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How to protect your home, family and Community from Norteno and sureno gangs

Updated on November 19, 2010

Terry B. Davis

Protecting your family and Community from gangs.

In order to protect your family, property, and your community from gang influences, you need to learn about them. Majority of gang's were formed inside of prison, mainly for protection from other gangs. Gangs operate fairly similarly, with slight variations. They all claim a sign, a color, have rules and regulations, similar to a constitution, that their members must follow. They all have a structure, some extremely rigid, and some very lax-ed. They have ranks, and a member promotes himself with-in a gang by carrying out acts that either enhance the reputation of the gang or that brings in money.

Gang members are individuals that have been formally brought into a gang by initially, hanging out with them, parting and assisting other gang members by giving them money, assisting them with communications to other gang members, and assisting them in committing crimes. The formality of being brought into the gang or jumped in can be a beating, some will be punched, and kicked by other gang members for a prescribed amount of time. Other's will have to commit a crime to enhance the gang reputation, shooting at the gangs enemies. Some may have to befriend an individual that, is considered in the enemies camp, lure him to a location and then gang members beat him severely. Once brought in, the new member is Schooled. He's taught the gangs constitution, in the case of the Nuestra Familia taught the 14 bonds and commits it to memory. His education continues and includes criminal activities, thefts, burglaries, drugs and drug sells, the use and procurement of firearms of any kind. He will begin getting tattoos with symbols relevant to his gang. Just prior to and during this period of time, parents will begin seeing the changes. Wearing gangster style clothing, using gang slang, drawings and letters that glamorize the gang life style,and gangster rap music. Parents will notice him acting like a tuff guy, use of alcohol and marijuana, and his emergence of anger and his attempts to intimidate the parents. He'll have a lot of new friends that dress in the gang style, and he may appear as if he had been in fights.He will have cell phones, jewelry and other new items that he can't explain or account for. Teachers should also start to notice some of these changes, he no longer associates with the same kids he did before, he develops a negative attitude toward authority, and may begin drawing gang signs and symbols on books note books, and crossing out letters that represent a rival gang. As parents, we are tempted to excuse these actions, as being a teenager. We always see as, that five year old asleep on the couch, fell asleep in the car on the way home from grandma's house.

As he progresses he will start staying out later and later, maybe not coming home at all. School grades and attendance have dropped and he may be getting arrested for minor crimes or violations. He'll begin talking about how the cops are out to get him because of his race or because of the friends he hangs out with and that they didn't do anything. Parents and teachers don't understand him and they are trying to make him subservient to an oppressor.

Parents are ringing their hands, either don't know what to do or pretend it isn't happening. Teachers have wrote him off and he is invisible to them. At last, he is caught committing a serious crime, after anywhere from one to ten or twenty crimes he has committed, he'll receive a commitment to a State Prison. He has finally been promoted to big time gangster status, or so he thinks. While going to trial and being held in the County Jail, his prison schooling begins. He will be approached and asked what gang he represents. He will be required to submit his references, in writing. It will include his, name, birth-date, home address, nick name, Booking number, crime committed, and the names of three gang members that will vouch for him.He will be informed that at 6:00 am he gets out of bed, cleans his cell and waits for breakfast. After breakfast he will study for several hours, learning how to micro write, the ability to write seven lines, in a 1/4"; space. He'll be taught the gangs history, who their enemies and friends are in the prison system. He'll be given the House Rules, rules that the jail is ran by, according to the gangs. Anytime he or anyone leaves the cell block he will submit a note giving the date, time and identifiers of the person leaving. Where they went, who left with them and the time they returned. He'll learn the machine , a prison work-out that all members will do together in unison. He'll be taught that safety and security of the gang comes first, and as a good soldier for the cause he must be ready at all times to attack any enemies if the situation should present itself. He'll learn how to make, hide and pass notes, as well as make weapons from any material that are available, paper, stretch wrap, nails, pens, bed springs, metal from the bunks, doors, or light fixtures. These checks and educational duties continue until released from prison, and back to the streets. Prior to being released he will submit a note to his superior telling them where he will parole to, and that he will either be inactive or active while he is on parole. Inactive means he will not be out committing crimes, but that he will assist the gang with money, communications and anything else that is low keyed. Active means that he will continue his gang activities immediately upon being released. Upon release he will immediately report to his superior on the street and receive instructions. On the street, active members are expected to give money to the gang and he will either act alone, selling drugs, stealing, committing burglaries, or forming his own team. His team will be from several to 25 kids or want-to-be gang members or just drug users. He will direct them and collect money from their activities, keep a percentage, then forward the remainder to his superior. The more money he makes, the higher he is thought of. Gang members carve out their niche in the gang. They will fall into two groups, money makers or enforcers. Money makers, either make and or distribute drugs, specialize in property crimes, car thefts, burglaries, retail thefts, ID thefts, robberies or any-other crime you can think of. While the enforcers, are used to collect drug or any other kind of debt that needs to be collected, and will go after specific targets that the gang wants killed or beaten. If the gang member becomes very good at these activities he will move up in the gang structure. Once a gang member begins moving up he learns the true nature of the gang and understands, it's all about money and power. It's nearly impossible for him to drop out, if he tries, he will be targeted or green lighted. That is, an order to kill or beat him severely, but in this case it would more than likely be a kill order.

