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Human Intellect - the mutating software?

Updated on July 14, 2012

Computer Assisted Rationality

How rational are your friends?
How rational are your friends? | Source

Thick as a brick ...

What have you learned recently?

After reading a lot of hubs and trying to understand the reason for some of the comments readers are posting, I get the impression, the basic skill of formulation a rational thought is not as widely applied as maybe desirable.

Take the issue of religious thought for example. I find the following suggestions highly faulty in their basic assumptions:

1 - Science and Atheism are simply other forms of religion

The argument often rests on the misunderstanding of the word faith and doesn't go much beyond the real question of the more significant aspect of the structure of thought and the differences in value some ideas represent.

Faith as used in religious arguments to justify ones belief in an object which has so far not been shown to exist in nature, such as a god or a soul, can be said to have a very low probability of ever being found to be real - maybe less than 1% - no matter how much faith religion may put on their existence. It will most likely never amount to 50% for or against such a notion.

Any Atheist or Agnostic can therefor feel justifiably on much more solid ground to doubt such supernatural creations and look at it as a product of the misguided human mind, than any religious follower using a faith based argument to oppose it.

The statement, science is just another religion is also often based on the suggestion of both requiring faith in order to justify ones belief in the respective end result.

While religions clearly require very little more than blind faith and an enormous amount of wishful hope to belief in such things as gods, a soul, the power of prayer, or the possibility for miracles, scientific research and discovery, on the other hand, requires a lot more specialized mental skills, solid educational training to apply appropriate reasoning and analytical thinking at a level, not even basically comprehended by most religious types who make these absurd statements

2 - The Universe and Nature was created by god

The reason for some god having to be the creator is often central to suggestions being advanced by Creationists and supporters of the Intelligent Design argument based on faith that only a god could possibly have had the ability to let the universe unfold before us in such remarkable vastness.

Believers of such faith based arguments have no problem believing in an almighty, omnipresent god while demonstrating a very limited understanding of the enormous natural potential contained in a more rational understanding of our given reality much better explained by more objective scientific explanations not based on wishful religious ideas.

It's not easy to see the difference in value between two abstract ideas, but here are some pointers as to where the greater value may be found and how to apply it in your own personal intellectual development:

  1. Why would you favor faith/belief over logic & reason?
  2. How do you formulate questions to invite intelligent replies which advance ideas?
  3. What kind of critical analysis have you applied recently?
  4. How do you advance scientific thought in your own daily life?
  5. Where do you draw a line between the ...
  • possible and impossible, and
  • rational and irrational

It would enjoy sharing some suggestions how to best apply ones cognitive capacity to develop a thought structure where learning how to advance ones intellect becomes the central tool to work with ones mental processes so as to strengthen ones ability to cope with reality better and advance human interaction into a more productive direction.

Positive thinking on it's own is not the answer. It runs into the limitations imposed by reality.

Please post your comments below ...

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  • starbright profile image

    Lucy Jones 

    3 years ago from Scandinavia

    Lots of food for thought here - very well written and thumbs up for your creativity. Continue to bring more food for thought to us - please.

  • f_hruz profile imageAUTHOR


    3 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Hi Bobby,

    thanks for your comments. I am glad you discovered this hub of mine. I have the feeling you are a budding agnostic. Let me ask you, and any other readers visiting this hub, to answer the following questions as truthfully as you can:

    a - Is it rational for super-natural objects/ideas to be put above nature?

    b - Why are their limits to reality which make miracles impossible?

    c - What is the real reason for me to wish for some god to exist?

    d - How would a more rational view of reality improve my life?

    To question a, it would be good if you could say why you feel one way or the other. Question d assumes you already see a dividing line between a rational, religion free, and the irrational, religion based, view of our world ... if you don't, please explain what stops you from excepting this division?

