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Human Giants

Updated on May 16, 2012
___ From North America to South America Native American Lore Speaks of Giants ___                           Artwork by Ernist Nelson
___ From North America to South America Native American Lore Speaks of Giants ___ Artwork by Ernist Nelson

Walking in the footsteps of giants

For most people their first giant encounter was most likely with David and Goliath, Jack and the Beanstalk, or some other bedtime story. For me it was different.

When I was very small, not yet five, I lay on my grandmother's lap late on a Saturday night watching Creature Features, hosted by Bob Wilkins. I grew up in Nevada. We received much of the California broadcasting. There was no cable in those days. The movie we were watching had a giant in it. My grandmother commented that my great grandfather was a giant. I asked if she meant my grandpa with the one hand. I thought she meant him because he was six and a half feet tall. She said, “No, that is your grandfather. I'm talking about your great grandfather, he was much bigger.”

I am told that my great grandfather was seven feet tall or more and could grab people by their head with one hand his finger tips resting on their eyebrows his palm on the base of their skull, he would guide them as he pleased. My mother reports that his ears were between six and seven inches from top to bottom. I was told how he had a horse that was six feet high at the back and he could be seen over the saddle from the shoulders up. That's a big man.

The interesting thing is, through my life from grade school to adulthood, I have met with different people who could not believe the story of my great grandfather's size. From polite people who I could feel thought I was telling tall tales, (Pun intended.) to people who flat out called me a liar or an idiot. This compelled me to do a lot of giant research in my teens.

Red-Haired Giants of Nevada

Growing up in Nevada I had heard stories of the Sitecah from the Paiute Indians that lived in the area. They told of red-haired men and women of light colored skin as tall as 12 feet who originally lived in the area when the Paiutes had first arrived. Evidently these human giants liked to eat the Indians so they had problems making friends. The Indian tribes of the area finally joined and ambushed the giants killing most of them on the spot. The remaining giants took refuge in a cave. The Indians demanded they come out and fight but the giants refused. So, the Indians piled brush into the cave and set it on fire. Any giants that did run out were shot with arrows, the remaining giants were asphyxiated.

In the 1800s this cave was known as Horseshoe Cave but is now called Lovelock Cave. Lovelock cave is located around 20 miles South of Lovelock Nevada.

Lovelock Cave Giant Jaw Comparison
Lovelock Cave Giant Jaw Comparison

In 1911 bat guano harvesters started working in this same cave. After digging out four feet of guano they found many broken arrows that the Indians had fired into the cave as well as other interesting artifacts, and yes, they found red-haired giants. Even in the shrunken mummified condition the skeletons ranged in height from 8 feet to just under 12 feet. I did an internet search on this subject and found that the reported heights are very different from what I am stating here. (Internet says 6.5 feet to 8 feet.) My account is from what I was told growing up in Nevada. I will leave it up to you to decide on the heights based on the photo of one of the cave giant's jawbone and dental cast of a regular man's teeth. Most of the artifacts have been lost over time due to lack of interest from science. Go figure. However some of the artifacts are in the Humboldt Museum at Winnemucca Nevada and in the Nevada State Historical Society's museum at Reno.

The Review-Miner June 19, 1931 Reported the find of two giant skeletons in the Humboldt lake bed. Both skeletons were wrapped in a gum treated fabric. The first skeleton was 8 and one half feet tall, the second was just under 10 feet tall.

In 1877 prospectors outside of Eureka Nevada found a human leg broken off four inches above the kneecap including the foot. This leg was found sticking out of solid red quartzite rock dating from the time of the dinosaurs. After using their picks to extract their find from the rock they took it to Eureka. Medical doctors examined the bones and stated that it did indeed belong to a human of very modern appearance. The interesting part was the size of the bones. They measured from heel to knee 39 inches. The owner would have stood over 12 feet tall. The area was searched for more remains but nothing else was found. This story was heavily published in the newspapers of the time.

Olowalu Maui Hawaii Petroglyphs
Olowalu Maui Hawaii Petroglyphs

Red-Haired Giants of Hawaii

For over 20 years now I have been living in the islands of Hawaii. Only a few years after I had first moved here I again heard about red-haired giants. Two giant 10 and 12 foot red-haired skeletons were found in a lava cave in a canyon behind Olowalu Hawaii. I drove out to Olowalu to see what I could find out. After making my way off the main road onto the old road. I turned up the canyon in which I had been told the research was happening. After a little exploring I found some excellent though strange petroglyphs on the side of a rock out cropping. I was just able to take a few pictures before a white SUV drove up with a man and a woman in it. The woman was driving. The woman told me that I would have to leave the area. After talking with her for a few minutes she admitted that Red-haired skeletons had been found and that they were much larger than they should be. She would not tell me any exact measurements. She did say that they did not want to upset the Hawaiians with their discoveries. The man never spoke even when I greeted him.

It should be noted that although there is the spirit of Pele that is the Goddess of fire believed to live in the volcano. Pele started out as a physical Pele that traveled the islands. She is described as extremely tall with fiery red hair, fair skin, great strength, incredible beauty, veracious sexual appetite and a deadly temper. It is mentioned that Pele's father is the man-eater Ku-waha-ilo who dwells in the far off heavens. Pele traveled the islands of Hawaii digging underground tunnels in an effort to find a spot that she could dig deep caves that did not flood with water so she could make a safe home for her family.

Several days after meeting the man and woman in the SUV, I went back at night. More than anything I wanted to see exactly where the discovery was. This time I took a sugar cane road in from another direction. I four wheeled it in so that I would be on the ridge above the canyon on top of the rock outcropping with the petroglyphs. I was not there very long before headlights came on below me and started working their way to me. I knew I could be gone before they could get to me but I figured I just as well go meet them. It turned out to be a local guy who was hired as security to guard the site. He told me that Yes, two giants were found. A man and a woman, the big one was easily 12 feet. He did not like staying all night in the canyon it gave him the willies. I kept him company for a while and he told me where the cave was. Not that it mattered they covered it completely when they were done. Even now the area where I had driven my truck on the ridge to look into the canyon is a housing development.

Close but no cigar. Now, as interesting as the Hawaiian part of my story is the giant's size is not first-hand and there is no evidence. So, it does not really count as proof of a race of giants.

Giants in Peru

Recently I took a trip to Peru and guess what jumped out at me in some of the museums I visited there? Yes, it was giants. In Peru they are not whisked away like they are in the USA. (It should be noted that there have been hundreds of giant discoveries in the USA that have been either ignored or taken into custody by the Smithsonian never to be seen again.) The Incas actually had kings that were giants and had red and blond hair. In the Gold Museum in Lima you can still see the clothing and head of an Incan king who stood an easy 10 feet tall. His golden robe is 8 feet long and did not touch the ground when he wore it. His gold gloves are twice as long as my hands. His dried and mummified head is easily twice the size of mine and I'm not a little person. There are two giants and their belongings in the Gold Museum in Lima Peru. Everywhere you go in Peru there are giant skulls and skeletons. Many of the skulls are not normal looking either, and they are not all thousands of years old. In most cases we are talking hundreds of years.

Peru Egypt Comparison
Peru Egypt Comparison

I think it is interesting to compare the Peruvian skulls to the Egyptian busts especially when you think they both built massive structures of stone that we can't explain. Does it prove anything? No, just interesting.