Once a child goes to prison it is very, very difficult to get them away from a gang. He'll have to move from the area and more than likely out of the state. Change his appearance, dress and the way he carries himself.He can never associate with any criminal element or he will eventually be identified.

Confronting gang violence is difficult, but it is commonly agreed, it must be attacked on three fronts. Law Enforcement is one front and consists of aggressive enforcement of laws, and collection of information on gangs make up, members, sources of income, and operational methods. The second is teaching parents and teachers how to recognize an at risk youth for gang association/membership, and thirdly the Community as a whole.

Teachers, parents and students need to learn about gangs when the child is in grade school. If kids can be taught the true story of gangs, the earlier the better. Then parents have to begin being parents to their children. Teach them right from wrong, show them love and affection and the true meaning of family, spend time with your kids, have fun with them be a part of their lives. That doesn't mean your their friend, you are the parent, set boundaries and follow it up with love and understanding.

The Community needs to recognize gang activity on their street. Clean up gang drawings as soon as possible, keep the area neat and clean. Get good physical descriptions of gang members or suspected gang members you see on your street. Write down car makes, models, and licenses numbers vehicles associated with gang members. Call the police give the information to them. Take photo's/videos, turn them over to police. If you're afraid of the police don't give your name, use a pay phone, use your computer. Learn what gangs are in your area, how they dress, colors, gang signs. Get to know people on your street, talk with them, form a loose knit association with them, to watch each others property and, kids and report gang activity. Do not confront gang members your self, do not run up to them and take their picture, don't let them see you video tape them. Gangs flourish when people are scared to report them and when people ignore them. Gangs do not like to be seen in the light of day but rather operate in the dark of night.

I hope this is understandable, please send me you comments good or bad. If you have any specific questions are comments feel free to contact me, I'll do what I can to answer your question.


Norteno gang members display signs and colors.


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  • profile image

    Blue Sod Buster 5 years ago

    Mr. Davis that was a great article and you are correct! As for all those that join gangs and buy into this life style Mr. Davis was not asking gang members if they agree with him, he was merely informing others about gangs. Sure as a gang member you can say all is great my gang is better than the other gang, but in essence the all generally the same.

    Gangs are a pyramid scheme and everyone pays taxes. The money ends up in prison and the system works great for tax free income. But what the gangs have been unable to do; and will never be able to do is rid themselves of the infamous Snitch. These little furry creatures that infiltrate every gang, they are so imbedded they even reach deep inside the prison walls and roam freely on the soft yards.

    You see most everyone doing time in prison owes much or their own criminal prosecution to the Snitch that rolled on them. Law enforcement has scored big knowing how to groom these street soldiers and keep them supplying information. So for all you Bangers, keep banging but remember your loss of freedom is only one a Snitch phone call away.

