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How to select a Book

Updated on March 5, 2014

Introduction : An Exact Book

Let me start with the explanation of a "Exact Book". What is an Exact Book ? An exact book is the book which exactly describes the facts which are required for the complete understanding of a subject. The exact book is the one which`s language is simple and the concepts are reinforced by proper explanation. An exact book is one which aspires the reader to explore more by giving proper references. An exact book contains, at regular intervals, the relevant applications which are necessary to explain that why the topic, that the student is learning, is important.

There are many readers who might complaint that why I have to toil so much about selection of a particular book. The reason that seems best to me is that book serves as a guide. When you travel in the unexplored domain of any subject, while a good book will lead you as a guide and friend but the ones inappropriate( since no book is bad) might leave you confused. I now think that I have provided you good reason.

I will here like to make some disclaimers which I think are compulsory in order to have an idea of what this hub is all about. When I say the selection of book, it means, that the book in relation to the college course and the knowledge involved with it. Although if speaking grossly the facts that I have described are equally applicable to most of the books, whether they are concerned to course or not, but I have led my efforts on the ones (books) which are concerned to the course book.

The second thing that needs clarification is the fact that these suggestion which I have included are as a result of my personal experience that I found while completing my engineering degree hence I don`t claim it to be a research thesis but I simply assume a fundamental fact that a human experience applies on all human beings,if and only if, the experience is about abstract things.Since as said earlier my stream was engineering the readers having their stream as science are likely to be more benefited with this hub then the ones with in other streams. But please don`t worry a book is a book since all the books are written by a writer and they all have chapters and paragraphs so you do not need to worry if you are from background other than science.

The last but not the least fact that I want to convey my readers is that I have assumed that reader is pursuing his bachelor degree. Although it is equally fine for the higher class students since the ones in lower standards (Sophomore or higher secondary). hardly need a selection.They are advised by their teachers to continue with their text book and that is really a very nice practice. Since the main goal of the education in these classes is to make student sound in basics.For the Indian students I would firmly say there is no better book then NCERT if they are in high school or intermediate classes.

So after clarification of the assumptions, I would no longer irritate with rules and regulation of this hub but at the same time you may well imagine that the above facts would have, in fact, empowered you in understanding what is to come forth.

Consult your Teachers and Seniors

Before you move to the library in order to select a book that you either wish to buy or just issue to study it is better if you go and consult the respective teacher. This is because of the fact that your teacher is obviously has studied more than you and he is already a master in the field of your concern. He would have, for sure, gone through numerous texts in order to gain knowledge. He would have solved various exercises and examples hence he should deeply know the pros and cons of a book. There are some books which contains errors and hence the teacher would warns you against such pitfalls, unaware of which you may spend several hours in understanding it and finally you come to the conclusion that you should consult your teacher. Hence it is advisable to consult your teacher.

There are many other benefits. For a freshmen year students they really don`t know the nature of the education their university provides them hence they may find it difficult to select book on their own. Although they can select the book but the consultation is always a better choice since in this way they can also get a feel of what they have to study and in which way.

Seniors are another options whom one can approach regarding the selection of particular book. But mind it that you have to carefully decide which senior you consult. The ones not very sincere in studies might give an advice which may not be very helpful to you.

Library matters in book selection

This method is helpful when you have crossed your freshmen year and now have to an extent got idea about what are the university examinations and how one has to cover so that one does not misses the essential facts required for the solid foundation and at the same scoring well in the exams.

You move to library and check out a particular book. After you have found out the book, firstly check out the contents and see that whether if every thing is covered in the book that is required. If there`s not you don`t need to worry because you can have the combinations of two or more than two books.

After checking the contents it is better if you go through the preface which I know most of the students discard but it`s my strong recommendation that you go through preface always. After having gone through the preface I am sure you will get enough on the outline of the book and hence you can meticulously appraise the suitability of book according to your need.

You can after that flip the pages so that you can get an hasty overview of book. It might seem absurd to you but I will assure you that you are surely going to get benefited from this action which might not take more than ten minutes.

A Book of Engineering Electromagnetics

A book on Electromagnetics by Mathew N. O. Sadiku
A book on Electromagnetics by Mathew N. O. Sadiku

Internet is most powerful assistant

There are literally many websites on which you can get help regarding the books.The websites from where you can get the reviews and other relevant information about the book are websites of the publishers of the book. They are perhaps the best and most authentic. The most common and authentic reviews though you can get from the online delivery websites like Amazon and Flipkart since the buyers express their genuine experience.

You can also get a particular help from the various forums and blogs which are considered very reliable and tested over a period of time. The users are keen to help, since it enhances their experience and makes them happy.

The other thing that you can try is the Google Books since you get the reviews there. The other benefit that Google books offer you is access to the contents, preface and some chapters which are introductory in nature. So without troubling the Librarian for the book(since it`s not present in library) you may well decide whether to purchase the book or not.

There is one more website which I have provided the link below. The quality of this website is you can find comments and reviews regarding the books of very versatile background. But there is really very little help regarding the course books but you can well get the reviews about books apart from course books.

Which is your favourite book ?

Which sort of books you like most ?