Ica Museum Skulls Peru
Ica Museum Skulls Peru

Now, before you start yelling about head binding and Indian cradle boards. You should know that head binding and cradle boarding can change the shape of a skull but it cannot change the capacity of a skull. The skulls shown above and to the right have from two to two and a half times the brain capacity of a normal skull. Sort of like an ounce of clay. You can mash it around all you want but it will never be two ounces of clay.

National Geographic Photo From the 1920s
National Geographic Photo From the 1920s

I have tried to keep this within the realm of my own experiences. There is so much more to this. Like the 64 pound sledgehammer found in a 3500 year old copper mine near the town of Llandudno in North Wales. Giant axes unearthed in Iran, Giant swords, etc.You could read for weeks on the subject of giants and if your mind is anything like mine enjoy every minute of it. I would suggest googeling Solomon Island giants, red haired giants, Arizona giants, California giants, Ohio giants, Peruvian giants.

I could go on forever about giants but the fact is Science says that races of giant humans do not exist and never have.

I sure wish they would stop leaving their stuff lying around.

Yes, I know my grandmother should not have let a 5 year old watch creature features.

Mt Blanco Fossil Museum Giant Femur
Mt Blanco Fossil Museum Giant Femur
National Geographic Photo from the 1920s
National Geographic Photo from the 1920s

Standing Tall in the Land of Genghis Khan

Roy Chapman Andrews took this photograph of 7 foot five inch man in 1922 in Ulaanbaatar. The photograph was never published in the magazine.


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    • profile image

      Isaac 2 months ago

      Hi,the ancient Asebu Kingdom which was the first Fante chiefdom to sign a treaty with the Dutch Republic in 1612 was also situated in this District. This treaty allowed the Dutch to establish Fort Nassau at Moree, a village in the Asebu Kingdom.

      Incredible things about Asebu Amenfi the giant you probably don't know

      He was originally from Egypt

      Asebu Amenfi was a warlord from Egypt. Oral history says Asebu Amenfi fled Egypt after his men drowned when they were chasing the children of Israel. Because of that he could not return to the Pharaoh so he gathered his family and left. They went across Lake Chad, through Nigeria and finally settled in the southern part of Ghana.

      His brother became the first chief fisherman

      Farnyi Kwegya, Asebu Amenfi’s brother became the first chief fisherman when they arrived at their destination which was a coastal town.

      Asebu Amenfi had an insatiable appetite

      Asebu Amenfi was so huge that he couldn’t contain his appetite. It was said that he carried around a structure on his head where his sister, Amenfiwaa cooked corn for him. Amenfi could consume an overwhelming amount of corn in a single day.

      Incredible things about Asebu Amenfi the giant you probably don't know

      He left his handprints on a rock

      The Giant of Asebu was believed to have incredible strength and power and left his handprints on rocks which he barely touched. These prints still exist today and serve as a sacred heritage site. His staff which he used for his various conquests also exists today and serves as a heritage object which accounts for his might. Yes indeed ginat once exited.

    • profile image

      Victor 7 months ago

      Hi Gary . I read the story about the red haired Giants and heard if other Giants too . Yet the comments you made about how the " church believers " were somewhat stunned when told the Earth was round instead of a flat earth ? Sorry, many church fathers plus the famous Aristotle reported and stayed the Earth was spherical long before the " men of science " mentioned it . The flat earth concept could have been misrepresented the actual plateaus of the Earth since most of the " earth " land is flat = plateaus . Further more science has failed to prove the Earth is moving 30 miles per second " around " the Sun ( no matter what the distances between both Earth and sun or Sun And Earth are exact same so they fool gullible people ) . The measurements given were exactly 0 to 4 miles per second - Max 10 miles - so Einstein became famous when he saved science from saying the Earth must or is standing still but calling the readings NIL factor since 0 to 4 is closer to 0 than 30 they needed ! BUT the number 4 or 10 even 0 reading is not NIL as something was measured . Einstein and his cronies wouldn't get away with it if Aristotle or Tycho Brahe were alive to refute them that the Church is correct to say the Earth is standing still . Even Einstein or Darwin as the latter admitted that everyone is a schoolboy next to Aristotle . All the best to you .

    • profile image

      Willie bourke 12 months ago

      Thank you for your fainting article ,I've read about this before ,mainly about the way they came to earth ,The giants were the children of the angels cast out of heaven ,that interred with humans , A great article and your grandma was right to tell you about your great great grandad ,Because if she didn't ,we would all be deprived of your knowledge ,You keep doing what your doing. ,your to good to give it up

    • profile image

      Mamadolly 12 months ago

      Wow, so you are a living descendant from giants. Should we be worried? he he Found your article both informative and awesome. Only thing is- where did your great-grandfather find a horse both tall and strong enough for him? Do you know the breed of the horse? Were you all over nine pounds at birth or just regular size? Is there any link between being 10 lbs and over at birth to being very very tall as an adult. The reason I ask this is because a male friend of mine comes from a family of small stature but robust and barrel-chested. His father was 5', 3", his mother was under 5". All the kids were from 16lbs 14lbs, 12lbs and he was the lightest at 10 and a half. The boys are all 5'3". I was astonished. How is it that short people can have such big babies?

    • profile image

      Ruth 3 years ago

      Giants are well documented in the bible, perhaps you have heard the story of David and Goliath.

    • profile image

      Matt1225 3 years ago

      I enjoyed reading your article. The information you have given so far is extremely fascinating, and I look forward to getting my hands on your book. Keep up the hard work.

    • Garry Nelson profile image

      Garry Nelson 3 years ago from Hawaii

      Eli, the Giants and Indian image was created just for this article. It had never been shown anywhere before that.

    • profile image

      Dan1 3 years ago

      Wow! Just wow, so many theories and things to think about, Garry i hope i can buy your book soon, I'll email you once I've digested this information a bit more. Is there some way i can contact Dr knight? or some of the Native Americans who have posted on this forum? Or the dude who went to the Solomon islands, . - canopy theory, I'll be googling that.

      Giants in the Romanian special forces, & 8 U.S soldiers being eaten by an afghan giant. ... Even though im researching giant's, that stuff made my eyebrows twitch.

      Its taken me all morning to read through the 6 years of posts on this topic. Like alot of people i intended to skim read,but it was great to read, especially since you've been on site, in Hawaii and elsewhere its also great to see that you are reserving the stuff which is harder to grasp. Thankyou!

    • profile image

      eli ripply 3 years ago

      "Hey Gary ", where did you find that poster of the North American Indian facing down the three Giants. I'd sure like to Have one of my own.

    • profile image

      Mary Whispering Wind 3 years ago

      Just found this article saying DNA tests prove giant skulls are not human.

    • profile image

      Mary Whispering Wind 4 years ago

      Huge (Giant) Mysterious Megaliths on Mountain Shoriya (Kemerov region, Russia) have puzzled both scientists and ordinary men. The wall of rectangular stones piled up on top of each other is already being called the “Russian Stonehenge”.

