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IELTS a real language challenge

Updated on November 6, 2014

Ielts Test Requirements

Let's start by saying how the test is

Firstly, the speaking test lasts around 15 minutes. It is divided in three sections from simpler to more complex questions. The first part is about life, likes and dislikes, opinions; this stage you are asked about the place you live, your childhood, or entertainments; it varies. Next, you are given a specific topic with 3 or 4 questions regarding to the topic. For example: Describe a memorable event when you were a child. You may say when the event happened, who was with you and why you remember it. You have one minute to take notes; then, you have to talk about this topic during 1 or 2 minutes. The interviewer stops you. At last, there are follow up questions regarding to the previous topic. In here you are expected to provide deeper answers. Do not answer Yes or No.

Secondly the listening. This is divided in four parts. In the first stage it is likely that you need to fill information regarding to street name, address, telephone numbers, names or surnames, dates. The following step is often a dialogue maybe you have to fill in the gaps or multiple choices. Next something similar. Finally, you have to listen a lecture in which often you have to fill in the gaps and it is usually the hardest part because there are around 10 questions and the recording does not stop- in the previous section the audio stops twice-. You answer in the test while listening to the recording; after that, you have 10 minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet. Pay attention to capitalization, spelling and grammar!

Thirdly the reading. There are three reading passages about different topic. This issue makes this test hardest because it is liable that you might face a topic which is unfamiliar to you. There are different sort of questions: fill in the gap, multiple choices, yes/no/not given, among others. In here you must answer right away the questions in the answer sheet because you are not given extra time to transfer answers. The test lasts 1 hour only. The person in charged may tell you how much time has passed.

Fourthly the writing. This lasts an hour as well. You have to develop 2 essays; one of 150 words and another of 250 words. In the shorter one you have to describe a map, graph, chart or diagram. In the second one you are asked to provide an opinion about an issue

Reason of success in IELTS Test

Many people are trying their luck in IELTS test, because if you want to go abroad so it is important to get good score in IELTS test. Now a days from few years it is recommended to give IELTS test to get admission in a high level university. If you got high score in IELTS test so you will be offer a scholarship. Thats why many people tried this IELTS test many times. But they didn't get good score what is the reason.

Some times we feel that we know every thing, and we are fully confident. But we don't have idea how to control on our heart beats during the test. Many people who did hard work but they didn't achieve good marks or score in IELTs test. These all things happen due to your preparation but not doing practice. We should do practice how much we can do. There are ways from which we can get time to practice as if you can teach so be a English teacher. From this you will able to revise what you learnt, and also you will get confidence to speak in front of audience.

Teaching is the profession which teach us lot of things. Because if we think that teaching is the way to convey your knowledge in a right way. So it is possible to be prepare and then go to convey. During teaching we read, write, speak and also listen. The simple profession gives us all four necessary modules practice. Which we need and their importance is very high for the IELTs test success. You will get confidence and a style how to convey your knowledge. You will see your mistakes and errors during your teaching, because many of your students will not able to understand you, so you have to change your way speaking, pronounce and many other things which you feel during the lecture.

When you teach someone so you eager to know its knowledge and what you have learnt him, is he or she getting you or not. That's why you give assignments and home works etc. Then it is very hard to read and understand what they are conveying you in their wrote paragraphs. So it is also experience to read and this will give you a practice of reading. Like this there are many ways to do practice for your IELTs test, and you should convey your messages in English these will help you in your IELTS test.


So as you may figure out. This test requires a preparation and real manage of English language. Thus, be concentrated at the moment of the test and study hard! Next session I will give my personal training that may help you. Because i tried it many times, but i didn't achieve good score every time. I learnt many things from my mistakes, of course in our life our mistakes teach us lot of things. I will share you my all experience if you are interested just do your precious comments about my articles. And tell me what you learnt from my articles. There are lot of things which i want to share with you, but let me know how much you are interested in my articles and how you are learning from me. As i am a teacher and i am teaching English, teaching English is a challenge because i am learning English still and then teaching it.

One thing from my side for you, best of luck for your IELTs test, be ready for achieving highest marks in your test.

By MarĂ­a Salas.


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