    It kind of like the old adage “Good help is so hard to find.” Well I must go now and yes I know the truth hurts but it needed to be said. But in closing I would just like to say, “Via La Snitch, live long and prosper.”

  • profile image

    XIVKern661 6 years ago

    I don't bang, but f**k skraps. I have family and affiliations. that are locked up all over northern california from folsom to solano etc. being a norteno is more than red and 14 the f**k outta here with that s**t. that's just like a badge. they are more like a family (hence nuestra familia) they are more structured and disciplined than any puto skrap. they don't sell out their people or race for drugs or they do. nortenos have a code. and they live by it. this guy doesn't know one thing of NF or nortenos. nobody jumps you in, beats you or forces you to do anything you do want to..hell you don't even have to get tattoos if you don't want to.. that's a common misconception. that is more of a skrap thing to do. no structure no rules they live in squalor like animals.

    the only thing a norteno asks you is to stand for what you believe in and don't ever back down. they are open to all races,its more of a belief system. you don't necessarily have to be latino. you could even be born in so cal as long you believe. then its all good.

    the whole hairnet pants saggin to your ass teardrop tattoo 13 blue all that is a scrap. they are like animals. society doesn't want them. don't believe everything you read on wikipedia. or watch on tv's. movies like american me are lies.

  • profile image

    TerryYouDummy 6 years ago

    Oh ok.. I live in the one of the worsest cities in California and i get to walk around "the hood" and not get beat & robbed.. My communitie to has a cut in officers

  • profile image

    TerryYouDummy 6 years ago

    Hi, its me again.. Your ridiculous my friend. If you don't bang you shouldn't worry. And if you feel so threatned my good sir. Don't forget you HAVE the right to "Bear Arms".

  • profile image

    salas831 6 years ago

    this is dumb haha

  • elvira renee profile image

    elvira renee 6 years ago

    you guys need to focus on parenting and learning how to relate and talk to your kids. you are the one who is probably pushing them away and probably not even loving them caring for them the way real loving parents should. no wonder they are the way they are. they are are a direct example of YOUR POOR PARENTING SKILLS!

    and Karen D. i know how to spell. and i probably know more about being a good person than you could ever learn.

    have a great day.

    remember, don't believe everything you read or listen to.

  • profile image

    stoptheftnow 7 years ago

    Your article was well written and informative. As a team lead for our neighborhood crime watch, it is our mission to educate our residents and the community to build a force to prevent our current activity from excalading. I thank you for writing it. I beg to differ with a few comments, you don't have to gang-bang to be caught in crossfire. And I would consider myself to be an idiot if I ignored the problem. Again, thank you Mr. Davis.

  • profile image

    crimsonrenee 7 years ago from Maryland

    Mr. Davis,

    though this information is quite helpful,it mostlikely won't be able to stop most or all of the gang-related violence that occurs around neighborhoods on a daily basis. I would know this because the same thing occurs around my neighborhood,even though it definitely isn't worse than most places. But,thankyou.

  • profile image

     7 years ago

    you guys are idiots

  • Terry B. Davis profile image

    Terry B. Davis 8 years ago

    Karen D;

    Thank you for your support, I hope this has helped you understand the gang mentality a little bit.


  • profile image

    Karen D. 8 years ago

    Thanks so much as a parent i strongly appreciate your efforts in getting this out there. That guy does not even know how to spell don't let negative feed back keep you from your work!! great job!!

  • Terry B. Davis profile image

    Terry B. Davis 8 years ago

    I hope this information was helpful. You may want to contact your local law enforcement and ask about any programs they may have that might help, or just for information on local gangs as to their identifiers. Good Luck.

  • profile image

    Susan Gray 8 years ago

    Thank you so much for this information. Our daughter is changing rapidly and we are arming ourselves with all the information we can to bring her back. She is in the beginning stages of gang behavior.

  • profile image

    momos 8 years ago

    you are rediculus. if you don't gang-bang you don't have too worry about gangs