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Humanity Origins?

Updated on September 22, 2011

Goddess Sculpture- 30,000BC-Germany

Kurgan Hypothesis-briefly

The Kurgan Hypothesis, in a nutshell, seems to be stating that the human expansion can be traced back to one group of humanity on one area of land. The theory is that as the human race began to expand from this point, the language changed slowly, evolving into different dialects, and then as time went on, the differences became greater and greater.

First Goddess--30,000 B.C.

According to research completed by Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum, the statue of the Dark Mother dates back thousands of years and can be traced back to Africa. It is theorized that the one area of land people started from is Africa As the human race diverged, the Dark Mother evolved over time and also her attributes could have diverged. Thousands of years ago, several civilizations included a Black Madonna. Then as the people moved further apart and language began to diverge, perhaps the image of the Black Madonna evolved differently in each civilization. This could then cause the Black Madonnas to appear in several cultures.

It seems inherent that a large majority of the human race has a need for a compassionate female deity. I found a website called that has a lot of researched information on this divergence of the human race, their language, and beliefs when they migrated from Africa. As time went on it makes sense to me that the Dark Mother evolved into a variety of different goddesses in each civilization. Harald Haarman points out that when Christianity arrived on the scene, all major sanctuaries dedicated to a pagan female divinity were transformed into a church dedicated to Mary.


One of my Archeology teachers told me that there is some scientific support for the theory of the human race emerging from Africa, bringing with them the Dark Madona. There have been genetic studies that have been completed on Mitochondrial DNA showing that the human race appears to have come from 7 women in central Africa.


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