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How To Enjoy Your Job

Updated on February 24, 2015

Congratulations! You Have Computer Skills!

I started my first job at the age of 10 and immediately learned about perks. In a position I'd like to call "Inexperienced Childcare" (one I wouldn't recommend to parents), they included kitchens full of goodies (with the exception of one who was on a starvation diet and only stocked baby food and iceberg lettuce), as well as magazines, mine and theirs, as well as the inherent pocket money. The children liked me because I let them stay up and do their thing while I read "Seventeen". The parents always asked me back because I left their kitchens sparkly clean, a result of my Virgo alignment.

My Brilliant Careers

In the second semester of my freshman year at Boston University, I worked in the kitchen and on the serving line of the cafeteria at theTowers, the dorm where I reigned. I met every single person on Bay State Road, truly an asset to my social life. Then, after I transferred to the University of Texas in Austin, I helped "Mad Dog and Beans" (I won't tell you what decade that was) expand from a tiny diner to the place with a terrace to see and be seen. In my senior year, I worked mornings as an assistant in the education department of Seton Medical Center, where I helped to develop a "Traveling Medicine Show," a vaudeville-inspired display on wheels that teaching nurses toured the through the hospital to share patient education materials and advice. I was asked to stay past graudation as a media specialist. I received two paid internships concurrently during the summer before my senior year, one at KLRN (PBS) where I worked as a PA on shows such as "Austin City Limits", and another as a research assistant annotating a bibliography on Liberation Theology at the Latin American Collection. I received an A+ in my final project, a feature-length film screenplay entitled, "They Were Alright" as well as an A in a graduate-level philosophy seminar on Jewish Mysticism. I graduated With Honors in Radio-TV-Film.

How I've Succeeded through Creativity and Fluent Spanish

Right after graudation I backpacked through Europe for six weeks and returned to the states to attend my closest friend's wedding in New York. I decided to visit a number of employment agencies while I was there (crashing, by the way, at a cousin's house), and was quickly hired as an administrative assistant in the creative department of a huge, global advertising agency, Benton & Bowles, now DMB&B. I stood out by using my fluent Spanish to develop creative concepts for the Latino market. I have enjoyed a successful career in major agencies as well as freelancing, and worked in New York for over 15 years. I moved to Miami as the creative director of the Miami office of Bates Worldwide where we won numerous awards.

I now work independently, I am well-known in the field of U.S. Latino advertising and have numerous general market and international projects as well. I love what I do and work for important clients.

Be Well-Informed

Be up on technological and marketing stories and trends. Read your local papers and The New York Times. Know what's going on in pop culture. Listen to National Public Radio on the way to work. That's way, when your boss steps on the elevator with you, you'll never have to fill the ride with chatter about the weather or worse, say nothing, and then spend the rest of the day calling yourself lame...

Build Teams

Get your people on a network, like Facebook. Collect for the United Way. Throw dinners. Get a bunch of your colleagues to meet at art shows, football games, whatever works best.

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Maybe Even Better than Enjoying, Making a Difference


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    • Guru-C profile image

      Cory Zacharia 10 years ago

      Hi, Hedgeek! Thank you so much for your comments. Sometimes the enjoyment comes at the end of the day, with the sense of satisfaction of everything accomplished.

    • hedgeek profile image

      hedgeek 10 years ago from Low Earth Orbit

      I totally agree that you have to find the joy in what you are doing.  Although many would say work is meant to be toil, I disagree and find that if you find something that you want to do (i.e. something you would be doing if you weren't working) and strive to make your passion your career the toil will be totally worthwhile.  I realize that it's not always possible and even the perfect job has ups and downs, but if you look, your perfect job is out there.