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How To Kill Flies

Updated on October 22, 2011

Proper cleanliness and maintenance are essential to get rid of flies. No doubt it’s the most irritating thing to have flies in home or somewhere you live.  Luckily there are several methods through which you can easily kill the flies and clean your atmosphere. Before we get into the detail of how to kill the flies it is better to talk about some preventive measures. It is much more important to not allow the flies in your home or offices then killing them. Definitely once they enter you have to kill them. So there are lot techniques which you can use to prevent flies entering into the homes.

First of all, never leave food uncovered. It is the common problem that when we eat something we just leave everything as it is for a long time. This is actually the invitation to flies that come over there and have dinner. This is completely untidy; just clean your mess at the point. After eating also check if there is anything on the floor then does clean that, else you will find the whole team of flies landing on it.

Garbage is the most critical thing which surely increases the amount of flies. So do remove your garbage daily or at least don’t let it overnight in the kitchen. It not only creates flies but also it’s harmful for your health. Now let’s discuss how we can kill those flies that are already in our homes.

Bug Spray

The most easy and simple method to kill the flies is to use bug spray. This will ultimately kill all the flies in your home however; if you do the spray just outside of your home then in turn they can’t get into your home. So that’s the better way of killing them as in home bug spray would be harmful for you and the entire family. If really need to spray then get the kids out of that particular place where you want to spray.

Fly Sticking Stripes

Another simple technique to kill those irritating flies is to hang a fly sticking stripes. These stripes can be hanged anywhere, but it is better to hang them where the flies get into your home like, porches, garages. Try to hang then in covered area. You can also get Venus fly traps, for areas where flies are usually there. As these traps are perfect to catching flies, when flies land close to the trap it will surly grab many of them. 

Light Traps

The best feature of these light traps is they are simply maintainable these stripes work best during the nighttime. These are highly suggested to kill the flies especially for indoor. They work better in small parts as compare to large places such as a big lawn or porches. This is specially designed with the ultra violate lights so that it emits it and then flies attracted towards this light traps.

You need to be cautious when you placing this light trap, hang it in the area of your home where there are so many flies. Never hang this light traps close to the open areas such as, windows and doors. Just like the sticking stripes it also have a sticky trap which catches all the flies will not allow them to fly again. It is advisable to hang or stick light traps near the dustbins, kitchens, rooms, offices or anywhere indoor where you find lot of flies.


Areas where the flies are always there are the perfect places to choose for flies killing. Manure piles, dustbins and waste boxed are the areas which are mostly filled with flies. You need to be a bit tricky at this point, like take a jam bottle which is used but some of the jam is still there. Then add little water into it and then on the cover of the jar stab few hole with the help of sharp knife. Set a trap in that area where the flies are mostly landing, and place that jar also. The jar will attract the flies and then trap will stick those flies. The flies fly within the jar trying to find the jam, and as they are within they cannot stay on the water and want to go out the jar.

Killing the flies is very essential for hygienically. So do not overlook this important issue and use these methods to kill them, before it creates more troubles.


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