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How To Adsorb Fragrance?

Updated on May 23, 2017

How humans detect smell?

Some special kind of neurons called olfactory sensory neurons are present inside our nose.Each olfactory neuron expresses one odor receptor.Microscopic molecules released by particles around us stimulates these receptors.When the odorous particles have been detected by the neurons they send a message to the brain.And the smell is being detected.

figure showing working of a human nose.
figure showing working of a human nose.

How an e-nose works?

An e-nose is an electronic nose and is used to detect the smell of various particles.It has three main units:

  1. A delivery system
  2. detection system
  3. computing system

Electronic noses have sensor arrays which react which volatile compounds.When the volatile compounds are adsorbed on the sensor arrays, there occurs a physical change in the sensor.The response is recorded by electronic interface transforming the signal into a digital value.

Most commonly used sensors for e-nose

  1. Metal Oxide Semiconductor(MOSFET)devices
  2. conducting polymers
  3. Quartz crystal
  4. Surface acoustic wave

figure comparing a human nose and an electronic nose.
figure comparing a human nose and an electronic nose.

The adsorption theory(developed by myself)

The adsorption theory states that "if an odorous particle remained in gaseous state,then it can be adsorbed and desorp effectively provided:

  1. The particle must reach at a minimum pressure on the adsorbent.
  2. The particle must stick quite firmly and should not lose its fragrance on elapsing time.
  3. It should not react with the adsorbent.
  4. It could be easily desorped"

an image showing adsorption by activated charcoal
an image showing adsorption by activated charcoal

The above product is an anti dust respirator cum goggles. It is most useful in industries and helps to avoid industrial hazards. It gives complete protection for mouth and nose and provided a goggles for protection of eyes.

Theory of adsorption of gases


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