    • profile image

      will 4 years ago

      my old man was about 6 foot

      i had blonde hair as a small kid but average height

      well my gift is sort of being able to see things from

      multiple angle's perspective's and possibility's

      so let me say if you could gather enough evidence to make a argument

      that this should be accepted as something that needs to be explained historically

      i would like to propose two possibility's that might satisfy a reasonable explanation and in finality

      propose a little experiment right at the end.

      first id like to point out the following then make a proposal

      a lot of the descriptions correspond to Neanderthal man

      with the exception of height ,

      it is believed that neanderthals were primarily in europe and some genetic make up of them is in modern humans. spread all over

      their traits are suspected to be

      (red hair) short but a lot of muscular mass bulky , fast growth rate as children , large slanted back - for head, often found in caves used as dwellings, intelligent (but not as prone to use tools), possibly hunted by hand. all of which are traits to some degree in modern man these days so then ...

      if you put this into the context of what do you get

      at some ancient time when the first homo sapiens ran into pure neanderthals and what were there offspring like the first of these

      should we now propose that

      a very long time ago modern humans started to encounter neanderthals and all sorts of interactions occurred from time to time at the border areas were each group inhabited warfare and sex

      if the offspring had say fast growth rates on the neanderthal side of the genes and prolonged growth on the human side

      could you get giants from this if we were to say maybe then

      we can propose two situations

      that are quite interesting from this thought right off the bat


      both sides would want those people as on their side as this is obviously a advantage to have such a big guy on your side

      in a society a smart guy sees the value in having such a person as a leader , as long as they didn't eat them ,

      for a group of humans who used tools imagine the spear this guy could throw at your enemy's

      if both neanderthals and modern humans were of a similar height and only a different build, both sides would want giants on there team

      but more so the modern humans and much more would they fit in a tooled up culture


      on the neanderthal side such children would be raised by them and act as they acted

      neanderthals are speculated to have less relied on tools and more on thier own physical attributes to hunt and this would not bode well for a guy trying to catch a deer being 8 foot or more tall in a forest

      we could probably speculate

      what happens when any man is starving or outcast especially a 9 foot guy someone he runs into

      this could have developed into small groups of tribes of these giants hunting the neanderthals for food. maybe that's why they were found in caves a lot well...

      whatever the reason we might say that most of these guy ended up on the modern humans side but

      these types of giants would be more modern man then neanderthal

      so with such a difference from either you would have two subspecies

      of giant one a more neanderthal culture and one more a modern human culture.

      now when the modern humans pushed out the neanderthals

      these giants that were more neanderthal in groups would not

      be facing the same types when they attacked ,

      now you have a bad situation for them

      facing guys with bows arrows spears and there own giants

      over 10 k years ago the water levels were far lower and sailing and moving would have probably been much easier

      i suppose we could imagine giants that were largely neanderthal as fitting these legends of the Nevada Indians and else were

      the proverbial ogre under the bridge or the cave troll

      either way by now that dna is so diluted

      but once in a while it should still be a little more dominate

      in some family's then others or certain aspects of it

      Per the experiment.

      the best advice as per the proof of the pudding is to find some really tall anthropologists or archeologists and get them on your side to propose this be considered seriously for you :)

    • Garry Nelson profile image

      Garry Nelson 4 years ago from Hawaii

      Che, that is very interesting information. Thank you for sharing.

    • profile image

      Che Joubert 4 years ago

      I'd like to propose that it's not only exceptionally tall people who might qualify for being included in the giant category. My family on both sides is taller than average going back several generations. No men shorter than 6', and most women 5'7" or more, with only 1 women shorter, around 5' 5" This doesn't sound like much, but it is interesting to me that there are simply no short people in my family at all. Recently I got my DNA tested, and found that I, who am 5' 9" (female) and my brother who is 6'3", have all genes for 'short', in categories where genes influenced height. This was interesting. Also, our DNA is almost entirely based in the far north of Europe - Doggerland - where before the flood 8000 years ago, Britain was not an island, and was considered the center of the continental culture. This is the area in which giants were renowned, and in which the Noah flood story was born. Noah, in many of the myths, as you may know, was a giant - one of the 'good giants' who according to myth, was allowed to survive although the 'bad' giants were drowned or driven away. So it occurred to me that very likely the 'giants' or very tall people of that area were allowed to stay there with average height people if they were short giants - that is short enough to 'pass.' Indeed the lore about giants from that area is that although the men tended to be 7' or more, the females were often much shorter, so that some of the giant women were no more than 6', and very beautiful. Then I remembered that my mother had told me as a child, that in their group men were taught to be careful to marry only women up to about 5' 8". This was strange to me because the information didn't have the character of fear of disapproval or anything, and the corollary information was that it was considered quite unacceptable for a woman to marry anyone short. In light of this I don't think the idea was to bring female height down to average, but to make sure it did not exceed a height that would bely the giant origin. My female cousin by my mother's sister, whose husband was 6' 2" is actually 5' 10". I did not marry a tall man - my husband is 5' 11", so now I have 3 daughters all in that spectrum of 5' 8" to 5' 9", but even so, all of them have those specific genes for 'short.'

      Then, to top it off, 23andMe has taken to branding a small part of the genome that appears in mainly Europeans and never in Africans 'Neanderthal,' because it is so archaic. One of my daughters scores at the top of this group, with 3.3% archaic genes, which is unusual and relatively rare in Homo Sapiens. I have 2.9% of those same genes, and score at the 84th percentile, while she scores at the 99th percentile. I've quarreled with 23andMe over this because though a fun idea, it's not really reasonable to accept the idea that Neanderthals interbred with Homo Sapiens. That they dreamed up the Neanderthal connection so hastily even tends to support my feeling that they've entered into the 'cover up' project to conceal the idea that there were many subgroups of humans until a few thousand years ago, especially the giant group of the far north. Trust me - science does not support 23andMe's interpretation of these archaic genes as deriving from Neanderthals, and there is no reason for me not to consider my own theory as just as plausible.

    • profile image

      Happi 4 years ago

      Hi Gary- I thoroughly enjoyed your article. I grew up hearing about a cave in South Texas known locally as Giant's cave. According to family members there were the skulls of giants in the cave. Unfortunately I was told that the last time someone was in the cave (more than 20 years ago) the skulls were gone. Thought you would be interested in the South Texas angle though.

    • profile image

      Linda 4 years ago

      Hi Gary - what a thought provoking article! I'm wondering if there is any evidence you've heard of from the Yukon (Canada). The reason I ask is that I know there have been fossils of prehistoric animals, but in the 20 odd years I've been living here, I haven't heard any First Nations' tales of giants. I have heard of 'little people' though.

    • profile image

      UnforeZefrory 4 years ago

      It’s really a cool and useful piece of information. I’m happy that you simply shared this useful info with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.


    • profile image

      Gary Carter 4 years ago

      Did a search for giants in Hawaii and found this very interesting discussion. I just returned from Maui where a native Hawaiian told me of the giants that were found, hence my search. Wish I had known before I left.

