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Human Nature and My Belief

Updated on February 21, 2013

My basic belief is that people are born naturally good. I believe heredity plays a role in who we are but not how we act. I believe environment and determinism can cause a reaction by individuals but that they have free will because we have conscious thoughts and the ability to distinguish between good and bad. There are people who accept fate as a way of life, allowing for no control of their destiny. I believe I am not one of these people. I alone have selected the behaviors that have determined my life. I believe my life would be very different right now if I did not use my abilities to make my life what it is. I believe people have individual rights. There are laws all people are asked to follow and Constitutional rights, which Americans abide by. For example, they have the right to express themselves in almost any form of communication. However, another person does not have the right to offend me. His/her rights end where my ethics and morality begin. I believe the welfare of society plays a role in creating obstacles that make it hard for people to determine a good life for themselves. The world has an abundance of resources. There is an interdependence of human beings around the globe. Our society should be one of greater equality and pure selflessness but instead we are Capitalists and there are people with more than they need and others that have less than they need.

We are all very diverse and varied in the way we live, the way we are taught, and the ways we respond to people and situations. I believe that because of the interdependence we have as people, that all people are valuable.
I believe that because of the choices I make and the experiences I have that I will practice Social work with heart and knowledge.

My upbringing, my family, and people I have encountered and the experiences I have had have played a large part in where my values come from. I will share with you some important parts of my life that have defined my being, my attitudes, opinions, values and my beliefs. I am not naive to think that these things won't change as I encounter more experiences and meet different people in my life. I believe I am in a learning process that will continue for the rest of my life.


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