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I am the Universe

Updated on June 8, 2011
A view of a piece of the universe
A view of a piece of the universe | Source

I am the universe. A bold statement upon first appearance, but allow me to explain my reasoning as to how I come to this conclusion. Most people when meta-cognizing only focus on their fleshy physical selves. They limit their scope to what is immediate, and are satisfied with who they are and what they accomplish. Let me be clear, I am not saying that I am better than others because I am able to realize my body's insignificance in the grand scheme. My purpose is not greater because I realize my full form.

When contemplating I prefer to find a quiet place where my mind can relax and wander aimlessly. I find that by thinking about seemingly unconnected topics and parallel processing by allowing the mind to make loose connections between ideas I discover more. These connections then build upon each other to eventually realize a greater idea, a revelation in my mind that leaves me staggering to breathe. Recently, laying in a hammock in the shade of a tree staring up at the evening sky, I had the chance to wander in a pensive mood. Previously that week I had been discussing the grand scheme of the cosmos with my brother and decided to bring those thoughts into the mix. Putting that on the back burner, I opened my self to a libertarian view of intellectual property rights. Lastly, I started a general metacognition to keep the thoughts moving and to fill in the blank periods of absent thought. This is a regular occurrence in my brain and thought process.

Sitting back rocking in my hammock I let my thoughts flow languidly in my mind. I mainly focused on the intellectual property rights, wondering how it could be lawful for a corporation to take the copyright from a worker and claim an idea as their own. Why can a company require that its workers invent and innovate, yet after the hard work the corporation then takes all credit for the invention and gains total copyright over it? And then my ideas began to gather together. I related a corporation to a society or a country, it is a collection of beings working together to achieve a common goal. The corporation is not stealing an individual's idea, but is instead the worker is like a cell in a body. Just as an individual defines itself as one entity with many individual cells working independently, a company contains many workers who work for the greater good of the company.

All at once I began to see how we are all connected. We may be individual entities in the universe, yet together we form a collective, altogether we create a consciousness. This is not to say that we have some deep spiritual consciousness or there is a transcendental oversoul. It solely means that in the grand system we are conscious. When all is taken into account, one can see that the universe and all that is is conscious. This may seem fallacious, but let us analyze from our own perspective what it is to be conscious. No one would doubt that an average human being is conscious, we are sentient beings who can take in information and process. But what causes this consciousness? I would say that it is the chemical reactions between the cells of our bodies that causes us to become conscious. We only say that an individual is conscious because the cells its body react in such a way to cause consciousness. The appendix of my body is not conscious. My liver is not conscious. My kidney is not conscious. Similarly, my brain is not conscious on its own. It is necessarily part of the system of my body. This is not to say that the brain is a form of irreducible complexity. It can exist and survive separately of the body, but it cannot be conscious separately of the body. Conclusively, we can see that the whole system together must be taken as one to describe it as conscious. Individually they are not sentient, but also we cannot exclude parts that are seemingly unimportant to the consciousness. All parts must be accounted for in the system in order to fully understand.

Now extrapolating to a macrocosm, I decide to include everything in my system: the grand cosmos. A company represents itself with the individual contributions of its employees, but we call the company brilliant; no credit is given to the individuals who toiled to make it great. In the same thread we can see that the universe is a conscious entity because of its member parts. Allow me to present this logically. First, I am a conscious being. Second, I live and work in a society with other conscious beings, making it a necessarily conscious society. Third, because this is a planet that contains conscious beings, we consider it a conscious planet; not that the rock of Earth is conscious, but rather that the cosm of Earth is conscious, please note the distinction. Expanding further, it is easy to realize that the macrocosm is conscious; the universe as a whole is alive. When taken piecemeal the parts do not fit together and are not conscious, but holistically we are an alive system.

After realizing this, the thoughts on the consequences of my philosophy began to cascade in my mind. We are all connected. As one conscious entity, all ideas and resources available are at my disposal. All things, all matter, joins together in a grand, awesome reaction to which I am awestruck to be a part of. A heavy feeling of power and knowledge beyond measure wrapped around and crushed me. There lay before me the purpose of all. I had discovered before that all was for nothing save the perpetuation of physical reactions, but this was new for me. I had not before contemplated my place in the universe, and this was a truly inspiring revelation.

Of everything in the grand system, what am I? A speck of dust on the head of a pin in a haystack of nothingness? I truly am insignificant in the totality. My existence is minimally important in the mechanism of the universe, yet my absence has infinite consequences. My presence here is not necessary, but if I were to disappear suddenly and instantly the movement of the system would change permanently. Everything that is is necessary for what is in existence now and how everything interacts with everything else. My mass is an infinitesimal compared to the universe and my actions in the cosmos are minute like the pull of a grain of sand on the earth. Nonetheless, my presence in the microcosm of Earth leads to a place in the universe that sets the path for the future of everything.

