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INTI International University

Updated on December 6, 2015

INTI international university, a university which is part of the chain of Laureate universities. INTI's programs are widely recognized across the world, mainly because its partnership with many foreign universities. Most people perceive INTI as a prestigious university, with high-tech equipment and if it was constructed by professional architects. Those are the value that you perceive. In reality, INTI doesn't quite live up to the expectations or to its reputation. The one thing that INTI does live up to or exceed in expectations is education. Education is both comprehensive and fun at INTI, not even one lecturer has boring characteristics.

Structure of Most Courses

The structure of almost every course is about the same. Coursework will be worth 60%, while the final exam is worth 40% out total marks. Here an example on what the course structure might look like.

  • Test 1 (10% or 20%), it can be either a hardcopy exam or an online exam, I will explain afterwards on how the online exams are taken. If the marks cost 20%, probably the rest of the assignments might cost 4% each.
  • Test 2 (10% or 20%), it can be the same as Test 1 or be different from it.
  • Group Assignment (20%), this has two parts, one is written and the other is a presentation. The lecturer could split the marks into smaller segments. For example, for the presentation part, my lecturer splits the assignment into another two parts, 5% of how we present and 5% of the slides prepared.
  • Individual Assignment (20%), usually it's supposed to be split into two parts like the group assignment, but if the number of students is too big, the lecturer might only give a written assignment, which will be worth full 20%.
  • The Final Exam (40%), it's just like your secondary school exams, but much stricter, you cannot be late for the exams. Some lecturers give tips on what might come for the exams.


Everything reading material you'll need will be released in Blackboard. Blackboard is an online interactive learning platform for colleges and universities. Some of you might already know what Blackboard is. For us Malaysian students, Blackboard was a game changer for us. We though INTI would a plain old learning system like normal universities have. The tests that I have mentioned earlier might also be held in Blackboard. The lecturer will set the test during times outside the class, which means it will not be monitored. Sometimes the test will replace lecture hours.

Academic Building Quality

Everything inside the classroom areas are picture perfect. The walls look so beautiful that your eyes will get strained from looking at them. Everything looks like they are from a showroom full of fancy walls and carpets. This is mainly because of the walls being made from wood. Look outside the classroom areas and you're in for a twist. The walls, which are made out concrete blocks and paint have a very grainy feel and look to them. They look very old, and not in the good way. Here's where you'll see INTI's stingy side. The Nilai campus has been around for a long time, and INTI could have done some renovation.

Hostel/Dorm Building Quality

Here is where you'll see INTI's most awful side. Please do not be fooled by the appearance of the hostel on the brochure. The hostel rooms are very old, not to mention that the hostel rental fees are super expensive, according to Malaysian standards. The toilets/bathroom section is very old. The toilet itself is very brittle, water leaked, or should I say sprang from the tube when I flushed. There are good sides, though, INTI has an Olympic-sized swimming pool and a descent-sized basketball court. Recently, they've built a super large-sized sports court near the academic buildings. They also have a gym and other necessary shops a student must have access to.

Customer Service

Although this is not an important field, I just want to inform you about my experience. I have an NCFE diploma, which I thought will allow me to enroll in a bachelor's program. At first she said, I need some kind of secondary education, so I took the IGCSE's. After receiving my results, I reconfirmed with her, whether I'm eligible or not and she rudely (with explanation) said no. Soon, I enrolled in a diploma program. From here I met, two rude staffs. The first is part of the scholarship department and the second, which I dealt with today was from the exam department. INTI's already charges us a hefty tuition price, they should at least offer some good service.


I don't know whether if the above title is suitable or not. When I first came to INTI, I could clearly see that most find friends within their own race, I'm not saying this applies to everyone. Some of my friends are from a different race and we get along nicely.


It still comes down to your decision on whether INTI is good for you or not. My opinion is yes for Malaysians, maybe for foreigners. If you are planning on joining INTI, you'll always have me as a friend. I'm Salmenn from DIB (Diploma in Business). Thank you so much for reading and hope you have a nice day.

Below is a video of the orientation they gave for the August semester students.

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