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Great Inspirational Statements

Updated on November 1, 2015

Quotation versus Statement

The word quotation carries a weight in itself. Suppose I say, I quote then it automatically puts a special emphasis. Quotation is obviously very significant because it presents a saying of a great man, extracted from any form of a write-up or may be a slogan. Quotation is also a kind of statement but It is totally different from statements we exchange in our daily life. Quotation adds a stamp of authenticity while regular statement is a daily life conversation which has no added value. No one pays attention to the daily life sayings while quotation instantly attracts audience.

Quotation can determine a normal conversation as good but conversational dialogues never make a great impact on the surroundings but here I stress on the fact that a day to day statement usually leaves an impact upon a face to face listener. Life is not a merry go round that any quotation will fill the gap at any point of time in a conversation rather people have to speak and understand the language which is in common use. In normal conversation all of a sudden a sentence used as a mere statement grabs the attention and makes an impact on the particular listener. This definitely makes a point to understand that why a normal statement also proves to be very effective it's simply because the life of the main listener gets touched through a general statement.

Social Creature and Conversation

We human beings are social creatures. Every now and then we need to have a verbal communication with someone. This verbal contact can be formal or informal. No matter wherever you are: suppose at home, learning centre, workplace, even in a public transport, during shopping, public places or anywhere, there is a need to talk. It may be routine household talk, friendly chat, official meeting, an emotional discussion, meaningless chatting, talking as per need or at the drop of a hat a conversation takes place. Unending reason is prevalent in our society so for a person it is difficult to ignore and avoid verbal interaction with other person. People are actually forced to converse.

Hard hitting Statements

Here, I want to mention that during the exchange of words we all come across variety of statements. It is because of the difference in people’s attitude, thought process, background, opinion and many other factors. Overall, the inter communication always generates a reaction. It can be casual, formal, humorous, angry, and inspirational or may create any other mood. Some leaves a positive impact and some without saying a negative impression.

Practically speaking, in a man’s lifetime, there are many ways when an impact is made on one’s mind. Story books play an impressive role as well as ‘sayings’ of great men which later on becomes a quotation for the world. At a time, they have the power to influence a huge group of people and they even succeed too. Well today, I am not at all interested in discussing the well known one or two liners which makes a strong impact. What I want to write about is that some short lines which may not have a great value in terms of popularity but proves to be a hard hitter. The mind which stands at the receiving end in the day to day life gets highly affected. In our everyday life we usually come across such one liners but all of them do not possess good inspiration. It can be the opposite too.

Positive Statements

Life is full of complications and problems. Nobody is away from tension. Thus, in this scenario it is better to come up with something positive in a hope to make this planet a better place to live in. At the very beginning, I mentioned that every human being has to talk to another person. It may be for any reason on this earth. Quite obvious, I am no exception. There are quite a few such statements which have given me a fresh and wonderful thought. Those lines are nowhere to be found as quotations but inspired me then and there when I heard them. Speakers and circumstances were different but I, the listener, was common and they made a great impact upon me. Due to a strong impact upon me I have safely stored those lines in my mind and heart both. Today, I'm penning down a few for you all to get inspired.

Recently, a relative told me that suppose somebody is constantly behaving badly with him but then too it never stops him from being good to that person. I felt astonished and raised a question that how could one be so tolerant. He replied with a smile that he is a staunch believer of one line which he read in some story book. The line is:

“If you are worst, can’t I be the best?”

It changed my perspective too. I thought that it’s true because what will be the difference between a good and a bad if behaviour remains vice versa.

Few days ago, I read a line which was written as an obituary by the members of the family. It’s like this which touched my heart not only meaningfully but poetically too:

“The presence of your absence is everywhere.”

Isn't it nice? I read it and felt that it’s so much true. Time never stops but memory stays. Do we ever forget to remember our late near and dear ones at any moment? No! Never, rather profound thoughts overwhelm us at every step.

I was in my school when my father took an extra pressure to teach me my mother tongue as it was not taught in the school. Like every child I was also not keen to study an extra subject and in return forsake my playtime. My father was adamant and rebuked me by saying:

“Being Bengali (natives of West Bengal, India), you must learn bangla (language of West Bengal), your mother tongue.”

I am grateful to my father that due to his insistence I learnt my mother tongue. May be, I am not absolutely perfect in my mother tongue but I feel no hitch in communicating. Today, when I’m residing far away from my native place it’s only the language which keeps me connected with my root. Even, I am very particular that my son must learn his mother tongue. He is in his learning age and if it is not properly taken care of he will refrain himself from using mother tongue. Well, it is the only way through which one comes to learn about the culture and the tradition of one’s own root. It keeps the person firmly rooted and he remains connected with it which is extremely required to build up one’s strong persona.

“Missing an academic examination once can never stop one to become big.”

The above line was said to me by a surgeon. I badly needed an abdominal surgery while preparing for the twelfth standard examination. I was not ready to miss it. My family failed to convince me but later on the doctor uncle’s statement simply convinced me without any further delay. The delay was gradually getting risky but to me it hardly mattered. The surgeon taught me that nothing is important than life. If life is safe then opportunities will pour in and with hard work one can excel too.

I'm thankful to my doctor because now, as a mother, I always keep it in mind that my child’s health is the first priority.

