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The everyday human, Adrenaline Crisis.

Updated on November 25, 2011

It's Addicting!

Such a terrible dilemma, cause mainly because of ignorance in so many people.

First I will like to try explaining what the dictionary says Adrenaline is, and then I will say in my own personal

Experience with this living and rapidly growing monstrosity of a human dilemma, that affecting so many of our everyday people

Causing a host of different ailments. If this monster was not hitting so close to home I would not have this much regard for it. I would

Simply say if you are suffering with these types of symptoms, you may need to take these necessary steps to save yourself those

Devastating effects it has on most that have let it get to this stage.

Now what is “Adrenaline”? It is a hormone that is produced in the Adrenal glands of humans and animals.

It is normally and naturally produced, when we are in High Stress situations, and any physical challenges.

It stimulates the heart rate, contracts blood vessels, and dilates air passages, creating a number of different effects in the body.

Now it is safe to say it’s an energy enhancing hormone that does miracles in the physical ability department of the body.

I am not going to break down all the chemical components of this hormone; you can look that up yourself. My concern is the

Side effects that threaten to contaminate even those that are innocently just trying to co-exist and get along.

It is only common knowledge that we do not follow the lead of Don Quixote who proceeded to fight the wind mill using a stick and a horse.

Just a joke, so I am hoping that you are not that juiced up with dopamine, one of the bastards in Adrenaline, and that you are able

To muster a smile. That’s for your own good.

What I have noticed with quite a great majority of people and mainly mothers who have raised a few kids and were left

Stressed out most of the times, people in general who tend to live a high stressed life, and humans that are in bad relationships. That bad is relative, when you know to yourself that it’s bad. Because I have seen great ones with my eyes that are extremely bad to those involved.

What happens as a result of these situations , over a prolonged period of time in that situation or those situations, is that you have then transformed you body , to now be functioning at a much higher rate than average, simply put you develop a dependency on that substance . Many people don’t even know that what’s occurring, because it’s been in most cases such a long time depending on and utilizing your body’s reserves.

Try using your car even you are aware that the engine is racing higher than it is supposed to, and see how much use and for how long

You get out of it.

Cocaine has the same effects that are the reason you have to use coke ever so often to keep that pace, which is the high.

Adrenaline produces that Dopamine to give that same effect. Quick burst of super human energy. Who won’t like this? I don’t know who won’t like it, but can say who should not, because their car is now racing, the engine is getting ready to overheat and gets what happens next?


My reason for making all these inspiration hubs more than one part is simple. I have certain things that I love to share and sharing feels good.

It’s my drug of choice. Get ready for part (2) because this is not a race.


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    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Well that is the actual benefits of this substance , it's to help the body cope with the added strain and stress. It does have it's primary function and correctly so , our bodies when we live in peace and harmony with it . Becomes the most awesome attempt at perfection that only the true "God" could have been able to create.

      Thanks for that spirited comment JJ.


    • profile image

      jlal 6 years ago

      Yes, the constant stress and strain is emotionally and physically draining. DOn't be tainted! Leave the door open for guiltless pleasure whatever that might be. Keep the faith. Always believe that there is something good for you out there even when you feel your worst

    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      I'll most definitely take it from the nurse . It this instance when you are not aware of what it is and what it does ,as you grow , running around with 3-4 stubborn kids quarreling everyday, running up down all around doing super human things ,fighting a no good husband or wife, not learning why your paces in life are 100mph or 0mph. Not understanding why you are angry for no reason, not understanding why you do everything when you are angry, it not got for those around , that's get to see those things, while knowing the cause. I did not do part two as yet. Always good to have a great nurse by your side. I drank for years , stopped cold turkey because of the human being that i am . I saw the difference in the two people , I saw the energies from the sugars in the alcohol. Not two many people are able to do such, and I understand why. I had doctors ask me how I was able to, when they realized how much I drank. I had something greater to do and If I die doing this at least I died doing exactly what I knew I had to.

      Bless my dear "AE"

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 6 years ago from Southern Illinois

      HaHa, This is funny, I know it's written for a reason. Anyone who does drugs to get a high is stupid. Adrenaline is produced in the body for a specific purpose, it's called fight or flight. The body triggers it when needed. Cheers my friend....

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 6 years ago from Shelton

      you know sky this hub actually stimulated my senses.. kind of kicked my adrenaline up.. I know it wasn't suppose to,, but it did... maybe this hub was the reason I chose Coke over Pepsi...: LOL huh? have a good night sky