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Hypnosis- Is it crazy voodoo magic, or science?

Updated on August 15, 2016

Every day, we fluctuate through various degrees of perception. But what if we could tap into those deeper, subconscious aspects of ourselves, and others? What if we could communicate with our subconscious, and give it 'suggestions'- shaping our minds, and inducing the mental states we most desire?

Welcome to the realm of possibilities.

In shallow hypnosis, you are using hypnotic language and tone, to deepen your connections with others. You are bypassing the conscious mind, without the person having to be in a trance.

In deep hypnosis, you are inducing a trance, to communicate with your subject's subconscious. You are encouraging a number of physical, and mental changes, as your subject goes deeper into trance.

Shallow hypnosis falls into the realm of social gurus, psychologists, dictators, and entrepreneurs.

Medium trance falls into the realm of hypnotherapy, and autohypnosis.

Deep trance falls into the realm of stage hypnosis.

One of the most fascinating aspect of our brains is how when we are not present to critically analyze (with full conscious awareness), our subconscious minds fill in the blanks.

This is why hypnosis works. You are bypassing the restrictions imposed by your conscious mind. You don't have to 'know' precisely what's going on, because your subconscious will do the work for you.

So, you want to try hypnosis...but you have no clue where to start.

You must begin to get in tune with your body. Everyone has a unique level of 'hypnotizability'.

Did you know you can activate one 's subconscious mind simply using your words, body language, and tone of voice? This is the beauty of shallow hypnosis (also known as conversational hypnosis). In shallow hypnosis, you can embed hypnotic suggestions into everyday conversation, without your subject even knowing it. This has practical implications for forensic psychologists, wealthy businessmen, social gurus, and dictators. When we embed a suggestion, the subconscious mind is forced to 'fill in the blanks' to make sense of what we just said.

Donald Trump uses these 'psychological mind hacks' very frequently in his campaigns.

'MANY PEOPLE ARE SAYiNG....that Crooked Hillary is a criminal and a thief."

MANY PEOPLE ARE SAYING...Trump WINE is fantastic."

Wait- hold on a second here, Who is saying this? And exactly how many people are saying this? The fact Trump doesn't specify, forces our subconscious minds to fill in the blanks. 'Many people are saying this, hence, why should we even bother to question the validity of his statements?"

MANY PEOPLE ARE SAYING...Trump is a racist, misogynist, and temperamentally unfit to be president.'

Shallow hypnosis derives its power from ambiguity, implicitness, and embedded suggestions. Shallow hypnosis is a powerful tool to deepen your rapport during any social interaction.

Imagine the tremendous happiness and bliss you will feel when you can use hypnosis to change your life. In autohypnosis, and hypnotherapy, you can direct your subject into a 'medium trance'. At this stage, the mind is extremely susceptible to hypnotic commands.

When you enter medium trance, you can start feeding yourself suggestions. 'In the days and weeks to will become so much more focused, relaxed and content. Isn't it nice to know you will be capable of triggering this blissful state on demand?'

According to the law of re-hypnosis, using hypnosis regularly is like training a muscle. You will find it gets easier and easier to enter medium trance.

In deep hypnosis (somnambulism), you can trigger a variety of hallucinations, and delusions in your subject. To reach a state of deep trance, it becomes critical to know your subject's 'level of hypnotizability'. Only less than 20% of the population are somnambulists like myself, capable of feeling the effects of trance instantly.

Stage hypnotists will begin by performing preliminary tests to locate the somnambulists in the audience.

And that's when the fun starts.

During hypnotic illusions, the subject perceives an object as something that it's not. For example, a stage hypnotist can give someone a broom, and tell him it's the love of his life, and he will begin showing his affections to the broom.

Another intriguing suggestion is the positive hallucination, when the subject perceives something that isn't there. His imagination is doing all the work. For example, you may be asked to imagine a yellow canary.

And finally, in negative hallucinations, the subject experiences the loss of a perception. For example, he may perceive a person as invisible.

You are going to LOVE the changes hypnosis will bring into your life. I wonder if you will realize these changes.

Frequenly Asked Questions

1) How does hypnosis work? Is this some crazy, voodoo magic?

Despite being incredibly powerful, hypnosis is not magic. There is a logical reason for hypnosis.

When I say 'subconscious mind', it is an abstract term. There is no single part that we can call the subconscious mind. Our subconscious is multi-faceted.

Hypnosis can be defined as, 'allowing the subconscious to fill in the blanks, when the conscious, analytical mind isn't present to do the work'. Using this definition, we experience hypnotic states every night- our subconscious must fill in the blanks in the form of dreams, whenever thought activity arises in REM or NREM sleep.

2) Can anyone learn hypnosis?

Everyone has a subconscious mind which 'fills in the blanks'. Hence, everyone can benefit from hypnosis. That being said, everyone has a unique level of hypnotizability.

3) I'm scared of hypnosis. What if I never wake up from a trance?

You have absolutely nothing to fear.

'Hypnos' literally means sleep. Just like sleep is reversible, trance is reversible.
The worst case scenario is that you will actually fall asleep.

4) What does trance feel like?

Imagine having a state of pleasure, euphoria and tranquility, that you can enter whenever you want. Nothing compares to it.

You are going to LOVE the changes hypnosis will bring into your life. I wonder if you will realize these changes.


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