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How to top GATE exam in Electronics and Communication (EC) Subject!!

Updated on April 30, 2015

In order to succeed, Your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.

Why is GATE Exam important?

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an All-India Computer based standardized examination which tests undergraduate-level knowledge of candidate in one’s specific engineering subject.

The GATE score is used for admission to post graduations programmes like MTech (Master of Technology) and PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) in IITs, NITs and other Indian Higher Education institutes. Now many PSU and Government companies are also considering GATE score as shortlisting criteria for selection. Hence GATE exam has become one of the most important exams for graduate students to get into a good government JOB or for higher studies in top Indian institute.

So if you have an interest in your engineering subject and want to have a career in same streamline, then all you have to do is open the GATE by cracking it.

Fear of EXAM????

Do you become nervous when your ears hear the word 'EXAM' or do you have lack of confidence to prepare for a national-level Exam? All these are signs of exam nerves that most of the students experience. A small concern for exams helps one to perform to the best of one's ability, and one feels more alert and focused during preparation as well as exam. But too much of anxiety and fear leads to negative frame of mind, making one fearful of even making an attempt for EXAM.

Just cheers guys!

Now there is a proper guidance that is being made available to you here. You don't need to get nervous or tensed to belittle yourself. Each and everyone is talented, the only things required are CONFIDENCE and PERSEVERANCE!

GATE syllabus covers basically the subjects that are part of one's under-graduation studies. So if one is preparing for GATE, then semesters are easily passed with good score. Both preparations, for GATE as well as for Semester, can be done together without any problem.

Preparation for GATE is not difficult for the one who understands the basic principles/formulae deeply which are taught in semester studies. Notes must be made or arranged while studying any topic. One must make one’s own notes as they are easier to comprehend when revising them again after long time. A formulated preparation must begin from 7th semester so that one can have a fresh revision of all the concepts learnt from 3rd semester. All the subjects need not be studied which are in the syllabus of semester studies.

Procrastination is the thief of time

How to Prepare for GATE?

Now the way of preparation becomes different based on the time when one targets GATE!

CASE I : Undergraduate students

As we can see in the GATE syllabus, the subjects are of mostly 3rd-6th semester range. Hence, from 3rd semester itself, it is best to make separate notes for GATE preparation as per the GATE syllabus. A good way to make notes and understand concepts is like this:

  • One must arrange recommended books for the subject being studied from library or friend or in anyway. If any topic is not well described in one book, one can refer to another book for better understanding.
  • The notes must be written in a way so that one can understand/revise the topic without referring to any book when read after months or years
  • If one is not able to understand any principle or concept from books, GOOGLE it. Google explains any topic in the form of documents, presentations and youtube in more interesting way.
  • The main focus must be on building strong concepts. All the topics given in GATE syllabus must get covered in notes.
  • Objective questions solving approach must be the priority for GATE preparation. It enhances the technical aptitude of Aspirant and gives more confidence to face EXAM. Objective questions must be solved from GATE books available easily in markets.
  • Mock Tests must be downloaded from Internet to give a tougher instance to the preparation. The marks scored helps one to judge the level of preparation. Also, it helps one to be more accurate and faster (time taken to solve one question decreases as more questions are solved).
  • Coaching can be taken if 1) You are not satisfied with semester studies 2) A good and reputed Coaching institute is available near to college and classes timings are easy to manage with college timings 3) You don't want to leave any stone unturned to reach your goal!

Notes are always helpful for basic concept building and formulae revising. They must be in good writing and description must be preferably shown in bullet points for easier reading. Important questions with unique solutions must be noted separately so that important things are not missed anyhow during revision. Consistency in solving Objective questions is very necessary.

Four Steps to Achievement:

Plan purposefully,

Prepare prayerfully,

Proceed Positively,

Pursue Persistently..

CASE II : Job engineers

In many cases, students get jobs through campus selection and job is preferred over higher education. But after few years of job, one may think of quitting the job and go for GATE exam to get one good college for MTech or to get selected in some government company, etc. But in this case, one has lost contacts with books during job years. So one can start preparation in the following ways:

  • One can join nearby coaching institute like madeeasy, Gateforum and so on for regular and fast preparation.
  • One can arrange books or notes and start self study with full discipline.
  • Google is a constant and closest friend for our questions. The subject topics can be searched in Google in order to revise one’s concepts in interesting way.
  • Solving Mock Tests is mandatory for objective Exam preparation. Register for mock tests by some reliable Institute (MadeEasy/Gateforum etc) and solve each and every test with sincerity and keeping TIME in MIND.

There may be different approaches, but one must be determined to GET THE TARGET SET. Hard work is always required to achieve the goal along with smart study. One should know where to put our hard work.

A prepared MIND is a Cheerful MIND!

Always be updated!

  • One must go through the websites to find maximum number of questions being asked from which subjects. Make those subjects priority and don't leave any topic of the syllabus go untouched.
  • Revision is the most important thing in the entire preparation.
  • Solve latest mock tests provided by reliable websites such as Madeeasy, Gateforum and so on.
  • Also, don't underestimate the questions of aptitude and vocabulary. Have a regular brush up with new words and their meanings. Refer to good books for going through all basic type of aptitude questions that are generally asked in National-level Exams.

While failing to prepare, one is preparing to fail..

— Benjamin Franklin

Recommended Books for GATE- Check out the list Here!!

Recommended Books
Engineering Mathematics
B.S. Grewal
Hayt, Hayt Valkenburg
Electronic Devices
Analog Circuits
Digital circuits
A.Anand, M. Morris Mano
Signals and Systems
Simon Hykin, Oppenheim
Control Systems
B.S.Manke, Ogata
Haykin, B.P.Lathi
Ramesh Goankar
GATE Last year Solved Papers
By Made Easy

Be a HERO and be ready for the EXAM!

At last, but not the least...........

So finally guys, take a deep breathe and make your master schedule plan for GATE preparation now. I hope that this article helped you to make your schedule plans more robust and smarter.

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The article will be updated as per your reviews and comments in future. Thanks for Reading.

We are always there to Inspire you..Guide you..Help you.....

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    • unityofeverything profile image

      UNITY 2 years ago from New Delhi

      @Bella Angel.. Thanks for appreciating the hub. I hope you got some meaningful information. The hub will be updated time to time as per any changes that happen in GATE exam!

    • profile image

      Bella Angel 2 years ago

      I came across this blog by searching preparation for gate and I found it quite helpful for what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing it with us, grateful for sharing.

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      Thanks a lot for nice feedback.

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      pawan 3 years ago

      Very helpful information for gate aspirants.

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      M S Rawat 3 years ago

      Excellent translation of experience to guide young talents, those wants to take up their GATE exams. There is not a short cut to success. One must work hard to achieve the goal. Well don !!!!!.