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Hub J. Does Money Buy Happiness? Also, Mood Foods, and Krav Maga Abs workout

Updated on July 7, 2010

Section 1 of 3. Does money buy Happiness?

According to recent studies in happiness research, about $60,000 buys a good chunk of happiness. Beyond that, money has diminishing returns. At 60,000 plus adjustments for extra members of the household, one generally is safe from poverty and the kind of money worries that significantly affect health and social power. Researchers tend to point to this kind of information to say that money does not buy happiness which simply shows that the researchers tend to come from privileged backgrounds and have overlooked the fact that few people in the world make over $60,000 a year. So our verdict, when it comes to paper chasing, as far as happiness goes, one might expend the kind of energy as will ensure a stable $60,000 plus a year and afterwards look to other ways to increase happiness.

In Oxycontinworld, we regularly engage in happiness interventions, practices clinically proven to raise mood and increase happiness. Today, I’m going to tell you about one of my favorite happiness intervention. It’s called, 3 good things. You simply look at your day and list 3 things that went well or that you expect to go well and their causes. Here’s my 3 for today. Try this yourself, even leave your 3 good things in the comments section!

1. I got plenty of sleep because my girlfriend and I ate well, got a massage and were very relaxed at the end of the day.

2. My daughter looks very cute because I did her hair and dressed her.

3. I get paid today and I’m going to get a delicious Cobb salad and a refreshing drink because I figured out a way to make money and be home with my kids.

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Section 2 of 3. Food and Mood.

Food is very psychoactive.  Brain chemicals and structures that are responsible for mood from neuron connections made from fat to serotonin synthesized from tryptophan, food has a powerful affect on our mood.  So, how should this effect be harnessed to bring about the most enjoyment of food and mood-boosting effects?

1.       Don’t overdo it.  Taking in a lot of fat and sugar will lead to a transient mood boost but will cause health problems such as cardiovascular disease and blood sugar problems that interfere with brain processes and significantly lower mood.   Using food to get high also decreases total brain dopamine in a way similar to the way getting high off drugs decreases brain dopamine.

2.       Eat healthy fats.   Omega 3 oils such as fish oils have been shown to boost mood and overall health.

3.       Keep your blood sugar balanced.  Stable blood sugar levels significantly improve mood as low blood sugar can cause anxiety, panic, and depression.  High blood sugar will cause impaired concentration and brain fuzz as well as damage to the brain.  Choose lots of fibrous fruits and vegetables and lean protein to keep your blood sugar balanced.

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Section 3 of 3. Krav Maga Abs and Legs. Exercise 8, Front kick to the groin

This exercise is used to quickly disable an attacker who is approaching directly.  Simply take a defense stance and kick the extended leg straight upward.  This exercise works the lower abs.  Perform 20 reps with each leg.  Click below for a demonstration.

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    • profile image

      Krav Maga Melbourne 

      8 years ago

      We love how you use Krav Maga clips for exercise workouts! Just great!!


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