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General Knowledge for CLAT-Long Term Plan

Updated on May 12, 2012

Cracking GK in Law Entrance -CLAT

I was very much a part of my daughter's preparation of her CLAT exams and GK was one thing which was the most formidable of all sections. Before that I must describe briefly about CLAT exams. Indian establishment has woken up pretty late by realizing that Law is a very important discipline, especially at this stage where the country is growing at a rapid rate, at least in GDP terms. The central Government is establishing National Law Universities in all the state capitals in partnerships with state governments and so far 14 National Law Universities have been established. The best ones include NLUs at Banglore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Bhopal and Kolkata.

The common entrance exam is of 2 hours and has General Knowledge portion of 50 marks. It is being said that GK is the game changer section. It is a fact as GK is very profound. The syllabus is current affairs from March to March. Though I could not do much to my daughter's preparation I did get some insight as listed below.

Quick Fix approach will not do

Build a passion

The depth of knowledge required for CLAT cannot be fathomed by reading compilations as given in some popular books. It needs a deep engagement with the thing called Current Affairs. One needs to build a passion in the child for at least a period of 2 years. One way to make it possible is to understand the key to the learning drives of children. They like to imitate or copy their parents. So the entire family needs to get hooked to GK. This means watching News together is the starting point. This can also generate a family bonding not experienced before.

Next is about choosing a good English daily and that should be a hot thing in the morning. Every one trying to get it first. The periodicals will further supplement the stories seen in News and daily news papers. It can be a very rewarding process of preparing for CLAT GK. The finishing will be taken care of by good coaching institutes which are increasing every year.


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