My body is a node in the universe where a collection of atoms has formed an entity. This collection is me, my self, everything that makes up the definition of my body. Also at this point is a condensation of cells whose sole purpose is to exist in my head. There they react to form my thoughts, feelings and emotions, and my (re)actions. This collection of atoms and what they form as an entity is unique in the universe. Although it is entirely possible that there could be an exact copy of my atomic makeup, it is a very, very, extraordinarily small probability that this would happen. My brain is the center of my consciousness, but all parts of my body are necessary for the consciousness to arise. Drawing further out, one could say that my environment is equally responsible for the rise of my current self: how I am today and how I think and act. Going even further, one might conclude that all actions past are the reason for me. Reality today is necessarily the way it is because of the past cosmos. There is only one way for our current system to be because of what has occurred to make it so. I am because of what has been.

Now comes the point for an uncomfortable stretch. My body and mind are the incidental condensation of the universe's consciousness. I am the brain cell of the universe, the thinking part of the cosmos. Taking from before that I can define my body as the totality of the universe, I can add that the universe has now evolved to form me: its conscious self. My body is not the fleshy corpse that can be seen on this earth. Rather it is everything in the universe and my body is simply the thinking part of it. A parallel can be seen to the traditional sense of a body. The corpse is the body, but the brain is the thinking part of the system.

Carl Sagan tells us “we are a way for the cosmos to know itself”. All things are made of the same basic components. The atoms in my body could very easily have been a blade of grass in the Cretaceous period. From this perspective one can see the partial truth in the belief in reincarnation or in the Christian thought of dust. We may be different in appearance now, but in the end we will return to the same basic from. Similarly, when our bodies degrade our atoms are separated and recombined into new forms. Although they may not appear the same, our atoms are always still there. Here is where Sagan's insight comes into play: as one whole cosmic system, we are all part of the same set of particles that have been combined and recombined over billions and billions of years. This current combination is infinitesimally temporary. For simplicity, let us examine digestion. I have a steak, juicy and cooked to perfection. I eat the steak, it is digested, the molecules are separated from each other so that my body can use them. The molecules from the steak then become combined together to form different parts of my body. In the steak-body system, all atoms are conserved, simply recombined. There is no more steak, but I am successfully nourished. It is easy to see how we are all connected. Our atoms have been together before and their combination is arbitrary at this point.

I recognize that my body is not important, it is simply an accident in the cosmos. However, in the cosmos I am the conscious entity who is defined as the whole. It is only at this point that the universe has evolved to a point of developing consciousness. It took these past billions of years to have the conditions necessary to bring my consciousness into being. This has no consequences aside from my knowledge of how all things exist. I can only show that since all things are part of the same conscious system all things connect together in a grand system.   


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    • profile image

      Alexandre Vilaça 19 months ago

      Excellent text. For the time being no interpretation I am using it for ESL purposes.

      Facebook page to get connected ?

    • profile image

      Alison 2 years ago

      Wow, this is amazing. Your article was extremely intersting! Thank you for sharing this information with us. I´m a huge fan of the universe, all the theories and speculations made about it and find it wonderful and shocking at the same time, how little we actually know about it. It´s beyond our imagination.. And of course, we also don´t know much about the universe´s influence on us humans, which is a great mystery and will probably always remain that way.

      I love the feeling that pictures and videos of the universe give me. They make me feel so small, yet so eternal at the same time. I found a nice video of cosmic noise, which relaxes and and the same time fascinates me. Maybe you´ll feel the same way. :) Here´s the link, if you´re interested:

      Thanks again!!

    • profile image

      Lacey 3 years ago

      This is crtsayl clear. Thanks for taking the time!

    • profile image

      Christian 3 years ago

      Im not far from your perception, but it's a more sinister than that. Read and do Dianetics it will most likely fill in a lot of blanks .


    • profile image

      Damus 3 years ago

      I am here. @elileto, we have to do a role call of sorts. Hopefully the internet as a whole will have an "I am the universe" epiphany. In the meantime we can try to find each other, avoid magical thinking new age folks, and expand our explanation of ourselves so people on the fence can join in.

      Try coining a new species of human that is an ant-like collective, keyword homo novus. Try founding a new religion that espouses the values of oneness with the universe, keyword unitology. Try starting a school club. Just try something amd hope your contribution makes that much more difference. Help the human race wake up to being one individual universe.

    • profile image

      Louise 3 years ago

      I have felt this momentarily several times over the years - a complete understanding of how everyone and everything is connected. How insignificant each of us are but how it doesn't matter. A massive feeling of happiness, contentment and well being. But for me this realisation is fleeting - I remember how it felt but life has got in the way. I want to feel it again.

