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IELTS Speaking Model: Name - Part 1

Updated on June 19, 2013



IELTS Speaking Model: Name - Part 1

IELTS(International English Language Testing System) is the world's leading test of English for higher education, immigration and employment. Below are some sample questions and model answers for the topic ‘Name'

Does your name have any special meaning?

Actually, I was named after a famous Chinese government official who did wonderful things for the people so I guess my parents gave me this name hoping I would also do good things for the people of this country.

Is there any special ceremony when babies are given their names?

Not that I know of. When I was born my parents just found my name from a dictionary - nothing special. Of course, I cant speak of everyone in China.

How are Chinese names and Western names different?
There are a few differences. I guess the main one would have to be that the family name of Chinese names are put at the front of the name however for western names it’s located after the given name. Also Chinese people don’t put the mother’s maiden name into the child’s name where as in contrast many westerners have middle names.

Do many people in China have a nickname?

Certainly, I do and in fact so do most of my friends. My nickname is big head. I guess the reason why is cuz I have a really big head and sometimes my friends make fun of it.

Are there any big differences between people's names today in China and people's names many years ago?

In the past people used to use a lot of numbers in their names because most people were uneducated and couldn’t think of new names so the given name might just be a figure. While on the other hand nowadays more and more people are using English names as given names in Chinese such as Anna or Mike.

Would you like to change your name?

If I had the chance I would choose to change my name to a cooler one. Personally speaking I think that my name is a little outdated and people may think I’m from the countryside if they just hear my name. And I may even change my family name to my mother's cuz I have a better relationship with my mum.


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