be explicit in the essay question.

Structuring your essay

A good essay is one which is structured well. It must have mind maps, pros and cons, grid cards, add, arrange and the numbering.

The essay outline

As you come to the finish, you will need to have an outline which is generally how you will present your essay. It will need to have an intro, the body and the conclusion.

Further reading

It is not enough to stop at the outline. If possible, then go out and read further.


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