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I have no soul right now

Updated on March 29, 2014

Deeming myself a master of poetry and giving up on my passion for writing in such form for now, I can not stress the importance of moving on, but not forgetting the lessons. There are so many things an ambitious yet unemployed creative person must juggle and sacrifice to keep going.

Do I want to be "worthless" and take the day off or do I want to break the boundaries of expression by temporarily going insane try to look at every grain of sand for a new voyage of expressing myself where I feel important and without cage; a Phoenix in New York would be a strange sight especially in a snow storm.

But I like many other keep pursuing a hierarchy from creating and dismantling the old ideas and words which I deem cliches and everyone knows yet still give praise to, instead of challenging themselves to not reach for the stars but become the star for no reason but feeling warm. But in terms of levels there are different kind of stars But depict a depiction in mysticism. Through the trenches of having to respond to people that I pity; not their current mindset and programming of what is of true importance and worth but the trench that i fail to pick them up.

Having said that in my pursuit of being a Lyricist (song writer) and making hundreds of emails and facebook messages looking for a vocalist for the countless producers waiting for good lyrics I have come to the ultimate dark truth of the absolute importance of breaking the bound of what we inherit psychologically. This is mission impossible and Lord have mercy we don't know. Apocalypse literally translates to unmasking of truth or new age and it is supposed to come (soon) and what that means to me is the change to come. History may not exist anymore, what who and where people deem to be great may not look so great if you become blinded by the truth of what it feels like to feel another persons pain (literally) and understand.


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