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How to score more marks in exams

Updated on March 7, 2014
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This Tiwari has seen lot of experiences in his life and had lots of illusions. Now when he is disillusioned he is a happy man.

University exams : Beating with excellence !

The university exams are something that have a profound effect on one`s career. In today`s competitive world company advertises for few seats and gets tonnes of resumes. The competition is not only outside, where it is fiercer, but it is also in the campus drive of college. The company comes simply keeps a criteria which shatters dream of many, since they are below the cut off marks which company have decided as a Lakshman Rekha (an impasse).

There are, as I have found out, many sharp intellectuals who know well but still they are deprived of the marks which honestly they should score. And I have found out this too that there are many who just don`t give the study a worship but still make among highest in terms of marks.

Many students when unable to score higher contend by having contempt for the scorer-- that they are muggers, but I will tell them, even they(high scorers) are so, they still have more weight in their resumes and hence they get higher chances in advancing their career. But , please my friends do not have disregard for the muggers but learn from them. So, in order to help those sharp intellectuals, I have decided to write on the techniques which are necessary in order to score good marks.

Here I will just outline some simple methods through which you can score higher in your exams. I have illustrated the steps with figures, where they are necessary.These are the methods I used in order to secure my honors in Graduation.

1.Making the examiner more comfortable

What does this mean ? Does it mean that one have to do something impossible in short span of three hours ? The answer is no.Now let us think that what will make the examiner more comfortable ? The answer to this question lies in the fact that you write the things which are familiar to the examiner.You write in the exact order as the questions are asked.But do not do it at the cost of impression,i.e. if you are not confident about the first question then instead of attempting it and making the answer book filthy and dirty you break the order in such way that it does not confuse the examiner.The other thing is that one question might have many solutions but you write the one which is easiest to comprehend and most popular.You might ask me that won`t it be just a replica so that examiner would get tired out.But believe me that when you attempt the question and do it by yourself there is no way in which it will be treated exactly like some one else.

There are some examiner who are inpressed by genuine answers but still they are not going to give you more than the marks alotted for that question.

2.Drawing your pictures and the diagrams on first page

Remember always to make an impression of the answer your are going to attempt.When you put the pictures or diagrams on the first page it makes the examiner believe that you do know about the topic in conceptual way.He gives his best marks because he already sees your strengths first. When you make your drawings on pages other than the first page then he awards the marks for the content of first page and turns over the page only to find that marks awarded by him were lower than you deserved. So if he is in hurry he won`t revert back to grant justice to you.Some of the examiners who are avaricious(Since they are paid for checking the copy) won`t think about the flaw in their marking.

3.Always try to write in points when attempting theoretical questions

See this is very important point that you should keep in your mind. Always try to split your answers in various points so that it becomes easy for an examiner to check the content quickly. He having satisfied with your answer will reward you good marks because your answer is succinct and terse. I have given an example of it by writing ninth point in the way I have recommended you here.

4.Pattern for writing the answers which are concerned with the difference

Well ! nearly in every theoretical paper there is at least one question that is concerned about the difference. This question checks the conceptual ability of the candidate. It tells the examiner about how well the appearing candidate understands both the topic.There are many methods to answer the question but the best I have found is that you bifurcate the sheet with your pencil and scale and then you make the header. Write both the quantities or terms,whatever it may be, and then in points start writing the difference. This is the most time saving and efficient method for you and most comfortable method for the examiner.

How to attempt difference based questions ?

Picture showing the methodology of attempting difference based questions
Picture showing the methodology of attempting difference based questions

5.Highlighting the points if you write in paragraphs

You either take a highlighter or a pencil and highlight the best points of your answer if it was not possible for you to answer in points.Do not forget to add quotes if it is some art subject and use different color pen for the quotes.In the prosaic subjects do not forget to mention years, statistics and other numerical figures concerned deeply with the subject of your answer.When the examiner gets a glimpse of numerical figure he believes that you know about that subject and not every thing you have written is rubbish.The other benefit that this method carries is that examiner does not check your whole content, by which he may get annoyed but he restrains himself to the highlighted points, if they present themselves as complete. Notice how I have highlighted keywords in this article.

