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GRE tips and tricks maths verbal 2016 pdf main summary

Updated on November 14, 2016

Major Problems

  1. Unable to complete full syllabus
  2. Time remain short
  3. Forget in exam hall
  4. Getting nervous

How to prepare for GRE in one month?

It is very hard for some of us to get good marks in exams. Every educated person must have to pass exams with good marks to achieve the goals. Starting right from the beginning when you go to first class of your life till you fetch a good job, you have to go through several exams like GRE, GMAT, IELTS and interviews. Sometimes you score well and sometimes it would become very hard to pass with minimum marks. Few people complain that they write their exam in the best possible manner but don’t get good marks.

How to prepare for GRE math?

If preparing for GMAT and GRE math section and facing problems, than you can visit the site for GRE math questions.

How to prepare for GRE in one month
How to prepare for GRE in one month | Source


  1. Categorise questions and course work.
  2. Discuss with teachers and friends.
  3. Read previous year question papers.

How to prepare for GRE in 1 month - Steps to cover GRE syllabus

Never get upset when you will find yourself that your syllabus is not complete. I can assure you that more than 90% students are like you. The main thing to notice is that how much you have completed and what is the quality of the material that you prepared.

Quality notes making prefers that you must categorise your each chapter topics into most important, average and easy. Now another question is how to categorise, the answer to this problem is the previous year question papers. Go through all the previous question papers that you have. This exercise will give you the brief idea about the topics which are redundantly having questions asked upon.

After categorising your chapters try to make hand written hand written notes of the questions that you observed are the most important questions. You can mark the answers in the book also but it would be helpful if you carry this exercise for average and easy questions.

Try to revise your most important questions at least twice before going to examination. Average to easy question needs only one time revision. This practise is followed when you have less time if you have more time than the revision should be more in the proportions mentioned.

Last tip is that discuss your topics with your teacher and friends, this will guide you to hit the precise path to the completion of course work.


  1. How to prepare time table?
  2. How to follow it?

Gre exam time management

To get rid of this problem you must have to design a time table for you. Preparing and following it are two different things. It is easy to prepare time table but it is very hard to follow. My suggestion to you is that prepare such a time table which you can follow.

See how many days you left? How much you have to cover? Based on the answer to these question divide your time. Have a nice print out or handwritten time table paste it in your room or study table where it would be watched by you at those time when you don’t want to look. It will remind you that your time is running.

Use highlighters and marks to categorise your work. You should include rest time and time to enjoy in between the works because it is the tendency of mind to get saturated after some time. It is better to have quality reading of few hours than holding book in your hands for the whole day.

Time management is a very important factor to get the success.


  1. Memory recalling technique
  2. Revise your work

Forgetting in GRE exam halls?

This problem mainly occurs when you have tried to complete your syllabus in short time. It occurs mainly due to lack of revision. So, the only solution to this problem is to revise your work many times. Writing down your answers for practise is also another solution. Try to have a picture associated with the answer you prepared in your mind. This will help in recalling the answers.


  1. Self confidence
  2. Practise
  3. Faith in God

GRE Exam Nervousness

Nervousness is mainly associated when you have less preparation. It is not good for exam takers. Sometime it is opposite also when people have prepared the syllabus fully and their curiosity that what will appear in question paper leads them to the nervousness.

Have faith in God and try to develop self confidence, these two things can only take you out of this problem. Practise and practise many times. Practise makes people perfect than why can’t you.

Be familiar with the exam situations, this will occur when you give more and more exams.

GRE Exam last preparation

Discipline, dedication and desire are the factors which I mainly prefer as 3Ds which can lead you to the success. Have everything pre planned ranging from notes preparation to the time management. When you have extra time you will have extra time to outperform others.


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