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How can save the planet earth

Updated on July 19, 2011

Save the Earth

The Earth is one of the 9 planets in the solar system. It is also the most beautiful one of all the 9. Flowers and trees, birds and animals and people live on Earth happily. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But not anymore, Earth is heavily polluted and the ozone layer around Earth is depleting every day.

The only party that can save mother Earth is the human kind. We can throw our rubbish into the correct place or we can recycle them. Aluminum cans, bottles, paper and loads of other things can now be recycled and can be used over and over again. By recycling paper, for instance, saves cutting down trees which wastes a lot of time and energy. Anyway, trees make our world cooler. The fewer trees we have on Earth, the warmer our climate is. The machines used to cut down big trees produce a lot of smoke and noise. The noise produced by these machines contributes to polluting the Earth too. This is known as noise pollution.

By throwing rubbish in its rightful place helps a great deal too. That means no more dirty beaches, roads and parks and also no more pollution. This is because some non biodegradable materials which are harmful to living things like plastic bags, used batteries, and things like that when thrown into the sea or river, it may not only kill the fish and marine life but it can also kill people who drink or eat the contaminated food. Pollution leads to the dark side of life, so why don’t we just take the correct steps to stop it. Don’t be a litter – bug and throw rubbish into rubbish bins provided by the government and the government will take care of it. Most likely, they will bury the rubbish deep down in the ground. This will not only stop the pollution problem, but also fertilize the soil.

Regarding the depletion of the ozone layer, we can stop it from further damage by reducing the usage of CFC products. Besides that, if you want to paint furniture or your bicycle, don’t use spray to paints. Use a tin of paint and paint brush instead.

If we can save the ozone, the rivers, the seas and everything else from pollution, we will be like living in paradise. Take good care of the Earth, our Earth, and let us inherit a more beautiful and better world together. If all of us co-operate well enough, we will certainly succeed in making the world a better place.


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