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How to prepare for JEE MAINS & ADVANCED - Effective tips

Updated on June 27, 2014

JEE stands for joint entrance examination.This is the most prestigious exam of India.Qualifying and getting good Rank in this will get you a seat in IIT's (Indian Institute of Technology) & NIT"s(National Institute of Technology) which are known as the most prestigious and best Engineering colleges in India.Well,as these college are prestigious,there is very high competition for this exam.Nearly in 2013,12 Lakh students have written the exams out of which only 15000 students will get into NIT's and only 8000 will go into IIT's which means the ratio is nearly 100:1 which means that out of 100 students,only 1 person will get the seat.So,i have decided to give some tips for you all to crack the IIT JEE in a less period of time.But,before that,just have a look at the pattern and main schedule of the exams.

Main Schedule and Pattern(Syllabus)

Actually JEE includes two exams.One is JEE mains and the other is JEE Advanced.One who is qualified in mains will have a chance to write Advanced.Getting good rank in advanced will get you a seat in IIT and getting rank which is below the cutoff of any NIT will get you seat into it.Totally,in 2013 out of 12 Lakh students who wrote Mains,nearly 1.5 Lakh students are selected for Advanced.

The syllabus is quite vast.The IIT question Paper completely depends the NCERT textbook and some extra topics.But,reading each and every line of the IPE text books will help you getting good rank.Also,i have given some good number of tips with which you can crack IIT Mains and IIT Advanced.

NIT Warangal

1) Good Material

Good Material is compulsory for a student to crack IIT Mains and Advanced.Many students prefer HC Verma Material to prepare for IIT Mains.Below,you can see some of the important materials for preparing for IIT. You have to divide your timetable for each subject.I have given the list of things to do for Maths,physics and chemistry below.Have a look at them now.


1) You have to give at least 4 hours of time a day to prepare for Maths.

2) First of all,read the Text books of Intermediate 1st and 2nd years.Nearly 50 percent of the questions are from Text book.

3) Complete all the IPE problems including solved problems.

4) Read the material chapter wise.Give more priority for Calculus,Trigonometry and Coordinate Geometry.

5) Complete all the previous years IIT mains and Advanced Papers.


1) During the start,Physics would be a problem for everyone.But,continuous practice will make it easier.The best example is me.I had faced many problems with Physics in First year.But, i used to practice continuously in Inter 2nd year which made me get 63 Marks in Physics.

2) Give at least 3 hours of your time table for Physics.

3) Mainly concentrate on the previous year question papers for the Question models.

4) Text Book reading is compulsory.


1) Chemistry is the easiest topic for me while the times of my Intermediate.I used to concentrate more on Organic chemistry since it is the toughest topic in Chemistry.

2) In previous years, 90% of chemistry questions are covered from Text books.So,read each and every line of the text book for getting good marks in Chemistry.

3) Practice each and every numerical on paper.This will make your brain remember the Formulas.

4) Give more time for Organic Chemistry while studying Chemistry.

5) Practice all the latest previous year question papers .

6) Chemistry is the easiest topic for JEE.Your rank mainly depends on chemistry.So,give at least 3 Hours of time to prepare for Chemistry.

Which is the toughest topic For JEE ?

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Some other Tips

1) Stop watching TV,using computer,mobile phones to the most.This will help you in getting more time for reading.

2) Keep your mobile phone switched off while Reading so that you are not disturbed.

3) Read in the morning.According to a survey,it is found that people can remember more when they read it in the morning.

4) Always change the subject if you feel bored.

5) Take 1 hour break after reading for 3 hours.

6) Play outdoor games for relaxation.

These are some important and effective tips to crack IIT Mains and Advanced within a month or even less.


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    • profile image

      Yassino 2 years ago

      6. My Younger Brother : Mentioned in my previous cmoemnt. Cleared Bihar Engineering in 2005 with 1 yr drop. He couldn't give his best to studies because of lot of family issues. Dropped for IIT JEE 2006 on my advice and I didn't allow him to take admission in BIT Sindri Mining saying it would affect his prepartion. Couldn't appear for IIT JEE 2006 because of 1 yr rule. I didn't teach him anything, no oaching and an AIR of 70000 in AIEEE. Missed Bihar Engineering because exam got pre-poned. I judged and scolded him and he lost the student in him. After 1 year of serious conseling and persuasion, he agreed to appear for entrance exams after May 2006. Only 3 exams left, Allahabad Agriculture univ, BCA Bharati Vidyapeeth Pune, IIPS Indore BCA +MCA 6 yrs. Cleared all three and took admission in IIPS Indore for BCA + MCA in 2007 with a 3 yr break. Did below average in 1st yr, average in 2nd yr. I encouraged and supported him, visited his hostel in 2nd yr during end sem for help in exam. 3rd year started preparing for MCA entrance from a local famous institute run by a single man. (institute produce half of top rankers in MCA entrance). Gradually started doing good inside coaching, but wasn't the best in institute. I supported him. Got real nervous and had little preparation for BCA final year exam because of coaching commitments (took 7 am till 10 pm) of his time with breaks for classes only to get attendance complete. I flew to him on a one day notice, without informing my boss. Was able to teach him only for 6 days. because for 1st 4 days he went to coaching and didn't dare talk to teacher about letting him go. So I had to talk to his teacher and asked him to let him study. Taught for 6 days and he appeared for 3 papers. I came back when he still had 2 papers. Result : Top Ranks in all MCA entrance exams. Chose NIT Trichy. Didn't get good ranks in MCA Roorkee because I pulled him out. Passed : BCA final year papers.NIT Trichy : No support in course work from me. I wanted him to study with batchmates. 1st year: Got supple (I pointed out angrily that I can't come every time leaving my job to help him with his course work) 2nd Year : Decent (encouraged but just over phone and gave study material/video lectures) 3rd Year : Better and on going.Conclusion :1. Cracking entrance exam using highly specialized coaching doesn't mean that you will do good once inside.2. Support and encouragement matters a lot, but won't be needed if you don't make the mistakes in first place and don't advise wrong.3. Mistakes are correctable.4. Drops are not advised, definitely not more than 1 yr. 5. India now offers a lot of opportunities but become employable. Learn rather than get grades. If college is not good, you can get study materials from NPTEL/MIT Open Course ware/Berkley and Stanford/ A good source is I learned my CS fundamentals from there, even after I am a B.Tech from IITK

    • profile image

      Brandilyn 2 years ago

      I don't even know what to say, this made things so much earsei!