    • profile image

      Nicolas de Menis 3 years ago

      I am the universe too :) I understood it a year ago, after spending more than 4 years in Japan. I could understand many things about myself and others, and other "things". Beautiful explanation I mostly try to help people around orally, it is much harder to write it down once and for all.

      Full moon today things are changing :)

    • Anji Alexander profile image

      Anji Alexander 3 years ago

      This is also my philosophy. It calms me at stressful times to remind myself " I am the universe and thus connected to all things- all is one and this too shall pass'....

      I believe in the power of focused intent too as I feel that as interconnected aspects of the one universe we have access to all things and are part of the one great whole.

    • profile image

      Elileto 4 years ago

      I have also came to the same conclusion, after years of trying to find the meaning of life I concluded that there was no meaning and we are accidents. Then one day while reading about quantum physics, it just hit me, I am the conscience universe thinking of itself. I like to think that I've awakened, that now I know myself. When we truly know ourselves, we know freedom, but yet we are still stuck in this separateness, how do we all become one ? How do we awaken the others?

    • profile image

      Blenson Paul 4 years ago

      interesting thing is that all mentioned topics are of my interest. Keep writing

    • profile image

      ktavtav 5 years ago

      This is Zen (if you replace Buddha with Universe, of course)

    • profile image

      I've always known this 5 years ago

      When you realize this, you realize that there is nothing to lose or gain. You cease being a person. You know freedom.

      You become in the world but not of the world.

    • profile image

      lobstertrap 5 years ago

      All things are empty of an own self. All things are interconnected. All things are ever changing and all things are impermanent. There is no I, no Me,no Individual. There is a brain and its contents, the past..information relayed to it by the five senses. From these contents the brain constructs an ego, a virtual reality, a pseudo-self, and this is the cause of the worlds present condition, the insanity of man and his ego. Me, you, us, them. I'm me, you're only you. I'm what's happening, you are nothing. There is no-thing. There is only-mind.

    • profile image

      Ania 5 years ago

      I love this. I do believe we are all a part of the universe. My very Catholic parents think im nuts. And most of my family and friends just dont get how i feel. HA. I believe we are a part of something HUGE something that we are not able to fully understand... YET. Im glad i can find stuff like this, makes me realize im not crazy. :)

    • profile image

      matt 6 years ago

      what about the other universes

    • profile image

      Prafulla 6 years ago

      You are not the universe. You are the unseen entity that simply makes 'choices'. Contemplate on this. The universe has a binary choice between everything and nothing, and you have the power to choose. Everything in the cosmos, starting from an electron to a star has this power to choose. And that is all you have. The higher your state of consciousness, the more knowledge you are able to gain and apply this knowledge in an informed choice. If this holds, the universe at the highest level of consciousness has a binary choice again: that of total being or total non-being.

    • profile image

      Mike P. 6 years ago

      The philosophical question "Am I the universe?" cannot be answered. That's why there is no theory of everything.

    • profile image

      Dominique 6 years ago

      I love this conversation! I also believe that 'I am the universe'. Through mind quieting and a very precise way of connecting to the center of the universe, the Source where everything originates, I have experienced this merging of my consciousness with the consciousness of the universe which made me undoubtebly feel that I was not only a part of it but one with it. I am one yet I am a different entity at the same time. The explanation that I see is that I have been created with the same fabric that comes from Source so I am it but at the same time I am a different being with my own will. Can you imagine how boring it would be if there would be only one consciousness? So now imagine that this consciousness which is infinite splits off and in doing so creates new beings. And that these beings which have the same nature and are operating under the same principles than their Creator (so same consciousness) have a different configuration so that they can experience their reality in a completely different way. Wouldn't that be a way to constantly add and expand the consciousness of Creator Source and by doing so push the universe to a greater expansion?

      To me, this is the beauty of creation: it allows for the expansion of the universe which happens through the infinite possibilites of manifestation...and we are a part of the physical manifestation. Each one is unique and in that sense removing it would diminish the universe.

      On my path, I have came across the teachings of a very unique teacher and I feel that you would resonate with what she is bringing. She explains what is consciousness, the structure of the universe and the multi-verses, etc. etc ... What is really amazing is how she came to understand all of this information. Her name is Caroline Cory.

      Much love

    • profile image

      cornelius 6 years ago

      I had the same Idea last year. And I also considered the cosmos the closest to being what I could call A god.Unlike you who is aparently an optimist, I consider humanbeings a virus compared to the planet... well atleast we should be considered a malignant cancer ever growing...

