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How to prepare for an aptitude test in one day for software IT companies interviews and placements?

Updated on April 12, 2016
How to prepare for an aptitude test?
How to prepare for an aptitude test?

Prepare aptitude test in one day schedule

Time Alotted
Sub parts of Aptitude preperation
Important topics to cover
5 hours
Quantitative aptitude
Speed time distance, ratio, percetages, Geometry
5 hours
Logical reasonign aptitude
Table set, conditional tests, blood realtion, sitting arrangement
5 hours
Verbal reasoning aptitude
Reading comprehension, jumble words, grammar error spot
Prepare for aptitude test in one day
Prepare for aptitude test in one day

Which aptitude portion you like the most?

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How to prepare for aptitude test in one day can be a challenging work. It is hard to cover the aptitude preparation in one day but it is not impossible. The requirement for the preparation of aptitude test for interviews and IT companies recruitment needs you to be prepared technically and aptitude basis.

It companies generally take 1st round of placement based on aptitude test. Aptitude test basically consists of Quantitative aptitude, logical aptitude and verbal aptitude questions. The techniques to learn the three parts of aptitude preparation in one day is provided below:

1. Quantitative Aptitude: Prepare the important parts of quant aptitude like speed time distance, number theory, ratio proportion, percentages and geometry. Read all the formulas and basic logic behind the simple numerical. Practice 2 to 3 questions from each chapter.

2. Logical Aptitude: Logical aptitude can be prepare by preparing the puzzles, logical conditioning questions. Logical series completion etc must be revised by doing 1 to 2 questions on each topic.

3. Verbal Reasoning: Verbal reasoning consists of Reading comprehension questions and grammar questions. Do the practice for at least one set of questions in each part.

How to Prepare for aptitude test in one day for IT companies can be done by diving the 24 hours of day into 5 hours parts for each quant, logical and verbal aptitude preparation.

How to prepare for an aptitude test in one day? - Steps to success

  1. Keep on practicing the topics that you are comfortable with.
  2. Lear and revise new maths formula.
  3. Improve speed and accuracy of question attempts.
  4. Look for the last year sample papers to get the questions idea.
  5. Keep on following the strict timeline.
  6. Do not waste your time in TV, computer or movies etc.
  7. Stay focused and take healthy diet.
  8. Do some yoga to relax your body.
  9. Do not get tensed.
  10. Hope for the positive only.


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