6.What if the paper comes tough and unexpected ?

The first thing that you need to keep in your mind is that the paper is tough for all of the students(This attitude will certainly give the confidence and energy).The second thing is that you should quickly adopt yourself to the survival strategy. What is survival strategy ? The survival strategy means that you should focus on the passing marks first.You attempt the questions in such a way, at the expense of some more time,that you consolidate your passing marks first. And after that you can follow the above mentioned methods.

7.Improving your hand-writing

For the ones who can boast of their hand-writing need not go through this point. But the one`s who are not much fortunate regarding their hand-writing really needs to take care of it. A bad hand-writing annoys an examiner and hence destroys the prospects of good marks. An examiner who will spend his time and effort on understanding the words written(since they are not legible) will not be generous enough to award high score to the candidate whose copy he is checking.The method to improve your handwriting is that you practice to write one type of hand.And you practice to make each word legible, when this happens your hand-writing will spontaneously improve.

An example of Horrible Handwriting

A Bad handwriting destroys the prospects of good marks.
A Bad handwriting destroys the prospects of good marks. | Source

8.Do not leave the blank sheets in middle until and unless it`s a compulsion

You better avoid blank sheets as it leads to incoherence.The other thing is that it creates a bad impression on the examiner leading him to think that you left the sheet blank for an opportunity, so that when time comes you copy the contents of your fellow candidate of your class or take any step to complete the blank sheet which fall in the purview of unfair means(UFM), but you were not able to do so. Hence please avoid leaving blank spaces. And if you did so in last remaining ten minutes do not forget to attempt the question for which you left the sheet blank.

9. A Question of Trust

When you run across a choice, always select the question which has more figures and tables or numerical questions-- if you know both the answers well. This is because of two reasons that are listed below :-

  • The first one that you will have to spend lesser time on the answer as it is always quicker to draw a diagram then elaborate the matter.
  • The figures and the table will certainly garner you more marks than mere words. Also the teacher will be delighted in checking the answer which is more illustrious.
  • You can certainly give the highest priority to the numerical questions but be sure that you know it well. Because in case, you are unable to solve it you will lose all your marks, hence carefully decide between the three types of questions as described above.

Prefer the Diagram based questions

The answers with diagrams are more appealing and easy to check hence can be more fruitful.
The answers with diagrams are more appealing and easy to check hence can be more fruitful.

10. Try diagrams with different approach

See although this is not a very important point but it can be certainly helpful to you. When there, in question, has asked you explain a fact with diagram, then if possible do draw the diagram in steps and consecutively explaining each step. The benefit that preceding method has is it`s more rewarding and of course it`s more time saving.

If the previous method is not possible, i.e. you have to draw the diagram at once, then you draw the diagram nominate the parts and then in points explain in such a way that description of the diagram(structure) and it`s working (the way it works) could be explained at once. This method will be more rewarding in time and marks.

Making Diagram in steps

Making diagrams in steps can be more rewarding than the theory which is used to describe a complete diagram
Making diagrams in steps can be more rewarding than the theory which is used to describe a complete diagram

Do`s and Don't`s in exams

So the above were the points which I had experienced so well in my academic life and I hope they will elevate you too in terms of your performance. See not every examiner has a same approach and attitude but these methods I have outlined are generalized ones.Remember not every examiner complies with whatever I said above. A man born in this world is genuine with his thoughts and traits. Yet there are some traits which are followed by most and those traits are known as standards in any practice.

So although I taken every precautionary step so that each point stated above is correct and best to my effort, it also becomes responsibility of the candidate to understand them well and apply accordingly.You are free to ask any doubt that might arise in your mind due misunderstanding of text or genuineness of your problem. I also welcome criticisms and suggestions, which I believe to be soul of a successful article, from my readers.

Wishing you all the best for your next exams.


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    • ravi1991 profile image

      Ashutosh Tiwari 3 years ago from Lucknow, India

      Thanks !! Will surely do !

    • Shravan Picsonia profile image

      Shravan K Acharya 3 years ago from India

      Thanks for the much needed information. Will surely make use of it. Keep posting :)