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Hurricane Awareness - Why Is Mother Nature So Pissed Off?

Updated on November 10, 2018
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Shauna believes that by sharing knowledge, not everyone has to learn everything the hard way!

Overhead view of hurricane Sandy
Overhead view of hurricane Sandy | Source

Hurricane Sandy

This hub comes with no bells and whistles. It comes at the request of my good friend Linda and her undying love for humanity. She has reached out to the HubPages community and has asked us to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. I am here to do my part.

At the tail end of October 2012, Hurricane Sandy beat her path up the eastern coast of the United Stated with a vengeance. She bypassed the usual stomping ground of her kind; the good ole FLA of USA, as did all of her predecessors after that bitch Katrina came knocking on America’s unsuspecting door.

I feel negligent to the rest of the American east coast because they don’t know how to prepare for a hurricane and I never thought to pass on the information. Nor do their meteorologists know how to prepare those who can hear their voice because hurricanes just don’t go that far up the east coast! Until now. Upper east coast weathermen talk about snow storms and school closings and road clearings but have not been trained to warn about oncoming hurricanes and offer survival techniques.

Oh my God, Mother Nature is pissed! We humans have created this havoc and sent Mother Nature on a rage through our disrespect and disregard for what She has given us through God’s hand. It’s bad enough that we have disrespected our human counterparts through prejudice, judgment and condemnation, but we are literally killing our earth and MOTHER NATURE IS FLIPPING PISSED OFF!

Are we to blame for pissing off Mother Nature?

In addition to throwing emissions into the air we breathe, which depletes the ozone layer, Florida is intent upon building in order to attract newcomers and offer additional, yes I said additional, home options to current residents! Really?? How many of us can afford more than one home and why do we need more than one? As the result of Florida businesses’ greed in attracting those who have more money than God and making you want to puke because you’re struggling to make ONE mortgage payment, our coastline has diminished at an astounding rate.

Florida is a peninsula, soon to become a floating neverland if we don’t quit messing with Mother Nature! Five percent of our coastline is eroding due to construction and misuse of the land. This, in my belief and interpretation of earth science, is creating a wider path for hurricanes to travel without obstruction. Florida is not the only culprit. Or is it?

We have got to stop depleting out earth of natural resources and we have got to stop thinking of monetary gain and remember mankind! I believe Mother Nature is God’s spokesperson on this earth. And they are both pissed to the max!!

Sandy has hit hard. She has made a point that we all need to recognize and hear. Until we correct our behavior and our treatment of the soil beneath our feet, we need to help those who need help. We are to blame and we need to fix the damage we have caused.

We can help the victims

I cannot physically offer shelter for those who have been affected by Sandy because I’m too far away. But I can still offer help and so can you.

I will send this week’s earnings to the Red Cross. That way it can be distributed where needed. What will you do?

How many times do you need to be knocked upside the head before you hear and listen? What’s more important – the badge on your desk or the loved ones by your side?



Shauna L Bowling

All Rights Reserved

© 2012 Shauna L Bowling


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