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How To Keep Yourself From Being Infected By Parasites

Updated on March 28, 2010

How To Keep Yourself From Being Infected By Parasites

I have traveled throughout the world over the years. There was a time, when I did not know how prevalent parasites and pathogens are throughout the world. These living organisms, have been thriving since the beginning of time, and I'm afraid, they will be here long after we all are gone.

I find parasites and pathogens, to be very disgusting at best. I even believe that man in the not so distant future, will create some sort of plague from a pathogen, virus or even a killer parasite, that will wipe human beings off this world.

We can never underestimate these living organisms, if anything, we should be learning as much as we need to, so that these things can be eradicated off of this world. I often shudder thinking. What would parasites or pathogens look like or thrive on other worlds? IT is a scary thought, because if you think that the earth is the only place in the entire universe, where parasites exits, then you are in denial, when it comes down to whether parasites or pathogens exists on other worlds.

Here’s an interesting stat. There are as many parasites in our world, than there are people in the world. That is an amazing statistic at best. Parasites and pathogens are the most disgusting organisms in our world. I believe in the world, there normally is a place for every living organism, but I fail to see where parasites, pathogens, and even some various forms of bacteria are necessary in the world.

Parasites can contribute to the demise of millions of human lives, as well as animals in our ecosystem. I have this very strange feeling that humans will never win the battle against parasites and pathogens.if man does not destroy this world, yet even if man is successful in destroying one another, parasites, and pathogens will continue to thrive in the world, despite our absence or our presence in this world.

Well, how do we protect ourselves against these parasites? Here are some tips or advice you can use:

Never drink tainted water or food

Always wash your hands, before and after you use the restroom, or after you may handled any type of raw meats or vegetables

Drink bottled water, when you are not in a country that has safe water to drink

Never eat uncooked seafood, such as fish, crabs, poultry, exotic game, etc.

**NOTE - When you travel to countries abroad, no which animals you are consuming, carry parasites always consult the natives or health professionals before you consume any raw meats

Use insect repellent when you travel to tropical areas

When in wooded or areas with heavy or thick vegetation, where sleeves at dusk, and avoid being bitten by flies, or mosquitoes

Good Grief, verify that you have been immunized, and verify that ALL of your shots are current.

Do not eat vegetables that have not been thoroughly washed, that includes lettuce, spinach leaves, etc….

Before you start your travels abroad, get a a pre and post op physical/medical examination.

There are also herbal cleansers you can take, to rid yourself of parasites, that may attack your stomach and intestines.

By all means, have a great time, when you travel abroad, but be very conscious of the fact that parasites exist, and that if certain precautions are not taken, you could become a host to parasites, if you do not take certain precautions.


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