    • profile image

      Jono 7 years ago

      I've recently had pretty much the same 'epiphany' as you. Basically, even though it sounds strange at first, like anything new, the universe is our true identity. My thoughts are the universe is made of matter (dark energy, dark matter, and the matter we can see), and amazingly this matter has become conscious of itself. Particles which are aware they exist - which is quite cool lol imo. So yes I think we are the 'brain' of the universe, its consciousness. Maybe this epiphany has been called enlightenment by spiritual people/life forms. But yeah we are the universe finally waking up and seeing itself in all its supremeness. The universe is our real 'body' in a way.

      If we are actually the universe, then there is only I and not we, i guess that's the illusion of separation of the whole. So if i am the universe why would I make it so I have very many different conscious beings? that's another mystery lol. to put it in simpler terms its almost like a person who has many split personalities? idk. it would be incredibly dull if there was only one consciousness in the universe, so maybe that's why. but if you can ignore the illusion of separation, at the core everything is just an extension of yourself, everything that has ever, is happening, will happen, is the result of the universe and its (your) laws. its trippy to think of these things but it may just be the reality - one can only speculate. If I am in fact the universe, i am amazed at myself, i am truly in awe of myself - which sounds arrogant but if you are the universe you are one damn supercalofragalisticexpialadocius thing haha

      another thought of mine is that if there was a big bang that is like the universe aka you/me/i waking up. deep sleep=the void of nothingness that maybe was present before it. so i compare deep unconsciousness as a human to what us the universe was before the big bang - in deep sleep. i'm anthropormophozising (sp?) the universe, yes, but why not?

      There is no we, just I, but in this current reality there is separation/many unique variations of our one true self. And we may be insignificant parts of our real body, focal points of consciousness, but in essence we all make up the whole, and are all part of the equilibrium of particles flowing vibrating around. Even though there are most likely more intelligent life forms out there - even they are just parts of ourselves we haven't discovered yet. another analogy i thought of was if an atom in our brain realised it was part of a brain, therefore understanding it really was a brain, not an atom, even though phyically it was just an atom, and the illusion it was insignificant, when in fact it was just as important as everything else, and was really part of one thing.

      overall this philosophy is very very very very very fascinating , and is not all that crazy when given serious rational and irrational thought. much like taoism, there is mind and body to make the balanced whole, our body (the universe) is rational and logical (maths/physics), and our mind (the universe's complex singular consciousness) is irrational, illogical, and abstract, but one obviously cannot exist without the other. So even though there is a non-dualistic universe, there is duality present in that non-duality (maybe? lol), blah blah blah so incomprehensible.

      and if there are infinite other universes, then maybe we are the mind of this universe, and other life forms in the other universes are the mind of those corresponding universes. and as even all the other universes are part of an even bigger whole, maybe there is an even greater mind aware of itself in that sense, making things seem even more grand and almost giving us the sense we are infinitely amazing in what our true identity is.

      please don't think i'm bonkers, coz i'm pretty sure i'm not, and it is only an opinion, but is not that hard to understand and comprehend (if anyone thinks its completely stupid!) i realise eckhart tolles philosophy is similar to this i think.

      so yes i agree with you, we, are really one mind (in this universe anyway), so from this "i am the universe is a valid statement" imo. so even if we are really the universe, it still doesn't answer the mystery of everything, i'm a believer in the eternal universe theory in whatever form it may be. with no end there is no beginning, the universe (I) am here, that is fact, and i must accept this and cherish that fact.

      ps. i'm glad someone else has the same thoughts as me, even if they are probably all my own thoughts anyway XD kind of cool to think that all the best minds in human history are all just parts of ourself doing their thing lol, though i do wonder why if i am the universe why i am the way i am, i guess, well physically the universe is perfection, but life is very imperfect, evolution, psychology, negative emotions, war, disease etc. if i am the universe why the hell do i have those things?!

      well i must start thinking back to reality, i may be the universe but atm i'm still working from the body of a human being! lolololol

    • Daniel J Brereton profile image

      Daniel J Brereton 7 years ago from New York, NY

      @bob mar: Well, please elaborate on what you expected. It is possible that you are too thick in the skull to have the capacity to read this. Please use rational argument and give reason and examples to back up your comment that my writing is "crap".

    • profile image

      bob mar 7 years ago

      You should title it "i am part of the universe". You mislead me into reading this crap.

    • Daniel J Brereton profile image

      Daniel J Brereton 7 years ago from New York, NY

      a very good interpretation, thanks for commenting! yes, i do believe that it is all a matter of perspective in the end. as a human, of course i care what happens to my body and those i love. what i have written is just one interpretation.

    • A.Villarasa profile image

      Alexander A. Villarasa 7 years ago from Palm Springs

      Excellent now you know that even if you are just a "speck of sand" in the grand scheme of things, your existence has purpose, meaning, and truth because the universe will be one less blessed and gentle soul if you are taken away from it.

      I'll be following your progress on HubPageas. Don't forget to send me an autographed copy of your first book(fiction or non-fiction) when it gets published.


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