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How to select a good book for study? Importance of a good book in exam preparation

Updated on April 6, 2012

Nowadays, market is flooded with lots of books which claim to provide sure shot success to the students. But there are very few which hit the bulls eye and are trust worthy to read. Most of the students fall in the trap of these false claiming books. A bad book can lead a student to the world of confusion and which leads to the subject fear. To avoid these situations, it is necessary that a student should select a good book for the preparation of the subject for exams. Here I am giving the details of some key worthy points which must be kept in mind while selecting a book for study.

As we all know that a good book is the best friend of a student as it acts as a connecting link between the student and the knowledge. A good book can be best compared with the able teacher who teaches the subject effectively and clears every doubt in the study. To understand the concept from the root and to have deep knowledge of the subject it is necessary that one should select a good book which explains the subject lucidly. After understanding the importance of a good book, now the question comes how to select a bookfor a particular subject? Let us discuss each and every point in detail which is necessary for the selection of a good book.

Guidance of teachers and seniors in the selection of a good book

Teachers and seniors are the best soul in this world who can guide you in the selection of a good book. As we all know, teachers have to refer lots of books in order to deliver an effective lecture. So, they know the best that which book is best for the students. On the same note, seniors also have read the same subject before you. So, they also can guide you best in the buying of a good book for the particular subject. So, never be shy from asking your seniors or teachers in asking them for which book to read and follow for the subject?

Importance of syllabus in the selection of a good book

We all know that it’s the syllabus which has to be covered comprehensively to clear any exam with flying colors. I have seen that most of the students get impressed by the thickness and the price of the book. Thicker or costlier the book, more suitable it is considered for study by the students. But trust me; it is the worst concept among the students. Instead of above factors, I advice the students to go through the content page of the book and compare it with your syllabus of curriculum. After comparing the syllabus, you will get an idea that which book will provide you knowledge according to your syllabus and you should go for that book.

Role of author in the selection of a good book

A good author is best compared with the sailor of a ship. As it the responsibility of the sailor to take all the travelers to the destination, likewise it’s the responsibility of the author to make its reader understand each and every concept of the subject. Let me explain this with a suitable example, suppose you are interested in knowing about how to study organic chemistry or want to buy a book on tips and tricks for clearing the PMT exam. Then, you first gather information on the best authors on the above topics from all the possible sources before buying any book. An author should not be judged only on the basis of the qualification of the author but also on the basis of style of presentation of the author.

Role of publisher in the selection of a good book

Publisher of the book is also one of the most important factors which must be considered before buying the book. The format of the content and the quality of the pages draw the interest in studying the book and these things are in the hands of the publisher. So, we must pay due attention on the publisher before buying the book.

Conclusion - We must always remember that buying a good book is just like the investment in the gold or investment in the real estate which will always pay you high dividends beyond your expectations. Importance of a good book is best understood by those who have a strong urge of knowledge. The effect of reading a good book is similar to the effect of alcohol on the body which provides you seduction along with the addiction. So, now I will end up my discussion with only saying that always rely on good books to excel in any subject. Comments from all the readers are invited from open heart.


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