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Inhale the Fine grass to cause disorder, paranoia

Updated on March 26, 2016

Inhale the Fine grass to cause disorder, paranoia

Grass America is viewed as the kind of "synthetic drugs" recent Vietnam. Drugs are spreading among young people, caused immeasurable consequences for the healthof users.

Reporters had meetings with Colonel Pham Van Eel, Deputy Director of the criminalinvestigation police Directorate on drugs (Ministry of public security), on measures to prevent drug.
The threat of massive
Sir, the crime situation regarding grass America last time in Vietnam like?
Colonel Pham Van Eels: the situation of drug-related crimes General in General in Vietnam are extremely complex evolutions, including offences related to grass (scientific name retrieved as XLR-11). Grass America appear in Vietnam last year 2014 beginning in 2015. Previously, when the American Lawn has not been banned, the foray into Vietnam very fast, a spoiled young parts used and for that the American lawn is not a drug and is not addictive.
Trade and transport status of grass in Vietnam is also very complex, difficult to manage. In the past, public safety a number of provinces and cities have detained a large number of grass. From October 1-2, Decree 126/2015 on 9-12-2015 of the Government issued additional categories of drugs and precursors have put grass in this category. As such, any sale, conveyance, unauthorized possession of grass will be banned.
The consequences of using the American lawn is what, Sir?
The American lawn is a drug highly addictive and toxic, not inferior than other synthetic drugs. The consequences of the American lawn is extremely formidable, the grass in America strong impact up the nervous system of the user. If used for long periods, the grass of America caused signs of disorder, hallucinations, agitation, nervousness, anxiety, paranoia, extreme ideological easy actions cause harm to themselvesand others what not to use drugs. Even users are also acts of violence and violations of other criminal offences.
The alarming thing is the American grass weave on a lot on the youth cause an inhalation fever grass. Although the inspection authorities in the American Lawn containing addictive substances, not few people still use the concept that it is just a kind ofnormal tobacco to "entertainers".
Criminal processing
From 1-2-2016, the American lawn is located in the official directory of drugs and precursors. The object of the sale, transportation, possession and use of grass will be handled?
As I said above, before the threat of American grass for the community, the Government has issued Decree 126/2015 this supplement to directory of drugs and precursors. According to this Decree, storing, transport behaviours, unauthorized purchasesAmerican grass would handle criminal acts such as storing, transporting, buying and selling cannabis, by this is drug crime. However, at present the assessment to determine the percentage of drugs in American grass also are more difficult, because thisis a new drug, so the processing of criminal stuck.
In the coming time, the criminal investigation police Directorate on drugs will makethe recommendation to fight crime with this drug?
Before investigating police agency will coordinate with the examiners conduct inspections. If the minor is not yet processed by the image they must treated with real administrative strictly to have deterrent effects, education. The Bureau instructed the local measures to prevent this new drugs into Vietnam.
However, no solution would be more effective than to promote education for the young generation. Need to make parents and students, the students grasp the knowledge of these types of drugs, especially synthetic drugs is increasingly turning to General and weave on the present life. How do the children understand that the American lawn is a massive threat of the society.


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