    Franto in Toronto

  • the rawspirit profile image

    Robert Morgan 

    3 years ago from Hutchinson Island, FL - Myrtle Beach, SC - Scottsdale AZ

    Oh... By the way you must visit with Catherine Giordano, she is a wonderful researcher, highly intellectual and avid Atheist. She trounces those of us who still hold on to a higher power. I have been waiting for some superstar higher power believer to take her on, but no one has really been able to refute her claims. I guess I still walk by faith and not by site, but I love to hear and read both sides. Blessings, Bobby

  • the rawspirit profile image

    Robert Morgan 

    3 years ago from Hutchinson Island, FL - Myrtle Beach, SC - Scottsdale AZ

    Hi, Your Hub calls for all of us to think about where we have come from, who we are, where we're going. Of course, this is what religionist and scientists have tried to answer drawing from their intellectual wells, confined upon within their knowledge bases. For me, it dosesn't matter, as each day brings new physical and spiritual insights, knowledge and understanding. The best part is they all quickly merge into the perfect intellectual meal that nourishes my mind, body and spirit for the day. Keeping me intellectually healthy and hungry for my next morning's breakfast. Very good work. I'm following you and will be reading more. Thank you, Bobby

  • f_hruz profile imageAUTHOR


    5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    The kind of research I would like to see massively funded, has to do with natural intelligence as found in all forms of life - not exclusively focused on humans.

    I would love to know what we can learn from other highly evolved animals like dolphins about such questions as being so hostile and abusive of nature when in fact it is our only real life support system and basis to conduct all our discoveries from .... and nature doesn't seam to require any gods at all!

    Franto in Toronto

  • Nell Rose profile image

    Nell Rose 

    5 years ago from England

    Hi, Yes I do totally agree with you that faith on its own is just a human trait, I love Quantum Physics, they fascinate me. I watch all the science programs etc and read the books. But the one thing I did notice was that after watching so many of them, scientists have studied on such a small scale the atoms and they do such strange things on a tiny level. I have the dvds Down the rabbit hole/what the bleep, and its fascinating stuff. Evidently 'prayer' and I say that lightly, more meditation, actually does change the atomic structure at the planck level, or even smaller. Theres one particular bit of the film where one scientist states : When princess diana died the computers that we set up to deal with (and bare with me no good at the technical stuff) the atomic tracker if you like, showed the height of emotion caused on an atomic level, when we studied 9/11, we were suprised to see that same level two days Before the actual event!

    So it does seem that some sort of intelligence, whether human thought or something on an atomic Universal level is definitely going on, I am still watching, so will decide what to think when I have finished! lol!

  • f_hruz profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    @ Godfrey - Thanks for your comments, but you don't seam to understand the limits to rationality or you would know by now that the heart only pumps blood through your body and hopefully enough into the human brain for us to know the difference in value between learning how to cope a lot better with reality and playing useless religious mind games.

    Sure there is imagination. A lot what comes out of it is based on uneducated, irrational, emotional impulse ... and religion is not much help in advancing human logic, reason or rationality by introducing non-existing gods into the equation ...

    I don't see your point here!

  • f_hruz profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    @ Apostacy - I'm glad you are doing well ... I wish you much success in your studies!

  • Godfrey McDonnell profile image

    Godfrey McDonnell 

    6 years ago from Kent UK

    Without imagination humanity would be extinct already.

    We are good at making other life forms go extinct for no good reason.

    Then again who's to say what,s good?

    The crazies (my view) who have and do go round mameing, murdering and torturing life do not usually admit that evil intent is/was their motivation. They usually have a good reason at least they think so even if we do not.

    If you check out Bill Bryson's "A short history of nearly everything" You will have to conclude that science is falable in the extreme.

    Imagine what the world would be like if culture never fostered the creative and responsible use of our unique abilities.

    Die hard archaic mysticisms is not all that faith has to feed it. Within our inherited intelectual garbage there is room for every individual to have faith. It's not by my faith in science that I know the sun will rise tomorow but by my faith in life itself.

    The meaning of life will not be discovered in particle accelerator rather in the hearts of men.