    • profile image

      Bill 4 years ago

      I have often wondered if my family came from such giants? I should say I'm a fairly tall man but only 6'1 but when I'm around my family I am considered short even the girl cousins are all near or above my height! I should add that I have blondish Red hair (facial hair is red) the reason I even think of this is as a young man I had a 5'10 girlfriend who had large feet like a sz 11 she was blown away by how much bigger my toes were than hers then a few yrs later my 6'4 roomate who wore a size and a half bigger shoe than me also said something about how huge my toes were compared to his. now its not so much the length (although quite long) but the just everyone used to say I must have come from a race of giants I reserched it a bit and my grandmother was 6 foot! now that doesn't see that big today but she died in the mid 40's I think the average ht for women was barely over 5 foot back then? I'm guessing but I think she was more likely 6'2 she was truly a giantess in her day

    • profile image

      mcgfnvvcjd 4 years ago

      Thanks for discussing the following superb subject matter on your web site. I ran into it on google. I am going to check back again once you post additional aricles.

    • profile image

      Lee 4 years ago

      What an amazing story! My grandmother told me stories about exceptionally tall family members who had red hair, she remembered them visiting when she was a little girl. They had a very strict diet, ate no sugar, and some other things I can't remember now. It's funny to note that all my cousins from that side of the family are light skinned with reddish hair and are over 6 feet tall (even the girls).

    • profile image

      Angel 4 years ago

      Gary amazing post! Thanks for all your hard work. I also read and enjoyed all the comments. I anxiously await your book!

    • profile image

      Emma 4 years ago


      I just read your interesting text above. I have no idea if you still read comments from this site but I have to tell you, I just bought two books from the recent book sale here in Sweden and if you have not read them I think you should. I recommend that you read them in this order: First "Angelology" by Danielle Trusson and then "The Maya Testiment" by Steve Alten. I will continue to google this, I find it extremely fascinating! Kind regards, Emma

    • profile image

      Mike Jones 4 years ago

      Loved this! thank you, is there any stories in the Oregon area that I can go investigate??

    • profile image

      mguy977 5 years ago

      gary, this was probably the most well composed piece on giants i have read. if you have more info like you say, could you send it to me somehow? im not sure why but ive never been more interested in anything more than giants. i NEED to know everything. excellent work getting this info together and telling your own accounts by the way.

    • profile image

      Alison Dormaar 5 years ago

      Hi there Garry, I fully endorse everything on this hub. Humanity goes back millions of years, not just the nice, neat, convenient 10,000 years science likes to work with when it comes to recognised civilisation. I just thought you may like to know that there is a fully recognised race, the Kurgans, who lived in the Caucasus/Russia region from about 5000 BC to around late Roman times. These people were among the original true Europeans, or Caucasians, but Russian scientists who found their surprisingly intricate burial mounds have found evidence to show that these people were often red haired as well as fair skinned and (men anyway) exceeded 7-8 feet in height. There is a strong theory that since the Kurgans were superb horsemen and were nomadic, they may have crossed the northern land bridge into North America around 3000-2000 BC. They were (unfortunately) also known to have been of an extremely warlike and vicious nature, and one can only imagine the absolute terror and mayhem these oversized bully boys would have caused among the much smaller native tribes of the Americas with their arrival. There is every likelihood that some of their genetic size legacy may still be floating around today, like in the case of your great grandfather. Also, Magellan reported encountering a huge race of native people in Patagonia when he charted the southernmost tip of South America, and I believe that his accounts were verified by many explorers who followed in his footsteps. And what about the Watusi tribe of Africa, who often exceed seven feet in height? There is heaps of evidence to support the face that races of giant people have, and do, exist.

    • profile image

      N3rReich 5 years ago

      I just saw this clip from an old Discovery show correlating your account with the Lovelock, NV story.

    • profile image

      Unknown 5 years ago

      Check out giants in Basque Country, Spain.

    • ZipperConstantine profile image

      Zipper 5 years ago from United States

      Thank you for telling this story. I was aware of the giant bones being discovered in the US and kept hidden by the government. Why, who knows a lot of things are kept from us. But anyway, thank you for educating people. The responses are very good so it was well worth your effort to share your knowledge. There will always be skeptics no matter how much proof you give them so don't let them upset you.

    • profile image

      ashley of mauritius 5 years ago

      is this realy true i just want to know

    • profile image

      quinn 5 years ago

      i anm 6'6" i wonder if I am related to the fallen angels also who bred with men before the flood too. I am white but my hair is not red I wonder if my genes are related to them.

    • profile image

      postman 5 years ago

      Great post Garry! A couple of years back it set me off on my own investigative journey to find out more. Following are just a few book recommendations to dispel anyone's mistaken belief that it isn't possible for the government, institutions of science, etc. to hide such evidence...

      "Treason in America" by Anton Chaitkin (Its the history of the U.S. they didn't teach us in school. It helps to explain why the Smithsonian hides this sort of evidence.)

      "Forbidden Archeology" by Michael Cremo (You might want to read his follow-up volume, "Forbidden Archeology's Impact" where Cremo answers his critics.)

      "Worlds in Collision" and "Earth in Upheaval" by Immanuel Velikovsky (and I highly recommend "Carl Sagan and Immanuel Velikovsky" by Charles Ginenthal for a good defense of Velikovsky's works. There was a reason why the scientific community came down so hard on Velikovsky, but unknown to most, Dr. V wasn't the first to shake the halls of science with his message. Clarence King of the USGS did the same thing by delivering a paper in 1877 on the same topic before an audience of the Sheffield Scientific School at Yale. See my timeline for details.)

      -- the postman (

    • profile image

      Potawatomi13 5 years ago

      Well Garry I'm a Christian and understand very well the validity of Creation science. When we had a week long series of lessons covering it taught by a recognized geologist one of the things he talked about was the existence of giants. I also believe the giants mentioned in the Bible actually were giants. All of this is very interesting(fascinating) and I would love to personally see these remains, tools and other proof of their existence. Thank you.

    • profile image

      Jasmine 5 years ago

      Well, plenty of satan spawn alive ,and walking the earth ! Annunaki demon seed mix to destroy Adams line , Christ will be correct ,and deporting all the serpent seeds from the galaxy to lake of fire.

    • profile image

      ryan 5 years ago

      this is cool

    • profile image

      mike 5 years ago

      hey gary just wanted to say i believe the red hair white giants are true and that on my dads said his mom my grandmother had red hair and was 6'8 and her dad my great grandfather had red hair and he was 7'3 till the day he passed and from what my grandma and my great grandfather and other relatives have told me about my great grandfather was he was as strong as an ox when he was at his prime and my grandma was on her highschool wrestling team and took many places yes i have photos of both my grandmother is still alive

    • profile image

      Goliath 5 years ago

      Great article !

      I am no giant, only 6'7'' with short and straight black hair, but I have always been interested in true giants. My much older brother, reddish-brown hair, at 6'9'' has told me stories heard from our great grandmother (5'2'' black foot Indian) of her husband being well over 7 foot and having red hair and pale skin. He was described as highly intelligent and very physically fit late into life.

      Time is a terrible way of making things disappear … especially the truth.

    • profile image

      kevin 5 years ago

      Giants conflict with nefilm in the bible so would the Vatican do anything to cover up the finding of giants. Have a look at the black sun that has IHS in it that belongs to the Vatican Jesuit order and the Smithsonian logo. The Smithsonian is controlled by the catholic church. If you are a scientist or someone very interested in science and the true facts, this is very depressing.

