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Hystory of science

Updated on May 7, 2012

History of humankind is nothing but the continuation of the history of nature. Our humankind covers only the small portion of history of our nature. When compare to the other animals humankind is constrained with several limitations.

In older days, science was nothing but action. They know how to aim a pray who was running in speed. They did not learn about “Newton’s laws” of action. However, they knew it by practice. They created weapons with stone. They learned about hardness by practice. They knew about the reproduction of animals, growth of plants etc. by observation and practice. When these experiences, they collected altogether, analyzed, and evolved new practical assumptions, scientific method borne.

They compare their day and night cycles with the presence of sun, moon and this they learned forcasting.This method started long before, but do not know when it started.


The invention of cultivation was a very big milestone in history. When they go for hunting they will get the result there itself. However, they found that if they dig the seeds they would get it in large amount with in some months later. That was not only a life style but a scientific experimenting also. Slowly they realize the positive conditions for good cultivation. , Like water, minerals and quality of seed. Later they started to own the lands. For this, they find out methods for measurements .That leads to new foundation of geometry.

The invention of numbers was a big step in history. Long before, they used stones or sticks for counting their sheep or kine.The evolution of numbering system happened not more than six thousand years before. There was different system like counting up to two, three, or ten. There is no written proof for all these things. Because writing was not invented. The writing system started only three thousand years before. Writing made stimulating changes in human beings and their this time they well developed with cultivation. They shifted to houses. They learned to bring up animals. The pyramids in Egypt also are an example of practical scientific growth.

Riverbank civilization

The ability to handle expedient made humankind distinguished with animals. They made weapons with stones in olden historian named this era as ‘stone age’. They started to make metallic weapons around five thousand to six thousand years back. First, they made with copper later with base metal. During these days, there were four such places where we could see immense changes in culture and life style. There population increased enormously.There were Egyptian civilization in Africa, Mesopotamian civilization in bank of Euphrates-Tigris, Harappa civilization in India and Chinese civilization. During these years, there were one and only recognized scientist .he was ‘Imhotep’ who made the pyramid in Sakkara in Egypt. After him, we could not find a well-known scientist for two thousand years. That days Egyptians invented water canal system, how to make paper with papyrus skin, manufacturing of weapons with metals.

Invention of iron was a big step in humankind happened after the distortion of riverbank culture. Iron given birth to a new era. They could manage to use this weapon to cut the forest plants and start new cultivations. We are continuing the process of demolition the forest.

After the demolition of riverbank culture, the development in scientific foundation happened in BC 6th century. The western culture shifted to Greek from Egypt. The Arabian and Chinese culture developed in the same area itself. Indian culture shifted to the bank of Ganga.


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      6 years ago

      Wow, very insightful Hub! Now, I do have a question for you: Would you say that we are more so an "Information Ecology"? As how other Ecologies change with nature and adapt, wouldn't the advancement and technology and information, with human life adapting to such information and technology, deem us as such?


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