During my hospitalization before the surgery I was examined by many doctors. Among them one became very friendly to me. After my routine test and observation period got over the surgeon wanted to operate me at the earliest. But, I wanted a little time so that my whole family could manage to come and I may meet them. Due to time constraint, I was not permitted to wait any longer. At this juncture, my doctor friend came to see me. Without knowing the reason behind my waiting, he uttered:

“My blood is also red and I'm willing to donate.”

It taught me that people other than family can also be of great help at the time of crisis. He made me realise that man differs by attitude, nature and so on but blood, the life giving force, has no distinction. There is only a need to understand each other and one's family spontaneously expands.

By God’s grace everything were put into right place and I recovered completely after the surgery. It so happened that my examination too got postponed by a month. Due to health my preparation for the examination was in dock. Then, I wanted to skip the examination and prepare for the next term. My father did not agree to my proposal. He quite straight forwardly asked me:

“Do you guarantee that next year you’ll have a smooth sailing?”

It taught me that giving up cannot be a solution. Expecting something from the future we should not ignore the prevailing opportunities. Life is very unpredictable. One should never miss an opportunity.

“Never look down, always look up.”

The statement written above haunted me constantly from my tenth standard till I got married. One uncle of mine used to say this whenever we met. Actually, my height provoked him to say so. He made me realize that while a girl gets married she should always be able to look up to her husband. Education, job, status were not only his consideration. He usually spoke about the height factor. In his opinion, husband should be taller than the wife. Else, if the wife (suppose taller) while talking looks down and communicate then somehow the respect gets lost. One starts feeling superior and considering the other person inferior.

This viewpoint excited me a lot. I never believed in inferiority so there was no question of looking down. Well, looking me down was also not acceptable. Thus, my condition for marriage was ‘at par’ keeping in mind the height factor too. It really worked and thanks to uncle who inspired me to tread this path.

I was a believer of avoiding or discontinuing any sour or bitter relationship. My husband taught me otherwise. He once said:

“Face it to come out of it completely, or else, you will pretend to have come out of it throughout your life.”

Isn't it unique? Life must be easy going but pretension will never let it happen.

I am confident that everyone among us has experienced some very inspiring statements. Sometimes one sentence changes a person’s total entity. In my opinion, life can change for the better if we analyse a bit of our day to day conversation.

Sayings of great men, life of thinkers and philosophers, thoughts of visionaries and other great happenings do influence a lot but our society’s simple and ordinary people too do it. The difference is they do it in a very simple and casual manner which generally gets unnoticed. A common man does it in one to one basis without any pre-thinking. Naturally, others do not bother. The fact is we are social creatures and society teaches us a lot.

Our eyes and ears should be wide open. Mind must be broad which then will allow to accept the greatness in ordinary men. Definitely then, a meaningless life will see a drastic change and transform into meaningful life.

My Mother's Statement - A Lesson of My Life

My mother used to be very critical about the faults of her children and quite vocal too. She never believed in hiding the faults of ours from the other members of the family but hold on don't get me wrong. The success of her children gave her immense pleasure and lots of satisfaction but she never ever exaggerated our success within the family nor to the outside world. She usually remained very controlled and not vocal at all on such distinct matters but her smile said it all. Contrary to it she used to appreciate the success of others (people not from our family) in a very excited and elated manner.

One day my brother asked her that why she never appreciates her children the way she appreciates others. Her instant reply was "Let others appreciate my children the way I appreciate others then it will be the true joy and success of life. My appreciation holds no value if others fail to appreciate. Making big is then when the others appreciate."

Today, as a mother I feel what a great thought she had while at that age we failed to understand the deep meaning of her thought. Her thought has preached me a great lesson in my motherhood. Now, I myself believe that appreciation with encouragement are a must for a child but exaggeration of appreciation will lead to a downfall of my child. There should be a check on appreciation or else the child will become overconfident and the road to success will get shut.

Usually, I find parents saying "I am proud of my child" in the different reality talent shows for children on television. I simply feel disgusted and disagree with this attitude of the parents. In my opinion, parents must express their extreme happiness and satisfaction. Even be proud if you feel like but keep it as a secret. I consider that the expression of 'being proud' always crosses its limit which further becomes contagious and if it catches the heart and mind of the child then it will end his learning quest and the progress will stop forever. Thus, I feel the parents must be choosy in using the words to express their happiness because the growing age of a child is a vital age. Our proud approach may ruin the future of the child.


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    • shampa sadhya profile image

      Shampa Sadhya 6 years ago from NEW DELHI, INDIA

      Hello Ingenira,

      Thanks a lot for reading and appreciating. It is always nice to be voted up and it inspires me to write more.

    • shampa sadhya profile image

      Shampa Sadhya 6 years ago from NEW DELHI, INDIA

      Thanks jayb23,

      Not sure about my memory but yes it worked for me. I feel it is because of the influence. I suppose the title says it all.

    • Ingenira profile image

      Ingenira 6 years ago

      Beautifully written, Shampa. I have a good time reading it. :)

      Voted up and beautitul !

    • jayb23 profile image

      jayb23 6 years ago from India

      Brilliant hub shampa “Never look down, always look up.” Its a positive way of thinking. Must say you have an excellent memory that you could remember all that was said to you when you were young. Sharing it and voted too.

    • shampa sadhya profile image

      Shampa Sadhya 6 years ago from NEW DELHI, INDIA

      kafsoa, hello!

      Thanks a lot for liking my hub.

    • kafsoa profile image

      kafsoa 6 years ago

      I really like your statements. Nice hub :)