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Human Brain & It’s Mystified Possibilities

Updated on December 31, 2015

Introduction: Human brain which is actually a physical organ composed of the blood and flesh, performs different functions like thinking, registering of the different facts and the figures, reproducing of all the registered facts and figures, feelings, etc. All these functions are physical in nature and that is why any thought or any emotion in our brain lives as a physical entity. With the help of a very powerful microscope, it will be physically possible to see the emotion or thoughts which are embedded in our brain cell.

As it is evident now that our brain is a physical organ, so it can also be understood that it is vulnerable to damage through different physical substances such as tobacco, alcohol or various mind-altering drugs. Our brain can also be harmed due to anxiety, poor nourishment, and tension, absence of the mental and physical exercises or the different toxic substances. But our brain has the remarkable competency to sustain and that is why it can be protected from all these physical abuses. Power of the human brain can also be enhanced with the help of different biochemical and physical approaches. For instance by adopting some techniques or methods it can be possible to substantially change the poor memory into an excellent one.

Different noticeable features of the human brain are described below:

1. Electricity-Powered and Electricity-Generated Organ: Our brain incorporates 100 billion neurons and each neuron in itself is a computer, as they are capable of producing and transmitting electrical impulses. Since each of the neuron is connected with thousands of the other neurons and each of them simultaneously send and receive different electrical impulses to and from thousands of other neurons, any signal from one neuron can swiftly reach and electrically alter the millions of other neurons. All of these millions of neurons are unique and they display slightly different response patterns from the others. That is why our brain is an unimaginably complex electrical network which has billions of electromagnetic impulses moving in all the different directions every second.

2. Plasticity: Different studies have proved human brain's awesome plasticity. Brain has the stunning ability to continually reinvent itself and that is why any damage caused to the brain will not be everlasting. Our brain can efficiently grow new cells and hence more thinking power can be effectively obtained out of all the different existing cells. Whenever biological environment will be favorable new cells will grow and it is also possible to accelerate the working of the brain just by improving the existing brain cells. Basically all the brain cells have different branches or dendrites that reach out and make connections with the other brain cells and then our thoughts travel through these connections. Working of the brain goes better with the increase in the number of connections. Human brain can effectively change its structure, sprout more dendrites, increase its neuronal connectivity and grow more synapses.

3. A Mystical Entity: In spite of the various studies on the human brain, much about it still remains a mystery and even today no one can confidently say with complete authority how our memory is formed. Our brain is a mysterious and almost unmapped orbit, that is why despite so many technological advances and discoveries that human beings have successfully made, brain is still a mystifying and cryptic entity. Human brain is the most complex of most of the organs and yet the most powerful amongst all too. Due to its cryptic existence so many questions regarding the human brain are still left unanswered or unsolved. Most of the time we underestimate the power of the human brain as we are not aware of the many potentials and capabilities that it can efficiently do. Different functions of human brain are not completely understood and even with the latest technical advancements in laser technology and different miracles of microchips, our brain mostly remains a mysterious organ. Psychologists & Neuroscientists are still debating about the variety of roles played by heredity and environment for the evolution of human intelligence.

4. Unlimited Potential: Our brain is an incredibly intricate entity in the universe and even the technically most advanced computer in the world cannot have the information processing ability and storage capacity of the human brain. Even the world's most geniuses have utilized only a fraction of their brain capacity. Basically everyone uses his or her brain but no one has utilized the full potential of human brain.

5. Ability of Recall: Actually the temporal lobe of human brain stores the long-term memory and if any electrode is placed on this lobe then anyone can easily recall his past experiences with the perfect accuracy. So if you think that you have a poor memory then you can definitely improve the potential of your brain and hence can develop a sharp memory.

Conclusion: In so many stories or incidents we get to know about the lucky few who are blessed with supernatural memory or extraordinary intellectual abilities or there are some individuals who are born with superior intellectual abilities. But all such stories do not tell you that the rest of the human population cannot develop or awaken such sorts of brain potential, as such stories pave the paths through which one can understand the uncharted realms of human brain. Basically such superior brain powers are not dependent on one's brain structure or inherited intellect or any thing else but it can be attained by learning the techniques of converting the unlimited potential and capabilities of human brain from dormancy to the awakening and stimulation.

© 2015 Shivendra Tiwari


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