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How to prepare for Flood: Facts, Management & Defence

Updated on August 12, 2010

Introduction and Flood Facts

Flood is a natural calamity which is most common in U.S.A. If we consider the recorded information by US Red Cross, hundreds of populate annually die because of floods. In addition to this, damage worth almost 4 thousand million dollars is done because of floods.

So what is flood management and what precautions one can take for flood protection/survival?

Here we make an attempt to furnish you with certain tips and suggestions so that you can deal with unavoidable flood situations.

Foresee & prepare yourself

It is of great significance that one is aware and is able to identify the enormous harm that a flood can make. You should know that during floods huge rocks sloping, trees get uprooted, construction of hugs monuments like bridges, buildings etc may swoop

Don’t hesitate to Inquire

It is also very important that you inquire at your local zoning region and planning office as to whether the property you own is below the level of the flood or above it. Also, it is great to be familiar with if region has been flooded in the past. Most importantly you should get hold of flood plain maps in your area.

Here is a link to gov fema flood maps which will help you determine if your area comes in the flood zone.

Information such as this, facilitates one to prepare a strategy to follow through if a flood strikes.

Make yourself Acquainted

It is best that you familiarize yourself with your own residential area, so that you can read and be aware of the signals or warning if flood comes about.

Evolve, watch and study

Be on familiar terms with your residential area’s plan for mass departure.  This facilitates in organizing yourself along with your kinfolk and acquaintances on actions that needs to be done by forming a stepwise strategy. 

Be Insured

It proves to be of tremendous help if you've got an insurance which is customized especially for flood and other natural calamities.  Generally the Home owner’s insurance policy will truly not be capable to pay back for whatsoever equipment casualty that flood may cause. In order to be able to take care of the cost of flood damage, its imperative that you have an insurance policy crafted in accordance with floods.

Portable File Container
Portable File Container

Maintain essential files.

These files incorporates whichever procedures for insurance policy, identification credentials like birth certifications, license, passport and so forth

Each and every file ought to be preserved in a water-resistant container in a way that you can gain access without problems.

Flood Defenses: Keep Shifting

If you keep electrical appliances like washing machines, ovens and suchlike in your cellar you should consider shifting these to the upper floors of your house which would reduce the probability of damaging your costly devices by angry flooding of water.

Secure Everything

Blocking entire gutters your residence by means of one-way valve would keep water due to flood from entering in drainages.  During a crisis, making use of big plugs or stoppers is advantageous so that bathing tubs and sinks can be closed tightly.

Construct Your House After Verification

Read-through neighboring buildings laws and regulations is a great idea because this would allow one to recognize if it's alright to construct protective structure of stone or concrete around your house that would your own household to facilitate entrance of water due to flood in your property so that you can minimize flood damage.

Make everything Watertight

To be able to safeguard cellar walls, cover these by making use of water resistant mixture thus it would be virtually impossible for flood water to enter via cracks or fissure.

Always keep a battery operated radio with you.
Always keep a battery operated radio with you.

Some essential equipment

It’s imperative to have a battery controlled radio set since there is a big possibility of electricity going off.

One should also acquire provisions such as food that is preserved in a can or tin, it’s also important to make sure that you have a can opener, in addition to a kit  which comprises of bandages, medicines etc for giving first aid.

Final Words concerning Flood Preparedness

On the whole, if some homework is done, you can easily secure yourself and your property from flood.


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    • FuzzyCookie profile image

      FuzzyCookie 7 years ago

      haha thats kinda funny! :P

    • LeanMan profile image

      Tony 7 years ago from At the Gemba

      Nice hub, I intend to build my house half way up a hill.. I hope that gets me away from potential floods..

      But then I guess I will have to look out for landslides - oh and the small hill is a volcano so that may add a few other problems.. lol