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How your dresses impacts on your mind?

Updated on October 15, 2014

Fashion and its relation with human mindthere found a significant relationship with fashion and human psychology. With the increasing of age the human mind are found to change significantky. Now how you thinks about any matter is not just like thinking of your past. There have a significant deviation of the thinking. Just think that when you are children what was your favourite? When you were young what were your favourite things? In terms of colour the childrens favourite color is red. But young people have diverse colour of their choices. Someone likes blue, someone likes white, simeone likes green, someone likes blacks. In youth you will find the diversification of the thinking. Hence the innovation and doing somthing extraordinary happens in young age. On the other hand with the increasing of age the peoples are geting to be more laterar. The are fiund to doing their job in a lateral way. They prioritise the traditional thinking. There dresses diversification are also geting in a shurnk. They usually spend there most of the eldest time with a same and similar structure of dresses. There thinking is not just like with the thinking of a young people. What there happened? Is there have any impact of dresses on the human mindor the human mind impacts on the dresses styles. Is changing human mind controlles the styles and fashion?

Both of the term may be correct. Opposite manner boths may have impact on each other.In my personal daily life experiance I have found that when I dressed with a new dress i feel comfort and i feel changing in my behaviour. Most of the people may be feel that feelings of new cloths. I found a significant number of people with their jeans pant or a jacket is somewhat different behaviour with the peoples with a normal traditional corporate shirt or pant. For details experimental result I have choose to use thr normal corporal dresses for a long since for my research about human psychology. After a long time since I observed my behavioral change. I found a significant level of change in my behaviour. Yhere have a large deviation in my behaviour from the past three years. But I reject this experiment to make a decision about that thr fashion significantly impacts on human mind. I consider the changing of human mind as the changing of body structure and appearance eith the increasing of age. With increasing of age the body structure of every animals changes. Whenany children have poor immunity aagainst diarrhoea there a young people is strongly immunized against diarrhoea. When the bones of a children is not so hard and strong then the bones of a young peoples are so harder and stronger. With increasing of the age nurvous system may have a changing role of changing the human mind.


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