See results

Precautions taken in selection of a book

There are some precautions which must be taken into account while selecting a particular book. Please avoid them else you many lose your time in futile efforts leading to frustration.

  1. The first one being the fact that what matters is the content and not the attraction. What I want to clearly say is that please do not get enchanted with the outer cover of the book. You are no more a baby who needs colourful pictures so that you may stick to the book. What does you need is the sound and articulated content which may clear your concepts well.
  2. Please don`t go by the names of the book. It is again the book that matters to you and not the title of the book. I , in my studying years, found out that it was not necessary that an attractive named book has well defined concepts.
  3. Again the next thing that you need to remember is please do not stereotype. what it means is that a writer might have written books in many field and it really does not matter that if he had written well in one field he is the best in all fields or vice versa.
  4. Be careful in accepting the recommendations. What I mean to say is that you need not follow any one blindly, howsoever well versed he may be in the subject. The reason behind this is the fact that every one has a different approach. I will give you an example. I was in 5th semester and I needed to select a book for control systems. I asked my friend and he recommended me. But the book lacked the practical examples so I deserted it. I chose another one which contained lots of practical examples. I found my selection great. Even my friend was right in his selection and essentially both book cleared concept well but the approach in them was the different
  5. Finally at the last I would say that never let yourself in a blind race. It means that sometimes your text book is so well that you do not need to go any where. And of course ! it is decided as text book by the university so it must have something. Hence before moving to other books have a good appraisal of the text book.

A masterpiece on Electronics and VLSI

A Book Adel Sedra and Kenneth c Smith
A Book Adel Sedra and Kenneth c Smith

Getting tuned with your teacher

This is very important point that you should not miss. See when you select a different book it is obvious that it may be completely different from the one that teacher is using in class. Hence it`s very important that you remain watchful. I in one my semesters had used a book other than one used by my ma`m. I had solved the sum with the method as given in the book. My teacher dissented with my method gave me no marks even for the exact answer! So please you need to be alert and consult your teacher if you think that there is any commotion.

I will outline some advantages that one gets if he is using the book he likes irrespective of the fact that whether it matches with his professor or not.

  • He, for sure, gets confident and his analysis power grows since he puts a lot of effort to understand the topic by himself.
  • If the professor uses a different book then, if the student is not negligent, student can obviously get the concept better since he has the privilege of observing it from many dimensions.
  • The book leads him to ask genuine questions in class which might have not crossed the professor`s mind and hence it brings reputation and attention of teacher, especially for the students interested in research, which is enough to put student on the track of a bright career.

Some Excellent Books

This section I have included so that I can tell you that there are books which can be trusted just because they have been so popular that you do need to give them a try; you need to believe that since they have been popular in the market for a number of years hence they really need to be considered. I have only described engineering books since I have tested only them but they can be applied to the excellent books of any field.

A book of Excellence in Electronics Engineering

Microelectronic Circuits (Oxford Series in Electrical & Computer Engineering)
Microelectronic Circuits (Oxford Series in Electrical & Computer Engineering)

I assure you that this is the best book that Electronics Engineering students would find and they won`t be able to resist falling in love with this book.


A book of Excellence in Digital Electronics

Digital Design Fourth International Edition
Digital Design Fourth International Edition

Nearly 1 lakh students have benefited with this book. This is an epitome of excellence in a particular subject.


A book of excellence in Control Systems

Control Systems Engineering, 4th Economy Edition
Control Systems Engineering, 4th Economy Edition

The most remarkable book I studied in concern to the applications.


A book of excellence in physics

Concepts of Physics (Part 1)
Concepts of Physics (Part 1)

If one ever needs to master basics of physics there can be no greater book then it. It is considered a Gita of physics among Indian students.


A book of Excellence in physics contd..

Concepts of Physics (Part 2)
Concepts of Physics (Part 2)

This is second part of the great masterpiece.


Publications Do Matter

I will tell you one thing.When you make the selection of the book you want to study please note that publication do matter. There has been a common trend, especially Indian students, that they prefer the publications which are written by authors from the colleges of very low esteem. These authors do nothing but copy most of the content from standard books.

I assure you that when you study from a standard book, it is easier to study, than from the ones written by local writers. This, if you pursue, can be good contribution to the elimination of plagiarism.

In regard to the publications I would suggest there are many, but for Electrical Engineering students, I would stress on Pearson , Tata Mcgraw Hill, oxford and finally my favorite John Wiley and Sons. You need never to adhere to one publication but you may opt out of the publications listed. There I have found out, many times, that certain publication has some books nice and other publication have other books. All depends on the students who goes through the book and rate it.

A book on semiconductor devices

A book written by Donald Neaman
A book written by Donald Neaman


Whatever I have compiled here is the result of analysis which I did in my bachelor degree. One needs to read them it`s obvious that there may something that I might have missed or unintentionally, made it obscure. I do request my readers to bring such things to my notice since "To err is Human".

The second thing that I would like to say that since that is my personal experience and hence clearly defined to me, but for the others it may be some what not very clear. So I again say that your free to contact me and project your concerns and I shall be delighted to sort out your problem.

Have wonderful academic hours.


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