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Updated on August 11, 2015



Attending the interview is something that is always putting pressure on you. Right? Even if you have been attending a lot of interviews but feel depressed that there's more in you. So the best step to avoid this is to do INVENTORIES (Preparations) eg reviewing the common questions that are asked by the interviewer and answer to coincide with the questions asked.
Sometimes the interviewer just wants to see your self confidence when speaking in front of them even if the answer is not so appropriate for you. Tip him, do not answer the question. Speaking clearly, believe in yourself. Do not just keep quiet. Nahas beb ko hehe.
In addition, you also have to investigate the background work that you want to select a company that you want to select. With it you have the advantage in answering questions asked later. Here are some of the famous question that is always asked by the interviewer, which I broke into several parts:

Question: Name the company, position, date and stop date, and how your salary while serving in the workplace that before?
Description: You may be surprised by such a question. While question happy but can also cause problems if you can not answer correctly. So remember to go back and explain everything in detail as contained in the resume that you send to them. One of the easiest way is to prepare a note about the above then you can memorize and take it during the interview.

Question: What are your responsibilities at work before?
Description: In answering this question, you must explain it specifically about what you have done previously and relate to the job you want now. What is important here is that you need explain it honest. Do not cheat. do not want to tell responsibility buat. jury interviews when you do not even know if we raiak we face trick. Another crash if the management researching your background in your workplace in the past.

Question: What are the main challenges you have faced and how did you handle this problem?
Description: When you were asked job interview questions like "How do you handle the challenge?" be sure to include specific examples of how you handled a difficult situation you've ever experienced. Discuss how you are doing research on the problem and suggestions for solutions to these problems.

Question: What have you learned from the mistakes you have done before?
Description: When you answer this question, be sure to turn negative things into positive thing. For example as follows:
One of the important things that be a lesson to me is a career and Persistence. Do not give up because there may be an easy solution which we did not realize things can solve our problems.
I have learned to give a second chance to everyone, because our first impressions often lead to confusion and did not know the real thing happens.
I always make last minute job. It's very inconvenient from work and be ready earlier than dew date.

Question: What do you like and do not like your old former work place?
Description: When you were asked the question "what's not to like about your previous job, you do not really give a negative response to your previous job. The reason is that the interviewer may think that you are going to talk negatively about a new job or if your company is ready to work or selected later (if you have got a job interview). Instead you have to talk about themselves and tell about what you want to bring to the new job. Example answer him as follows:
I enjoy working at the old together with colleagues of mine the other. Work atmosphere is not tense my because fun to go to work every day. I have the satisfaction of working at my old job.
One of the reasons I left my old job because ask not have a lot of challenges as well as easy for me to solve. I want more challenges than that.
I think I've made a commitment that over my old workplace, unfortunately, over the years I worked there, still holding the same post in other words do not get promoted.
I guess my expertise does not correspond at my old job, but I appreciate that I bring to my old job.

Question: Have you ever worked with colleagues that you hate? If so, how do you manage these things.
Description: Yes I have worked with such persons. However, when I see him focus on the work and know to find a solution to a problem, I appreciated what he had done. Then slowly my hatred turned into love even though we're friends.

Question: Why did you stop working at your old job?
Description: This question involves two main things. First, if you quit your job because of your own volition and the second is because you got fired.
If you quit voluntarily. He answers as follows:
I am tired of working at my old place because of lack of challenge and incompatible with the talent that I have. I want to feel the pleasure to work and I do not want to work are not sincere because I did not have the talent factor in the work I do. So it matters futile and likely to take longer to achieve success and promotion.

Apart from questions about your old job will also be interviewed in respect of your own personality. How did you work for this behavior. Here are some questions that were quite famous by the interviewer.

Question: What are the significant weakness in yourself?
Description: When you were with these questions, you should not be too revealing significant weaknesses. As I have to know before this that is trying to change the negative things to positif.Example as follows:
When I was given a task, I will prepare ahead of schedule because I should turn draws a lot of work for the last minute is very painful.
I attach great importance to kersempurnaan in my work. Therefore I will check my work again and again until I really satisfied with what I did.

Question: What's significant strengths in yourself?
Description: Maybe this question is easy to answer. The best way to answer this question is to explain the skills and experience that you previously worked elsewhere and relate to the job you're applying sekarang.Example are as follows:
I have reached the goal of the company's sales each year and I have given my performance on the bonus.
I am proficient manage my time well, and facilitate the efficient and orderly me to focus on the next task.
I was able to find a solution to every problem is difficult because I know every problem there is a distinctive way complete.

Question: How do the powers that be in yourself can help you in your work in?
Description: This question is a follow-up question from the base of your power just now. You have to explain how these capabilities help you in the work. The short answer is that I recommend as follows.
The most significant of my ability is able to work with different people of different religions, races and cultures. I enjoyed working with all the people I met and in the meantime I will strengthen their relationship with me to manage and facilitate teamwork.
I always focus on the work that I do. I do not confuse work with my personal problems when the workplace. Therefore I was able to give a commitment to my job even busy.
While I was busy with various tasks but I will always keep my work in accordance with a predetermined date dew or assignments submitted before the deadline.

Question: Tell me a little about your background follow you?
Description: In answering this question you must answer in respect of the post of member, the working atmosphere and culture of your previous work. For example as follows:
I enjoy working and meeting with everyone and always focus on my work.
I am a creative-minded. I always look for the best solution for every problem I faced, especially in the task entrusted to me.
I am proficient in performing the task and makes me be more proactive in all assignments.

Question: Just tell me how you work?
You have to answer member that matches your job interview now.Here is proposed an answer:
I am very focused, consistent and affordable for working more quickly and efficiently.
I always check my work that I do is work really good quality for my company.
I do work with member-planned so that I can focus on the next job.
I always discuss with other colleagues in carrying out the tasks given to more efficient and efficient.

Question: How do you handle stress?
Description: In this question you need to tell your experience when under stress. Examples of simple answers are as follows:
Stress is important to me because of the pressure of work I can do better. The ideal way to offset the pressure I was a good way to isolate the pressure and stress. I need a good stress to stay motivated and productive.
I act on the situation and not the pressure because I do not want to think about the pressure which led to my work performance declined.
I'm not a hard work when under pressure. I always focus and strive to complete my work.

Question: What are the things that can give you the motivation to work?
Description: Sample answers are as follows:
I was responsible for my work and will ensure the best quality of my work always together another colleague. I trained myself to work and be ready just in time to get the best performance.
I always wanted to do a good job of whatever position I hold. I always want to excel in my work so that it is member of my personal satisfaction and also my employer particular.


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    • Jonas Rodrigo profile image

      Jonas Rodrigo 

      3 years ago

      You have a useful hub here. I'm sure it will help a lot of people struggling to find jobs.


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