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How to react to bullying at school

Updated on December 10, 2010

School bullying can ruin more than a day at school: how to detect bullying, what to do and what not to do when your child is a victim of bullying (also known as bullying, school bullying or bullying).

Some youngsters the constant taunts and beatings suffered at the hands of peers can cause depression, alienation and injury. In extreme cases, some young people and others come to contemplate suicide.

Today, in the era of Internet, intimidation (bullying) has taken a new dimension. Now the harassment takes place in chat rooms (chat), text messaging and social networks.

But although bullying reaches new levels there are things parents can do if their children are the targets of these attacks, either in person or from an electronic device.

The government collects some of the most important resources to help parents cope with this difficult issue that affects nearly 1 in 5 students in the U.S..

How to spot bullying

Not all children and young people tell their parents or teachers who are victims of bullying or harassment at school. It is therefore important that adults know how to detect some key signals in the behavior of their children, including:

 Avoid going to school, ride the bus or walking to or from school.

 Show signs of depression, anxiety or low self esteem.

 Back to school with bruises, scratches, torn clothing or books.

The fact that young people demonstrate some of these behaviors does not mean they are necessarily victims of bullying. However, broach the subject with their children or their teachers can detect this problem.

What to do (and do) when your child is bullied

The bullying can be traumatic not only for youth but also for parents, because they may feel angry and helpless before the victimization of their children. Impulsive reactions by parents can make things worse.

To begin addressing the problem, we recommend:

 Talk in detail with the son or daughter about the incidents.

 Establish a bond of empathy

 Controlling the urge protective father.

 Report incidents to school.

To avoid worsening the problem, we recommend:

 Do not criticize or blame the child for being bullied.

 Do not encourage physical retaliation.

 Do not contact the parents of the student who bullied your child.


Technology has become the new head of school bullying. The cyber-bullying message is malicious, vulgar or threatening through emails, text messages, social networking sites or chat rooms. Although such cases are not physical attacks, bullying may be equally damaging.

To deal with cyber bullying, it is suggested that parents:

 Advise their children not to respond to these messages.

 Retain the messages and images as evidence.

 Notify the school about the problem.

Contact the police if cyber bullying involves acts such as threats of violence, extortion, harassment or hate crimes.

For more information on bullying visit and click on the section in Spanish. To learn more about this topic visit, the official website of the U.S. Government in Spanish and part of the General Services Administration (GSA) of EE. UU.


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