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I Can't BELIEVE thats ILLEGAL / LEGAL???? (Wierd, Funny, Crazy)

Updated on March 19, 2010

Cant Believe It......

Sometimes Laws have to be passed to stop activities but passing laws to make crazy and outrageous activities legal??? Here are some of the strangest Laws I found that are STILL LEGAL!!!

IT'S STILL LEGAL..........

In Pakistan for a Man to swap his sister for a wife

In Nevada to hang anyone who shoots your dog on you property

In Utah to marry your cousin, but only if your over 50

In Arizona for a man to beat his wife, but only once a month

In parts of India for a women to marry a goat

In Liverpool for a saleswomen to go topless, but only in stores selling tropical fish

In Hong Kong for a wife to kill an adulterous husband, but only if its with her bare hands

In Paraguay to fight a duel as long as both parties are blood donors

In England to shoot a Welshman as long as its with a bow and arrow

In Seattle for a woman to sit on a mans lap on the bus but only if there flesh is separated by a pillow

In Pennsylvania to us the same vehicle to deliver food and dead bodies

Just as CRAZY as some of these laws being Legal are there are some equally ridiculous things that are made to be ILLEGAL


In France to address a pig as Napoleon

In Sweden to repaint a house without a license

For a German office to not have a view of the sky

To Kiss on a French Railroad (I wanna try this one out one day, haha)

In Sweden for parents to insult their children

In Kentucky to not have bath at least once a year

In Atlanta to tie a Giraffe to a telephone pole or street lamp

In Alabama to carry a comb in your pocket

In Florida to have sex with a porcupine

For Margarine to be the same color as butter in Quebec and Canada

In Germany to run out of gas on the highway

In Glendale, Arizona to put a car in reverse

I cant believe some of these laws and I hope you enjoyed reading them, I thought they were so funny that I had to blog :)


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