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IIIT Hyderabad MTech/MS Admission Procedure

Updated on December 16, 2014

Admission procedure in IIIT H is pretty easy if you really want to get in but this could really get ugly without any programming skills. As this institute is focuses mainly on research, you must be ready to work hard.

This article is written in order to help aspirants applying for MS or MTech through CSE in IIIT-Hyderabad. I am merely sharing my experience with personal opinion and few of the questions asked to me in my selection procedure. This article does not includes any authorised information. Institute might change their policies and schemes. Thus be sure to check their official website from time to time for latest updates. Moreover I aimed for MTech and I was interviewed mainly for it so, all information I share is for MTech aspirants though, MS aspirants are also selected through same interviewers and experience same set of events.

Firstly, iiith doesn't requires any other preparation than preparation for gate.
Selection procedure involves 2 phases :
1)Written; 2)Interview;

Written: two papers were conducted:
Aptitude: includes general aptitude and maths-majority 3D. In all 45 questions were there as per I remember.
Standard of questions was easy.
I answered around 40 of them with probability of answer being correct as 0.9.
Computer: as per I remember 30 questions were asked including operating system, data structures, algorithms, graphs and all other general topics of GATE.
They all were basic questions of respective topics.
One thing peculiar I encountered though was 2 question of operating system were given with insufficient information. For example, in a question of priority scheduling, priority of processes were given but wasn't specified that which was prior : priority 1 or priority 5. So I solved with both possibility and one answer was matched*.
As for me, 30 questions were there in this paper and l answered all of them. Two of those question were multiple choice. Probability of my answer being correct here was 0.99 - according to me, I was quite sure that all of them were right.

If you qualify written exam you will get an email specifying that you have cleared written exam and date of your interview.
Interview lasts for around one week. On the day of interview faculty told us that there is no bound on number of selected candidates. Number of candidates might be less than 60 or exceed 60.
Interview began after a formal introduction of IIIT-H. There were more than one panel(maybe 5)
My interview lasted for around 25 minutes. Candidate went before came out in 10 to 15 minutes(later i came to know that, they got selected too).

As for questions in interview practical knowledge was tested regarding c/c++.
After a brief conversation about my previous years of education and being they asked me what topics do I like.
I answered that I like almost all of them but they insisted on giving them exact names. I started with algorithms, data structures, digital, operating system, computer system organization, databases, .....( I planned to give them all the topics I know).
There were two interviewers in interview hall(the applicants went before me told that there were 3 of them). Both of them took one subject each as algorithm and operating system.
They asked me about stable/non- stable sorting and in-place/not in-place sorting techniques. I took my time, as at the moment I was kind of anxious about interview, I answered them correctly though.
They asked complexity of algorithms and which algorithm is better and how. Which is practically used algorithm.
I answered all of above questions. After all that the first interview settled for heap sort and asked for its implementations, short-comings and advantages.
First interviewer after getting satisfied asked second interviewer to ask questions from his chosen topics that was operating system at the time.

Now begins second interview about operating system. He asked something about memory management techniques.
In my answer, I explained, single partition, multi-partition, paging, segmentation. He asked further questions about paging, cache memory, main memory and in my answers, I kind of explained whole memory hardware architecture.
Both interviewer seems like satisfied and I was asked to leave the room.

After about 2 weeks, I received an email specifying that I have been selected and then admission procedures started.

Opinion and Suggestions:
Have idea about all the subjects but prepare at least 2 subjects thoroughly.
Be ready with your project report.
Interviewer check your programming skills, so have good command over c/c++. Whatever theoretical answer you give you might have to code it as well like heap sort, merge sort, semaphores, etc.
Having practical knowledge of each topic might help.

Thank you.
Hope I helped the readers.

Good luck to all applying candidates.


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