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I Am Life!

Updated on October 1, 2009


I am Life
          “Deeper.  Deeper.  Deeper.  More and more each day.  I am falling in love with humanity.  They are growing inside me.  I am expanding to contain them.  Joyous stretching of my being.  I touch their minds, their hearts, their dreams.  Their smiles are becoming my smiles.  Their heartaches and joys the makers of my tears.  Shreds of clinging fade away.  Diaphanous mists that conceal me are melting and disappearing.

          The selfish me is stepping aside.  Moving through life.  Soaring above.

Swimming in the waters of love, playfully.  Jumping about.  Flyer higher and higher.  Plunging deeper.   Glimpsing the heavy lands and souls.

The lost forgotten ones need to be remembered.  I want to touch them, give part of me to them so they can become whole.

          I am radiant, golden fire sparks. Dancing.  Singing.  Shining.  Touching all life and changing it.  Burning away hurt and sorrow.  I am wind, blasting and strong.  Breath of life I give them.   Let me suck in their unknowing and despair.  I am the gentle zephyr, calm, caressing and stroking their face with my coolness.  I make them smile and reach out to life.   Open their mouths, yawn, relax.  Take in life.  More and more.  I am waters rapid, and still.

          I am bubbling, placid brooks.  I am crashing roaring waves beating fiercely against the shore.  I fill them with tingly wetness, exciting and stimulating them with abundant pleasure.  Always room for more.  Take in your fill then save some for tomorrow, or better, come back and sup with me.  Let us enjoy each other. 

I am earth, hard, muddy, leafy green.  Torrential storms.  Trees dancing in ecstatic frenzy as I uproot them from their attachments.  I am crops growing, extending my grasp towards the sun.  Digging my roots deep into the earth.   I am blue sky.  I am the dawn and the sunset.  The dancing fluffy clouds.  Let me touch you.  Atoms dance and mate.  I am the maker of music.  I am giving birth to more of you, and more of me.  More of you to taste, touch, see, smell and hear life’s delights sensual and sweet.

         I am Life hungry for itself.  Needing itself.  Yearning for itself.

Life crying for itself as a mother cries for her lost babe.  Clinging to you as the tree root clings deep and hard into the earth.  As I know you more, I become more of myself.  As you know me, you become more of yourself.

Not fragmenting, splitting, and fading into meaningless nothingness.

I am Life!  Sharer of Dreams.  Won’t you reach out to me.  Embrace me. Press me close to your heart.  Let me stir and awaken the fires inside you.  Won’t you love me?”


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