    • profile image

      k joy 5 years ago

      Gary I suggest you read Battle for the Kingdom of Men

    • profile image

      ROMEO 5 years ago

      from what ive been reading here its nice to to know that i am not alone

    • profile image

      kevin 5 years ago

      People who have gigantism from medical problems need to live in the darker blue areas or areas of less gravity on a gravity map. We see in these people the problems caused by the gravity of today on larger humans. It also proves a point and that is that the earth's gravity would have been less at an earlier time.

    • profile image

      Redwolf 5 years ago

      My grand father told me of a man he had met when he was over seas.

      he said he was at least 7 foot tall, and his wife was just as tall. Its good to hear tales of this type.

    • N3rdReich profile image

      N3rdReich 5 years ago

      Gary, I don't even know how I started searching on Giants but I found your hub and couldn't stop at the end of the article - good stuff! Even your responses are fun and interesting. Guess I'm on a Giant research quest now!

      I went to the Gold Museum in Lima in 2009, but I sure don't recall any giant skeletal remains. I digress, can't wait to hear of your further "Giant" quests!

    • profile image

      One eye monster giant 5 years ago

      well i don't know about you guys but I'm a giant, see my name! btw im going to check out that gold museum in Lim Peru on Friday hoping to see them. Are there any other places or museums you recommend checking out in Lima or in Peru?

    • lionheart_88 profile image

      lionheart_88 5 years ago from Lemoore, CA.

      I recently discovered this phenomena over the weekend. I just happened to be traveling through Winnemucca Nevada the next day so I decided to stop by the Humboldt Museum; the place where the picture of the giant jawbone compared with the cast of the regular sized jawbone was supposed to have been taken. I found the display for the Lovelock cave artifacts but nothing about giants. I asked the curator about the giants but she told me it was all a hoax. She admitted that she had skeletal remains there, but wasn't willing to show them to anyone. She said it was out of respect for possible descendants of the people whom the remains once were; that the descendants might not like their great, great grandfather on display at a museum.

      Regardless of this experience, what is to be made of all of the legends, the people who saw the remains before they were pulled from display, or the news articles when the remains were alleged to have been found? All of the evidence presents questions that demand answers.

    • profile image

      Giant of all kinds 5 years ago

      If you read a little on creation science, you will find that at one point there are fossils of many giant creatures. For example, there were giant dragon flies with huge wing spans that simply would not be able to fly in today's atmosphere. Some of the dinosaurs had nostrils that were no bigger than a horse's, which means they would not be able to breathe and get enough air in today's atmosphere. There is a scientist in Japan who great a tomoato plant in an artificial environment of filtered light (little or no UV radiation) and at a high pressure. He grew several tons of tomatos from one plant and the whole plant was huge! If you believe in giants, people might think you are crazy. Get used to it! I believe in the God of the bible and creationism. People think I am crazy. Getting back to science, the most reasonable explanation seems to be that before the floods, there was a whole lot of water vapour in the atmosphere and the atmosphere was thicker, something like on the plant Venus, but not so toxic. When the flood occured, the atmosphere collapsed, all the water condensed and we were left with a thinner, less protective atmosphere. You can research it yourself.

      You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!

    • profile image

      Lahna 5 years ago

      I stayed up all night reading this hub and the Comments. I'm sold on it, I have always wanted to know how the world began, how many years has it really been around, and why everything used to be gigantic, dinosaurs,insects, fish, fauna etc. So why would the evolution chain place us as small beings during such huge times. The ocean has always scared me because it's still full of huge scary beasts, and it's currently impossible to get down to the furtherest depths, who knows what lurks there, honestly I don't want to know, if they wake Cthulhu or something up I'll be pissed off..

      But I never thought that apart from gigantism that the original race might still be alive, that I don't have a lot of faith in, all the other huge species have died out after all. But if they are out there, and still cannibalistic then perhaps the government has a deal with them for the general publics safety... I don't know, I can't wait for your book! I wish I was a billionaire to help research such an interesting subject!

    • profile image

      Kevin Hoggett 5 years ago

      I explain this in my book that I am revising to include more information to make it more correct. Then I will send it to a publisher, When I find one that will publish it. Humans will continue to get smaller and earth because of this,earth has a lifespan for humans. We need to find other habitable planets.

    • profile image

      John Sparacio 5 years ago

      Great article I had a dream the other night about a red haired hairy man then came across your article. I have been researching the Nephilim and this seems to corroborate the biblical story. Thanks for your investigation.

    • profile image

      Teresa 5 years ago

      RE Brewster's comment above, which said:

      "Brewster 2 years ago

      I am a Walker River Paiute from Nevada; I grew up hearing the stories of Red Haired Giants. Also the Paiutes from Schurz Nevada supposedly attacked and killed the Giants that lived in an area called the cliffs near Hawthorne Nevada. As a boy I went to Virginia City Nevada where they had a Giant on display in a glass case. I probably looked at the remains about 10 times over a 20 yr period. They said it came from Lovelock. NV. About 15 or so years ago I went back to Virginia City for another look, and the owner said the remains were taken away to be studied. I went to Virginia City a couple of weeks ago and every body I asked about it treated me like I was a fool."

      I would like to lend support to his comment. In the early 1980s I also went to visit Virginia City and in the museum area of one of the stores they had a giant skeleton on display. It looked complete to me, including hands and legs, etc. As I recall though, the sign said it was found in one of the mines around Virginia City..... which is 100 miles from Lovelock. And yes, 3 years ago I visited again and looked for the skeleton but it was gone!

    • profile image

      Danilo 5 years ago

      Great article. I enjoyed reading it.

      Never heard of giant stories in Brazil!

      Very interesting and leaves you wondering what in Nevada in going on!

    • profile image

      jimmyross777 5 years ago

      The actual amount of "printed material" from the early days of this country is rife with "finds" of larger than average people, some much larger. I had an great uncle, well known in these parts that was reputed to be seven feet six inches, a very poweful man as it is told.

    • profile image

      Apocalypse 5 years ago

      Update: I meant to add there were giants before (and after) the Flood. But, I think before the Flood, they got bigger for several reasons - ie, there was more oxygen in the atmosphere pre-flood (they have found fossilized tree sap with air bubbles in it. The air bubbles had a much richer oxygen than what we breathe now). Thanks.

    • profile image

      Apocalypse 5 years ago

      The 1611 KJV Bible is God's Word and it talks of giants before the Flood. There were big people in the world, folks. Great article. PS, repent and trust Christ today (John 3:3). Salute.

    • profile image

      RPea777 5 years ago

      Excellent article... the older the ancient sites, the bigger and greater the construction of those sites, the bigger and greater those people can be! Good luck with your traveling and discoveries... this world has many shadows wanting to conceal many things. Love the light you shine on this subject! (as well as the commenters!)

      Rich Pea

      Sacramento, CA

    • profile image

      Mac 5 years ago

      I wanted to add that for those of you who believe that angels mated with human women you would be wrong. Angels of God were not able to have sex and are not sexed. They are niether male or female. There are also theories that the Nephilim are an offspring of demonic angels and human women and that is why God brought forth a flood as a way of cleansing the earth of the unholy offspring. I do know there are reports of these Nephilim from all over the world and from A.D. till the fifties. People who believe that our Government wouldnt lie to us about this need to think again. There are some faked photos but I often think these are thoughtfully done so that all photos can be deemed as fake. Thanks for the article.

