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Human Extinction Has Began

Updated on December 2, 2015

Human Extinction

We are slowly killing ourselves and our planet without even knowing it. We are burning non renewable resources such as coal, gas, and oil for our energy needs. China for example has a very high pollution rate. The pollution is so bad that they cannot see the sun because of the smog. There have been reports of finding chemicals in Polar Bears in the Antarctic having chemicals in their bodies when they are nowhere around humans or chemical use. We are unaware that our actions have consequences. Think about this for second: we spray our lawns with chemicals, we then water our gardens or grass, the water run off gets drained into the water drain in the ground, then it flows into the lake or ocean (which ever is your run off system in your city), our fish swim around in that water, birds eat the fish and migrate all over, then the kicker-when it starts to rain, where do you think the water comes from? That's right. The ground, oceans, lakes, etc. If we pollute one thing, it all gets polluted. I am not some big environmental advocate by any means. I am simply a person trying to get people to understand how our actions have consequences for us and other species.

5 Human Impacts on the Environment: Crash Course Ecology

Greenhouse Effect

Greenhouse Effect

Greenhouse Effect is the heating up of our atmosphere when the Sun's radiation passes through the atmosphere and is absorbed by earth and is given off as long wavelength of radiation that is absorbed by atmospheric gases such as Carbon Dioxide and water vapor. This has been changing rapidly since the start of the Industrial Revolution. We are rapidly ripping down trees and not replacing them, making thousands of species extinct by killing them off, burning fossil fuels, and so much more. We keep using fossil fuels hoping that they will not run out. Well guess what? They are running out and quickly.

About two thousand years ago there were around 300 million people on earth. in the early 1800s there was around one billion people on earth. Today there are over seven billion people alive. Each year our human race population increase about 70 to 80 million each year. Those numbers are surprising to me. We are damaging our earth and we are leaving the mess for the next guy. We have access to Renewable resources for our electric needs. They are wind power, solar panels, electric cars, water power, all natural products for outdoor and indoor use, etc. If we all plant a garden and a tree that would mean that there would be 70 billion new trees. 70 billion gardens producing fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc. If we all help clean up, we will have a better planet for the future generations.

Our Future Generations

Future Generations


Should we make laws banishing the use of non-renewable resources?

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    • Jewels profile image


      3 years ago from Australia

      A good place to place your energy is to withdraw your money from the corporate gluttony, scrutinize your pantry today!

    • HollyMae419 profile imageAUTHOR

      Holly Zattau 

      3 years ago from Toledo,Ohio

      I very much agree. I do not understand how we can go from one planet to another just to ruin it. The time is now to fix these issues. We are quickly overpopulating this planet and we are killing ourselves if we do not stop this.

    • Jewels profile image


      3 years ago from Australia

      We are slowly polluting the planet to an extent that she will kick us off. I'm not so much fearful of the planet itself dying, but that the human species will not survive. The planet is a living breathing organism. She will create earthquakes and tidal waves, flood landmasses and split mountains in the process of healing herself of the human fleas infesting her.

      The US government has just sent a bill to the president for the rights to mine asteroids and planets in our solar system. I cannot for the life of me understand how this can be allowed when the track record of humans for looking after our planet is so abysmal. May the aliens take mercy on our stupidity and blast congress with their ray guns!


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