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Hurricane aftermath preparedness

Updated on August 30, 2011

Preparing for "post hurricane".

So, Hurricane Irene has passed us by. Here in New Jersey the storm never got stronger than a category 1 with the highest gusts in my area at 65 mph. We were lucky this time, the shore was spared a direct hit like the one from 1944 and more recently the tropical storms of 1961, 1971, 1985 (Hurricane Gloria). I was lucky enough to not have any more than cosmetic damage to my homes, and maybe the loss of power briefly during the storm.

We weathered the storm quite well in our house. I was even able to let the dogs outside to go "potty" in between rainstorms. I did move anything that could become airborne into the garage, and taped the windows to be on the safe side. We did have an escape plan "just in case", we have friends in Jackson that we could have gone and hid out with. But luckily, we were spared that whole trauma.

The trouble began about 3:00 Sunday. About 2 blocks away there was a tree leaning on some wires. JCP&L (our electric supplier) determined that it was "too dangerous" and cut the electric, not to just this one house, but the whole frikkin neighborhood!!! So now there is a section about 4 blocks by 2 blocks that has no electric, and they are saying it may take up to a week to restore power! YIKES!!!! I swore 15 years ago when we lost power in the summer I was going to buy a generator "just in case"..Guess what?? Right, I never bought one.

I don't regret not having bought a generator, this is only the second time in 16 years I have lived at this house that I have been without power for more than a few minutes. But if I had to make up a list for the "next time" a hurricane might hit, here's a list of the supplies I would have on hand.

1. A generator. It may seem overboard, and a large expense, but I am sure I could always find use for a generator.(Think Tim Allen and "Tool Time" ARARARARARRR)

2. 50 lbs of ice or better. We started off good to buy ice, 3 out of 3 stores were sold out on Thursday evening. So we bought ice cube trays. I figured with the 7 total trays and the ice maker in the big fridge, no problem... Wrong, the ice still hadn't frozen inside the trays in 7 hours and the ice maker was dropping cubes every 3 hours instead of 30 minutes. oopsie.

3. Dry foods, at least with Nissin noodles you can boil water on the bbq and have something to fill your stomach. I did boil water for coffee on the side burner of my grill Monday morning.

4. A wireless network account. I can access the Internet from my phone, but who wants to try and see the weather forecast on a 2 inch by 2 inch screen? At least with a battery in the laptop and a broadband account I could have had some way to at least look up the number to report my electric was out.

5. More Batteries. I am usually pretty anal about batteries. I keep at least 20 AA and 12 AAA batteries in my house at all times. Not to mention the 9v, D and associated other batteries. Only problem was the C batteries were dead. I was able to somewhat revive then by warming the ends with a lighter, but I should have had more backups.

Things I would like to have

1. The ability to reach through the TV and slap any reporter that refers to every single storm as "The Storm of the Century". The century isn't over yet, and there have been worse storms in the last 100 years, so SHADDDAP!!! When there is a storm stronger than Gloria, Doria, or Katrina THEN you get to use that term.

2. The ability to have those Jackwagons that have to show how cool they are by dancing in the rain behind the reporters washed out to sea. Just for the duration of the storm , then wash them back inland to give them a sense of how strong Mother Nature can really be. DO NOT DISS Mother Nature.

3. I wish for the reporters to have the ability to understand, if it's dangerous for ANYONE, they should not be out there on the boardwalk either. (Picture when Al Roker went flying during Katrina).

Any one else got pet peeves about this topic, feel free to pipe in.

All pictures are taken from Wikipedia, with due credit to the owners.

Hurricane Gloria
Hurricane Gloria
Hurricane Doria
Hurricane Doria
Hurricane Katrina
Hurricane Katrina
Hurricane Irene.
Hurricane Irene.


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    • profile image

      Coreen 6 years ago

      I loved this article Tom you are very talented and funny..I needed D batteries could not buy them anywhere started looking on thursday before the storm.

    • profile image

      Laurie 6 years ago

      Great article...and if you somehow devine the power to reach thru the TV and smack some reporters...I've got a list!