    • profile image

      shiuma 5 years ago

      yes i heard it IS true. i do not know how we shrank. but at some point humans, started shrinking. so humans were a whole lot bigger back than. my mom saw something strange on her trip to umra. she saw ibrahim's foot print makka near the gefulhu. it was biger than her! it was huge! seriously! so yes i believe this IS true.

    • profile image

      Drizzt 5 years ago

      I'm all open for the giant theory. I read the blog last night and all the comments. One thing I can't get my head round still, however, and has been highlighted above a few times, is why would science hide them? They have been outing scientific facts for a long time that contradict religions so why all of a sudden do they care about upsetting them? I know America is still a deeply religious country in most parts but from reading the comments above it sounds like giants are mentioned in the Bible and it would stand in their favour if anything. - even if they do pre-date the bible.

      Also, I can't see how it would damage the evolution theory? Modern humans - Homo (hehe) Sapiens - came from Africa but what’s to stop evolution creating another race that descended from the same creatures apes did but on a different continent? Or am I missing something?

      Finally, why would science hide it just to keep history the same? Isn't that part of what science is? Proposing theory’s and then finding the facts to back them up? It didn't stop them declaring that Pluto was not a real planet, think of all the text books that are now inappropriate!

      I'm still on board with the giant thing, I mean, why couldn't there have been a large race of humans as well as the other smaller ones, that's like cats telling their kittens that lions are lies!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Those of you citing the old testament may want to look into confirming evidence of a large race mentioned at length in the ancient writings of Sumer.

    • profile image

      Alice 5 years ago

      Nicely written article. Love the personal details that you shared. Thank you.

    • profile image

      Kathy 5 years ago

      Really enjoyed your Article! Absolutely love your writing style! So interesting!

    • profile image

      Gabbster 5 years ago

      so im making a book on interesting things. and i read this and honstly i luv reasearching about this.

    • profile image

      kevin 5 years ago

      most Europeans are from Neanderthal which were the giants. NASA states in an article online that the gravity of an object in space is dependant on it size and density. Therefore the greater the size of earth the more gravity it will have. If we look at the earths surface and look at what plants and animals came before us it tells us that all the clay is carbon from past life forms, sandy topsoils are clay with some silica mixed through. If we reduced the size of the earth by removing all the carbon, the gravity would be much less and we would still be giants. A presenter was explaining evolution on tv and she was next to a made up homo erectus which had a pronounced mouth area like many africans today. She had a pronounced nose area or centre of the face like neanderthal. I wonder why her face was red while telling us, she must have been sunburned. History is completely wrong and we get lied to 24/7. Atlantis existed and there was a flood.

    • profile image

      piper 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Candice 5 years ago


      Mt. Blanco museum is in Crosbyton, TX, right outside of Lubbock, and to the East (if I remember correctly).


      Great writing and what comments!

    • profile image

      BSW 5 years ago

      "For science giants mess up the idea of evolution. It also means the history books would be wrong, isolationism and much of what you have been taught is wrong."

      I'm not sure what you're syaing science contradicts here. If you're claiming that a race of ancient humans were once 15 ft tall, and somehow thrived.. maybe.. but beyond that it's just simply absurd. The principles of scaling, not to mention relative muscle/bone strength, prohibits 'giants' occuring in the natural world. Put another way, if anything human-like were the size of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, then nature & the laws of physics/mechanics would dictate it being built like a T. Rex.

      Therefore, claims of a 30'+ tall human are nothing more than a fraud perpetrated on the weak-minded.

    • profile image

      Aussie 5 years ago

      Wow so the story i heard years ago about 7 foot giant Australians could be true. A friend of my fathers ( now deceased ) that had a very large property in QLD told us of human remains that he had found in a cave. As they were in tact he was able to measure them. They were considerably larger than a normal skeleton. He took the location of the cave to the grave with him as he did not want to be involved with changing history.

    • profile image

      glitch627 5 years ago from Ohio

      Just came opun this and have always been fascinated with GIANTS among us!! Aside from basketball and other sports I know the Bible talks about Nephilim and some Baptists believe the end times are upon us now to where things are REALLY getting Biblical to remind us of Revelations. Now I don't know if all of this is true but with regards to the research here & what I've seen over the years myself,statistics revealing that we're getting taller & taller and our feet are getting bigger & bigger with each generation especially since the turn of the 20th century... I'll share my encounter and hope this helps. I was with a group of Bible-Thumping Baptist friends last summer going door to door for what they call visitations. We were just at the boarder of Ohio and Michigan when they decided to go off the beaten trail. We ventured into a small town (Not mentioning the name for obvious reasons) and broke up into 2 smaller groups. I was the odd man out as I am Methodist and the 7th "honorary" member of their team for that day. This worked out when I got board with door to door passing out Bible Tracts & decided to bow out gracefully as they were ULTRA,over the top happy about "saving" one person finally after what seemed an eternity but was only 2 hours into their "fun" Saturday all day Bible Bonanza. Don't mean to be too sarcastic but... Any way I stayed in the van and then decided to venture out on my own for a restroom as we'd just got lunch and they didn't consider the new guy being worthy of a potty break I guess. I remembered how I was warned that a certain house had a "giant" of an old lady who didn't take kindly to strangers and the story had a certain X-Files tone to it as they believed this woman and her entire family were possessed by the devil by how they slammed the door in their face the last time they paid a visit. My curiousity was peaked and I admit to having a thing for taller women any way so I went up to the door and knocked for myself. If I were turned away at least I'd see what these guys considered "giant" for a woman. Baptist are notorious for down playing women's roles and sticking so closely to the Bible they are near cult like,in my opinion,to shun woman from being what they are free to be in in our "free" society. After waiting a few moments there was a large shadow from inside the doors window and a "Who's there? If you're sellin' something, we're not interested." I need to sum thhis story up... Basically I did what the cowards in this group failed to do by showing respect to one of the TALLEST women I'd EVER met in life and was allowed in to "preach" the good book. This woman was HUGE! HUGE hands and feet,muscular but still feminine. My guess was she had to be at least 6'8". Shoe size was bigger than most men her height and certainly would be considered abnormal even for a woman this tall...

    • profile image

      glitch627 5 years ago

      In Michigan there lives a VERY TALL woman and her GIANT daughter I had the pleasure of meeting a few years back by accident. I think my story is worthy of your attention & proof that GIANTS do still exist... The Nephilim[pronunciation?] (plural) are the offspring of the "sons of God" and the "daughters of men" in Genesis 6:4, or giants who inhabit Canaan in Numbers 13:33. A similar word with different vowel-sounds is used in Ezekiel 32:27 to refer to dead Philistine warriors... I had been traveling door to door with a Baptist friend for a summer passing out Bible tracts when I decided to go alone on my own far out in the country. I wanted to get away from my friend and put the Bible "thumping" aside. Too many angry people were yelling & screaming at us for my comfort. Any way...This one particulare day I met a mother who was 6'10" and a giant of a daughter who was 7'3" by her mother's estimate.

    • profile image 5 years ago

      Very nice hub. May I suggest you go ahead & publish a volume? More info is always coming to light & I think you will have more than one volume, anyway. I have several Youtube vids that fit with this subject that you may find interesting. A first volume may help finance future research.

