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Humanities Field

Updated on January 26, 2012


Being a passionate lover and admirer of English Literature, I can safely witness the enormous change as people and students once we entered this fabulous field. One year into the course, we witness we have become better people, most refined, elegant, peaceful, good natured and slightly aesthetic and immaterial and we hope that it may deepen yet. This has prompted me to explore why there has been such profound changes. It has drawn a conclusion that perhaps the Humanities field, English Literature, history, philosophy, ethics, religion, sociology and such fields empowers us as the name suggests with a great dominion over humaneness.

Speaking on the whole of this special field, we may realize what an important bearing it has to lightening our daily lives and adding dainty and ardent sensations to the dull monotony of reality. Particularly speaking of English Literature, I feel, personally that novels tend to make us more alive and vibrant.

I would like to discuss the present day novels in comparison with the magical and enamoring novels of yore and why reading such novels add new life and spirit to our world. For fiction is about pushing boundaries to explore the aesthetic spheres of existence, it makes us ecstatic, hysterical and overwhelmed which life fails to do. But its material advantage is that such perceptions of a colourful world pass on dying qualities that can make novels a shadow of real life and so much the more sweeter and throbbing. Valour, gallantry, romance, revolution, chivalry, civility even have passed away with the feudalistic spirit, but that's why we look to classics anon, these are the flavours that we adore and yearn for in real life but are too timid to except visibly or exhibit even.

Returning to my point, being in touch with such Bohemianistic thoughts and ideals, this makes us infinitely and dangerously addicted to soar to new heights, to explore alien thoughts, to write what's impossible to have. That is the message of life, what we make of life, it bestows on us and this seemingly prosaic field makes a thousand strains and interpretations from the dullness around. Push the limits, see what's beyond once you become acquainted with Humanities.


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