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How To Be A Genius?

Updated on November 9, 2013

What is a genius?

Dictionary defines genius as "Exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability." but I would like to describe it simply as a expertise or excellency at any topic or subject. You should be talented and moral. You can be genius at any any subject. From arts to computer. From history to chemistry. I think myself as a genius in internet surfing :-).
Anyway, find yourself a topic that you are good at or you LOVE doing. Then I will explain you how to be a genius.

But ALWAYS remember, you can be genius at EVERYTHING, well, except a few things. ;-)

How you can become a genius?

When we think about genius, we think about studying 24/7 and storing thousands of books, wearing eyeglasses and always babbling about theories and formulas. But it isn't true. You don't need to be a geek to be a genius. You don't need to study maths and science to become a genius. But first, you should know what is a Genius? -->

Study--(Don't worry it isn't the bulky books one)

A genius in any topic like to find out different news and things about his topic. Keep in touch with latest everything about your topic.
For example, you will be a shameful rap genius if you don't know the latest beat available in market.
Keep searching for both old and new information about your topic in Internet and somewhere else. Know the history about your field. There are thousands of articles and videos about most of the things out there in internet. Study them, understand them and try your best to implement in your work and habit. don't limit your self to only read it. A genius applies many theory in his/her life and work. You can even read books about your subject.

Study with other friends and people who have similar interests. Try to meet those kind of people and discuss with them and learn from them.

Leonardo Da Vinci --a genius
Leonardo Da Vinci --a genius
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein

Research, Explore and discover

After you gather history, latest news and more information and study them, you know more about your topic and become an expert. Research is essential for most of the people; writers, scientists, musicians etc.

Think about the people of past who were interested in the topic you are at present. Research about the new techniques and theories they discovered and mistakes they made. Try many things practically. Research about your topic in internet, magazines and library. Know about history of your topic. Always be prepared to answer a question asked by a starter in your topic or a critic. Try to visit more places and explore them which are related to your field.
For example, if you want to be rap genius, know its origin, it's history, its main attraction places, mistake made by rap masters of past and many more. If you don't find satisfying answer in books and magazines, browse internet and ask questions in many sites like Yahoo-answers, Stackoverflow etc.

Be Moral

No one likes a stupid, arrogant genius.

I won't call you a genius if you are very arrogant and proud. Always know that you don't know EVERYTHING. There is a lot to learn in this world. Be interested to gather information about your field.
A little ego should be with you but do not turn down any respectful request to learn something from you or teach you something. Always be helpful. A genius never discriminates. Follow moral ethics and be good to everyone. Be good and do good.

The greatest genius.

Who do you think was/is greatest genius in history?

See results

Some places to Research

These are pretty good sites where you can carry out research about most of the topics. Hope you will fully utilize these websites while being a genius.

Wikipedia I love Wikipedia. It's the the biggest encyclopedia online and is completely free. You also contribute to it by donating or writing articles.

Google Everyone knows Google. Search your question in 0.00035 seconds

Hubpages: Millions of aticle to read.

Youtube Learn with videos

Ehow Find every howto article here

Squidoo: A site like Hubpages. Has thousands of lenses(articles.)

Be creative and interested to learn

Always be creative. Create new ideas, ways and theories about your topic. Use common sense and critical thinking to do something or while making a decision.
I recommend to make your own way not follow others.
Even you are the genius of the genius, there much more in the world to learn. Try to learn many things. Always be more student than a teacher.

Think out of the box

A genius thinks differently from the crowd.

If you want to be a genius, you shouldn't think like others. Make your own angle of thinking critically and technically. You shouldn't think like other people if you want to be unique. Critical thinking is a great way to think as a genius. You should explore both positive and negative aspects of any action, theory or any other things.
Make your habit to think out of the box. Expand your angle of imagination and analyzation. Think uniquely and with reason. You can take guide lines from other geniuses and inspirational figures but do not copy them. A genius is always a creative person. Even if you field and topic is scientific, it doesn't hurt to have a taste for art, music and literature. Music and paintings are some great ways to have a creative mind. Be creative!

Make an Inspirational figure It can be you or a great person.

If you want to do some great work in any field, you need a milestone and a inspirational figure can be one way to get it. Getting a inspiration isn't hard.
Your figure can be anyone dead or alive, anyone who you know personally or not and many more. You can even take people out of your field as your inspirational figure.
For example, I take Leonardo Da Vinci as my inspirational figure even if I know no painting and sculpture. But he inspires me to be multitalented and a GENIUS.

Be Practical

Only studying and researching about the topic won't do. You should step out of the crowd and do it in real world.
Practical experiments will give you more knowledge and make you talented in your field. You should try your theories, ideas into real circumstances. You should be more creative with your own ideas. Make new theories yourself.
For example, if you are interested in body languages and psychology, get out into a place with a lot of people and observe them. Write your own reports and study them.

When will I know if I am a genius?

Yes truly, you work for a long time to become a genius (It is not your true purpose) but when will you know that you became one.
The answer is when one will call you. You have to go social. Visit seminars, meetings, online forums, social networks and show your talent. Let people what talent you have. Welcome critics. Know your flaws and strength. Do some work. Publish some articles online (or lens) or offlline in a newspaper. Don't be shy or afraid or critiques. If you have some problems going social with your work, choose a pen name, like ME!.
I would call you a genius if :

    • You are truly talent.

    • If you have written a (or two) good rated and liked lens or article about your topic yourself.

    • You have a website or a blog about your topic which can dazzle you.

    • Some (10?) people solemnly call you a genius.

    • A or more genius adult calls you a genius.

Can you match my criteria? I need a little more time to match them myself!


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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Great tips on how to be a genius. A very interesting and informative hub.