      Genetic research is ample reason to cover up evidence, for those wondering why. Developed nations have r&d capabilities, so they cover up what is found. They don't have to explain what they have if they deny its existence, nor account for what they do with it. The idea of creating super-soldiers is at least as old as Captain America (circa 1940s), who is proof that someone besides Hitler thought of it. Tom Horn discusses a view on Youtube that transhumanism (blending animal DNA w/ humans to improve human capabilities) is the current arms race among the nations. Antichrist is referred to in scripture as 'the beast', so semi-human supersoldiers may well play into prophecy. I think your time to write may be running out, Garry. History repeats itself. Thank you for pointing out that monsters & giants are connected.

      I want to share what I think I've learned about one more thing that seems to tie in with all this; the mark of the beast. The book of Enoch describes that 200 angels sired these beings, starting in the time of Jared, his father. They were later locked up deep in the earth for 70 generations (4900 years), until they would be released for a short time & be judged. 2 anointed witnesses would be sent to testify of Jesus Christ for the first half of a 7 year period, according to Revelation. Interestingly, Enoch is one of them! Here is my take on 666, which is simultaneously a plan for global domination & a vow to see it through:

      On the 6th day, man was created

      In the 6th generation, man was rewritten, improved

      In 6 years, the new mankind will replace the old

      on the Earth.

      No wonder Jesus said, "If the days were not shortened, no flesh would be saved." Come, Lord Jesus!

    • reagu profile image

      reagu 5 years ago from Los Angeles

      There is a documentary on this subject. The theory in that film is that these human giants are descendants of aliens mixing with human females. Today, we call them basketball / football players and WWE wrestlers.

    • profile image 5 years ago

      re: mention of Palau giants, has anyone ever considered the Easter Island stone figures, which are very large and had red stone "topknots" perhaps indicating red hair ?

    • profile image 5 years ago

      I just want to know how to follow you! AWESOME article/information on GIANTS! I live in TX. and want to visit that Mr.Blanco museum...when I find it.


    • Garry Nelson profile image

      Garry Nelson 5 years ago from Hawaii

      I have not written here in quite awhile. You should know that there have been many comments that I have not approved. Not because they were not amazing but because people have been sharing location of giant remains and ruins. So, if you have given me some good info but it has not shown up here it is not because you have been ignored. Some of you I have already contacted, some I will. Some give info but no way to contact. Again, write to if you want to contact me directly. This is the best way if you have something important.

      I am saving this valuable info for my book. The book is coming along slowly as I don't want to rehash rumors and old Internet info, I want to go to these locations myself and view these things myself, and it costs amazing amounts of money to travel the planet to gather this info. I write fast and the information is plentiful, but getting to the locations is costly and sometimes dangerous. Some sites are in war zones, and I realistically do not know if the financial reward of the book will be worth the investment. That could be why others have not already tackled this interesting field.

      I guess if there is a philanthropist out there who would like to finance the research without trying to control the discoveries I would sure like to hear from you.

      Also, even if you have nothing to offer but encouragement, I do appreciate it, and I do read every single comment even if I don't always respond.

      Thank you,

      Garry Nelson

    • profile image

      jerry k. 5 years ago

      thanks, ive been reading some of bill vieiras work also and myself very intrsted in the true history of mankind, its very refreshing to read and learn new prespestives without prejudices,im a advid outdoorsman and a believer in lots of unfounded or dismissed history for fear of change. thanks again

    • profile image

      Jim Raggens 5 years ago

      Fantastic hub. Recently I decided to do a Google search on GIANTS - spearte from a gneral population view and one looking at from a Native American view.

      The reason of interest revolves around a discovery I made back about 40-45 years ago in a overhanging shelter (that had appeared to be somewhat filled in) in a wooded canyon in southern Wisconsin. In that "cave" their were paintings on the ceiling. For many years my younger brother and I played in the open cavern and never really paid much attention - assuming others had seen these before as the location must not far off the main town gravel road (keep in mind this is a farming district in which cattle most likely havd been pastured in it. However looking back cattle may never have entered it becuae no grasses and lots of tumble rock.

      Anyhow we had an agreement never to tell anyone except out parents. Many years later my drunken brother spilt the beans. Finally a profsor in one of the local town colleges came out to investigate. At first he did not think a whole lot but it bugged him. So he got a specialist from Canada to come in and review. After doing some testing they found out they were real and that they were estimated between 1400-2000 BC - just amazing. SO now they setup yearly excavations and found many things - the usual pottery, man-made soils, misc. artifacts, fire pits, animal bones (prehistorice - as in food stuffs)and finally a sandstone head. I believe most what was found (not living in area and never seeing items first hand) was very real as the surrounding 20 plus miles havs lots of Native American culture including mound builders. As for this sandstone head, it looks ancient but it is sand and crude - being just that it could be a plant as well.(I have no knowledge of any carbon dating on it. The prof and his coheart did publish a binder back I belive in 2001 - early into the excavation. However the excavation went on another 5-6 years. What was found was never told. They were limited if I recall correctly going down approx. 4-5 feet when they hit solid rock. By testing various points within this 20' x 50' shelter - it appears the roof had fallen in at one time. Now whether they broke through this rock or not I have no idea. By their research as published this shelter did appear to be some sort of cerimonial or meeting of the tribes place.

      THe intersting thing goes back to these paintings. Based upon similar drawings elsewhere in this nation, they refer to giants and the sun and a chain linking tthe two. The hair color was red-dish or rather burnt ornage. Even some of the animals depicted were larger then life. But there some normal size beings too on the wall. Now whether they were from different time periods I have no idea - again this professor kept a lot to himself.

      But per Native American knowledge for the type of Indian that appeared hear, they talked about doing battle with giants and perhaps at this location. WHat would be interesting if giants themselves drew these paintings. If so then the depth of the excavation to that rock scheild would be around 8-10' to the ceiling. It would also be interesting if they continued to excavate under the rock shield. Perhaps they di and what they found is something they don't want others to know about. THe thing is this piece of private property is now a part of the historical preservation area. What was really bad is thatit got publized before people got laws enforced because some jerkheads decided to come in with battery-powered miter saws and tried to cut out the paintings - damaging several for ever. This is a very unique hidden canyon with cliff rocks like no other in area. I strongly believe there is a lot of hidden history in the canyon. It is a very hard place to excavate.

      Again on these giants they appear to perhaps be the same that were located in Missouri years back.

      Another interesting point. Reading a recent article in one of my treasure hunting mags, it talked about the Whitchita Mountain area of sw Oklahoma and how things changed over the years as far as the refuge goes and the military expansion there as well. They pretty much shut down the metal detection part - perhaps for fear of finding buried ammo dumps. Supposedly you can still hike through certain areas and take some pictures - but not pictures of carvings or paintings. Now was this to preserve what is there or is it to preserve what could be an ancient civilization of Giants? There are a lot of ifs for that area government does not want people to know about. Be ware it is heavily garded.

      So that's my 2 cents/ Keep it coming in folks.

    • profile image

      Robert 5 years ago

      I really injoyed reading your article about giants.It is really sad when discoveries are made and not shown to the people.They need to open a new museum they can call it the museum of forbidden archaeology.Then people can come and see evidence for thenselves.