  • Apostacy profile image


    6 years ago from Near Toronto

    Absolutely. Most of my personal studies have actually been into the evolution of life on earth, particularly the plant kingdom's domination, very interesting stuff. I'm still on track for my physics degree at U of T, starting my program later this year. When I get some time I'm going to get more active on here, I'll be sure to read more of your hubs in the future!

  • f_hruz profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Thanks for posting a comment, Apostacy ...

    Have you had any more insights into why scientific research is such an important factor in refining and advancing our understanding of our intellectual progress?

    Scientific thought is a revolutionary process with enormous potential side effects, good or bad, like with nuclear energy, micro biology, etc.

  • Apostacy profile image


    6 years ago from Near Toronto

    Great words! Though it's been several months since I've logged on, I still remember a few of the comments you'd posted on my young and careless hubs! I'm glad to see you're still around, and still posting content that is relevant to my interests!

  • f_hruz profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Hi Godfrey,

    thanks for posting your comments. Where did you get this religious bend from?

    I'd like to know why you think that a wishful idea of something can have anything more than imaginary powers?

    Why would any rational person go around looking for a non-existing god they can trust when it is a lot more productive to refine ones intellect and make major discoveries of much more practical value than being lost in an unreal, make belief realm of absurd religious fiction?

    You can use your mental capacity to play religious mind games or you can start to sharpen your wits and notice the value of having a better grasp on what the limitations to sanity, rationality and a healthy, constructive ability of applied thought consists of ...

    Franto in Toronto

  • Godfrey McDonnell profile image

    Godfrey McDonnell 

    6 years ago from Kent UK

    Wishfull or faithfull thinking.

    Before humanity understood why the sun rose in the sky it was all they had.

    Before we can understand why God loves us all from on high and to understand what is going on on high. Think about what it is you would want creation to be most of all? Now imagine you have all that science and logic to do the job for the Earth and all life on it. As with so many questions common to humanity it is inconceivable that this one has not been pondered on and frustrated over for longer than any universal record shows. Spin and stop the wheel at any point in the history of our solar system and the same question arises.

    Who/whatever God is you have the answer when you find the God you can trust.

    That Men mame and blame each other and their gods for the sake of glory and righteousness is not the fault of God’s plan. It is just further testimony to our ability to over complicate and subjugate our mysteries into the realm of fantasies.

    Looking for God in science is a holly endeavour. But unlike our computer code the code for creation is probably not in binary or fluffiness but something seemingly beyond the realm of much human thought .

    Mythos and Logos make a single key but how many doors each of us needs to open with that key is another question. We are after all free to choose. Just the once if you are lucky.

    May I recommend some exercises in. ” The green room”. By F Scott- Peck. Author of “The road less travelled”

    Add Your Comment...

  • f_hruz profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Hi Borsia,

    thanks for your comments ... you are quite right. If our focus, as a species, were a better grasp of reality so we can deal with real-world questions a bit better, adding gods into the equation and praying to them for help in solving some of these questions, seams to me a total wast of time since it only takes us further away from even understanding reality and the questions living in the real world raises.

    Religiosity only has a highly retarding impact, and not much of any other benefits, as far as I can see.

  • Borsia profile image


    6 years ago from Currently, Philippines

    Hi f Hruz; Believers pretty much have to try and label atheism, science, evolution and other views as some sort of faith based religion in order to vilify them and to justify their own faith.

    If they aren't systems of faith, if no faith is required to accept their views and scientific conclusions then there is no way to compare them with faith based idols and come out looking like a logical group capable of any critical thinking.

    Of course there is nothing in these "beliefs" that in any way qualifies them as being faith based, let alone religions.

    The entirety of atheism is 3 words "no gods exist".

    Science is the eternal questioning of everything so far discovered. Rather than being intellectually frozen in time, as religions are, science is open to any and all new concepts so long as they can meet the threshold of scientific proofing.

    Evolution is nothing more than the result of scientific observation and open to any and all further observations. While the religious community fights tooth & nail to block any serious examination of their treasured relics that they claim support their religious beliefs.


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