    • profile image

      Joe 5 years ago

      With such larger brain capacities then modern day human you'd think they should have survived and thrived more successful than we do.

      Awesome article. I just wonder what happened and why the American Government covers everything up.

    • profile image

      Tracer 5 years ago

      The ancient Irish have stories of giants. Even today if I meet someone from Ireland they comment must be from the giants. There were fossilized giant remains found in ireland brought to London. I dont know what became of them.

    • profile image

      Juan 5 years ago

      Very interesting article!

    • profile image

      MJ 5 years ago

      Great article. I believe that there were giants in those days. Religion I believe accepts the existence of giants, since it was mentioned in the bible, especially in the book of Enoch. Science hides and denies it because it will destroy their greatest weapon against the existence of God. I just wish that scientists would be more honest, I thought they only want the truth? Doesn't seem like it.

    • profile image

      Jarred 5 years ago

      Very interesting and a unique perspective on the subject. I'll be in touch. Thank you for writing it.

    • profile image

      Dave Mowers 5 years ago

      Thanks Gary your site is why the internet is so cool I love it.

    • profile image

      SilentRunning 5 years ago

      I haven't read all the posts yet but was excited to stumble across this hub. During the 1990’s I got involved in 10 year project cataloging books in what is called the Coxe Home locally. The Coxe family has an amazing history. Starting with Daniel Coxe, a physician to the court of King Charles II of England, and later to that of Queen Anne on through the history of America they continued to stand right next to or behind important people in history books, right up to today. ( ) Sometime during those years we came across a book that I think had to do with archaeological expeditions. We generally only took a quick glance through the books to establish the condition for the catalog sheet. The only part of the book that stuck with me after the years was a short section dealing with Eckley B. Coxe, Jr. He’s really not a Jr. but this was probably added to distinguish him from his coal baron uncle, Eckley B. Coxe. Anyway, he was an archaeologist ( ) ( ) who conducted and financed many expeditions. According to the book he discovered a large human skeleton and I believe they listed the size as 12 cubits long. At the time I didn’t know how long a cubit was. About the time the cataloging project was done I heard a radio program talking about the Nephilim. I probably wouldn’t have paid much attention to the show except for that book. I have searched the area of the library where I thought the book should be located and the catalog data base and have been unable to find it. The most likely reason would be that we only saved and cataloged books up to and including 1926. The cut off was the date of the death of the owner of the house and any books after that date would not have been considered her books. There may be other possibilities for the missing book but I won’t speculate on that. I believe everything found in the expeditions was given to The University of Pennsylvania. I have searched their website for info and done dozens of Google searches but haven’t found anything to verify what I saw in that book. I even considered emailing them but I feared their reaction. I guess it’s kind of like the X-Files…The answer is out there. Thanks for letting me share my story.

    • profile image

      gabby 5 years ago

      ther is someone that was 9 feet tall and died whan he was 21.I Learnd this last week and i'm onley 8/ and in 3rd grade.haaaaaaaaaaaaapppppppppyyy ESTER

    • profile image

      sasha 5 years ago

      9GAG brought me here

    • profile image

      tionQues 5 years ago

      Hawaii you sure that's pic's ,looks like a fossile of a certain kind of fis and crab

    • profile image

      lance 5 years ago

      what i find interesting about this is that we have the evidence of the red giants ,but if you were tell someone about it they would think your crazy because it is so hidden to the puplic,however everyone has herd of bigfoot butt there is no evidence only sightings,maybe what they r seing is red giants,there is evidence that thare is writing on stones found all over america that dates back before the indians have arived in america the writing is related to the nightstemplers.

    • profile image

      loveralxandergirl36578 5 years ago

      god shall kill angles and therefore we have found them on earth with us the angles could have disobeyed god so he killed them long time ago and now we have found them it is hard to explain but that could be what have happened for more information call trinidad number

      381 65 48 .

    • profile image

      BENNY 5 years ago

      I like your article but how old did the bible claim the earth was, because i never knew the bible had a age limit.

    • profile image

      Alice 5 years ago

      Thank you for your knowledge

    • louromano profile image

      louromano 6 years ago

      I too believe in giants I am not against religion or science obviously the 2 seem related about the same things.I think its good to keep an open mind, The truth is no one knows for sure and cover ups seem to be a big factor when it comes to something out of the ordinary, maybe we all will know the truth one day. very enjoyable and interesting to read.

    • Phyllis Doyle profile image

      Phyllis Doyle Burns 6 years ago from High desert of Nevada.

      Hi Garry. This is a very interesting hub filled with amazing information. I was researching for a Native American legend of the giant Grandmothers and came across your hub. I am so fascinated with this subject and I thank you for writing about the giants. Excellent work done and well-written.

    • profile image

      carie 6 years ago

      hi, i am from the philippines and I believe that this giants existed as my grand parents keep on talking about them and the evidences that could provide as a proof their presence long time ago. It says that their footprints can still be found in the mountains near our province but since its dangerous nobody has the guts go and see it.I have heard that human giants bones were excavated somewhere in our country but I am not sure where it is.thanks for a very educational facts. i have been reading the bible and been fascinated about nephilim and I was directed in your site. Good luck and hope to read and see more evidences to clear my mind from the theory of evolution.

    • profile image

      Mike LVNV 6 years ago

      In the Book of Enoch the writer tells of the "Grigori" and says they were 26' in height. As fallen angels on the earth they lived in the Mt. Seir region where the doorways of the buildings are 30' in height.

    • profile image

      Lee 6 years ago

      Thank you for your info on your Great Grandfather. It is interesting that so much of our past / ancient history is hidden from us or lost to doubt and disbelief. I too had a Grandfather who was not quite that large but a larger man than I. I cap 6' 4'.

      I also appreciate all the other info that agrees with other areas of study I have come across.

      thank you


    • profile image

      Adam 6 years ago

      Hey Garry,

      I will be in Maui with my fiancee for a honeymoon next January and I think I have convinced her that we should devote a little time to giant-hunting. I'd love a little more information on the giants of Hawaii and how I might track them down or more of their story. I've done a bit of research, but certainly use your help as you are the only person I know of who has actively gone searching and not just reposted rumors online. If you are still in the giants "business" let me know, and lets get in touch!

    • profile image

      Frank 6 years ago


      You didn't mention where you are from, or what place these bones were found at. That would be gold! Seems like any skeletal remains would need to be kept from government theft, perhaps moved into hiding, the caretakers thereof not divulging the location of the find to anyone, and not allowing anyone suspected of working with the government to see them. But take tons of pictures and publish them.

    • profile image

      Michael DeVido 6 years ago

      Actually science can prove the existence of such people, neanderthals in what is now known as Normandy, Greece, Italy, India, and Germany would often breed with cromagnon, the offspring would range from 6 feet to 15 feet in height, the muscle mass of these people would be like that of the saiyans', an alien warrior race from a popular japanese manga(comic book) series and cartoon called Dragonball Z. Scientists just don't talk about it because it would be considered pseudo-science and they would lose their credentials, being dubbed a "madman".

    • profile image

      Felix Dominguez 6 years ago


      Have you heared of Michael Tellinger ? I'm reading his book:Slaves species of god, and he mentions some about giants, I would be interested in your book also, so keep in touch, sincerely Felix